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This is the finale of Episode 2 of #PursePective. A lot is explored in this episode including emotion and how based on one's gender, we relate with/show emotion. Thank you to all my panelists, the audience and you who's watching this. I'm so glad that we can FINALLY have these raw, real and necessary conversations. The next #PursePective will be on the 19th of November at K1 KLUBHOUSE in Nairobi, at 6PM. Entry is free and I really hope to see you there!
Pursepective Ep2 Part 2

Pursepective Ep2 Part 2


Episode 2 part 2 is still all about gender roles but we also add in the stereotypes we assign certain genders and our reasoning/influences behind these stereotypes. I'm so glad the audience was deeply involved in the conversation. Please share your thoughts/input on the conversation in the comment section.
So in this episode we peel back the layers on gender roles. What/Who influenced the roles we assign genders, are they even rational roles and our personal transitions in life. Part 1 scratches the surface with amazing insights from both the panelists and also the audience! Part 2 coming soon!! #PursePective
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Tabby Jenny

I love this. I love this. Can't wait for more..

Dec 14th
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