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Welcome to Push Factor Radio with Sheila Makena where I help you say "wow, I never thought about it that way" with each new podcast I share with you. Each week I want to help you (and me) become better individuals than we were yesterday. If you like this idea then go ahead and subscribe! I'll be posting a new episode each week so stay tuned!
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In continuing with the theme of tearing down to rebuild one's life, I thought I would continue with the conversation I was having with my friend and how much it inspired me to do today's podcast. It isn't possible to create a new life if we continue to relive, recite and repeat the memories of the past.  "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!". If we want a new life, we have to create a new mind, a new personality, a new story, a new you! Listen to today's podcast to start the process of healing yourself.
Sometimes you have to destroy to build.
How do you continue to focus on your goal when you are feeling discouraged? Perhaps things aren't coming through the way you thought they would.    The hurdles are not only making you anxious, they are slowly driving you away from the promise you made to yourself to take action consistently.   Well in this episode, I talk about what you need to ask yourself when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  
Well... this has shocked me just as much as everyone else, and I just had to share my thoughts and feelings about death, and the reminder that we don't have a lot of time here... just tragic. RIP Kobe "The Mamba" Bryant
  Have you ever met someone, deeply connected with them and within a few minutes, they have already pick up your deepest insecurity? That one issue that you've been struggling with for the better part of your adult life, this person can see it, clear as day, as though you've held up a sign saying "Hi, I am Sheila Makena and I suffer from debilitating self doubt!" We can either continue to feel bad about it or use it to our advantage.  In this podcast, I discuss 4 ways to stop beating yourself up when it comes to self doubt!
Making a big life decision can be nerve wrecking, which is a naturally way to feel. In this video, I break down how you know the decision you are about to make is the right one for you by giving you 3 questions to ask yourself 1. Is this a decision you will regret 10 years from now? 2. What would you advise someone close to you going through the same thing? 3. What would happen if you did not make this decision at all, in other words, did absolutely nothing about it? These 3 very compelling questions could help you come to the realization that you need to make the big life decision that you need to.
How exactly do you overcome resistance? Is it possible to eliminate it? Find out in this new episode.
he idea of architecting your life might conjure up ideas like design, building and creating. This can also conjure up excitement at the idea of re-creating your life anew. For people like me, the idea definitely does infuse a level of renewed energy and passion for what I refer to as the second chapter of my life... In this rant I talk about this idea of architecting one's life. You might find a fresh perspective to consider from it ;-)
The idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is... uncomfortable! It means making a conscious effort to get out of our comfort zones and actually start doing, thinking and living a little differently ... but the truth is, there is no growth in comfort. It doesn't exist! In this episode I explore the idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and its benefits to our personal growth.
 How do you change the way you talk to yourself, especially because you have gotten so used to the negative things you constantly think? It's not easy but it is very possible to change your inner narrative and here's how! 
Self love and self preservation are two completely different things, and in this podcast, I explore the difference between the two. As I have gotten older, my definition of self love has changed drastically. Now, things like self discipline, delayed gratification and making sacrifices are a big part of what my definition of self love is. But self compassion also plays a big component. It's not all about being your own drill sergeant!
Create Your Own Momentum! Create Your Own Energy! Create Your Own Motivation! Create Your Own Inspiration! This is what today's podcast is all about. Click on the link below to understand why, now more than ever, you MUST create your own drive!
We all have self-defeating behaviors and beliefs that sabotage us from the kind of life we want to lead.  In this video I tackle the topic of self defeating beliefs, where they come from and how to change them!
Being thankful has changed my life. It has made me more humble and aware of the privileges I have, It has grounded me and made me more self compassionate, I believe gratitude is the reason I sleep well at night! This week I want us all to focus more on the good in our lives, and the things we should be thankful for.
I believe the only way to get out of the "self doubt" rut is to take action. Doing something consistently everyday will keep you from using that same energy to worry and analyze what is wrong and what could go wrong in the aspects of your life. My suggestion is that you start a 30 Day Challenge for yourself. You can decide to - save money  - drink more water - eat a leaner diet - get into an easy exercise routine - wake up an hour earlier - meditate/do deep breathing exercise - read a few pages of that book you've been meaning to read! I created a free daily planner you can use to monitor whichever activity you choose to use! Click here: It is free to download, no email address or anything of the sort.
This is an un-edited rant about self sabotage.  What exactly is self sabotage, where does it come from and how do we overcome it? In this video, I delve into this topic to discovery the anatomy of this self destructive behavior and how we can minimize it in our lives
 This podcast is dedicated to us with bad tempers... us with anger addictions.  I want to have a deep and honest discussion with you about what triggers our anger, how to control it and most importantly, what to do when we do lose our temper!
What do you do when your disappointment overwhelms you so much that you feel defeated? Find out in today's podcast!
What exactly is self love? To me, the definition of self love is being good to yourself, but also being REAL with yourself!
How do you improve your emotional intelligence or EQ? First of all, what exactly IS Emotional Intelligence? According to the dictionary, here is the definition of emotional intelligence:  "the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically." I have broken down, as simply as possible, how emotional intelligence has completely changed my life by doing one thing: being aware of my emotions, both the negative as well as the negative. Emotional intelligence is about managing both sides of our emotions. It is unhealthy to be too negative as it is unhealthy to be too positive, and I explain why in this video.
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