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Each episode we provide you with sales & marketing strategies that you can implement immediately into your own business.
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In this episode, Shari speaks with Jenn Scalia. She shares information that has helped her grow her business from nothing to $500k in just two years. Jenn has great insight into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, & I loved hearing her story of how she has gotten to where she is today.... The post Interview with Jenn Scalia – Best-Selling Author, Consultant, & Entrepreneur (ep. 26) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Marcello had the pleasure of speaking with Kurt Mortensen in this episode. Kurt is a best-selling author, podcaster, consultant, & a dad to four children! He obviously has a lot going on & a lot of knowledge & experience to back it up. His main focus is on the subject of persuasion & all of... The post Interview with Kurt Mortensen – Author of Maximum Influence (ep. 25) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
In this episode we discuss the pros & cons of automation in business. Automation can be a valuable tool when used well, but like anything else… you need to have the great content & people behind automation to make it successful. We go over a few things that you should avoid & share some of... The post Automation in Sales & Marketing (ep. 24) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
We have another interview for this episode where Marcello speaks with Nikolaus Kimla. He is the CEO of Pipeliner CRM & very knowledgeable in the realm of sales & business in general. Nikolaus has a clear passion for the sales industry, & he created Pipeliner CRM to be an incredible tool for businesses in a... The post Interview with Nikolaus Kimla – CEO of Pipeliner CRM (ep. 23) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Special thanks to Doug Stewart for reaching out & making this interview happen! Him & Marcello provide a lot of great info & insight into the sales industry. It is clear that Doug keeps busy & has a passion for what he does. He is able to balance a variety of professional pursuits after overcoming... The post Interview with Doug Stewart: TEDx Speaker, Dale Carnegie Instructor, & Director of Training (ep. 22) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Marketing & selling to your target audience is a great way to increase the efficiency of your sales process & improve your conversion rate. In this episode, we discuss some ideas surrounding leads from both the marketing & sales perspectives. If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one Create target personas for your... The post Target Audience & Lead Generation (ep. 17) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
As a business owner or as a sales manager, it is very important to be able to train new outside sales reps. You don’t want to just throw them into things to test if they will sink or swim so here are a few suggestions to help coach outside sales reps… You need to show... The post How to Coach Outside Sales Reps (ep. 16) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
It’s simple math… the shorter the sales cycle, the more you can sell. In this episode, we cover many of the ways that you can shorten the sales cycle regardless of your business, product, or service. Don’t put pressure on people for things out of their control Have efficient processes & systems in place within... The post Shorten the Sales Cycle (ep. 15) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
You want it all, but you don’t have to stoop too low to get it. Getting ahead in business doesn’t have to mean leaving a trail of destruction behind you. We dive into some of the basics listed below and share how we firmly believe that being a good, honest, helpful person will serve you... The post Nice Ways to Get Ahead (ep. 14) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Marcello had the honor of speaking with Tom Hopkins for this episode. Tom has sold over a million copies of his book, How to Master the Art of Selling, & you currently have the opportunity to sign up for his Advanced Sales Academy. Listening to this episode gives you a free ticket to 40 years of sales experience & knowledge.
Louie La Vella is a former music TV host who has become an entertainment branding expert. Louie crafts social marketing & branding strategies that result in hugely successful events, concerts, & festivals. The tools & experience that Louie uses in the music industry easily translate to other industries. Listen to this episode with Shari & Louie to make your next event a great success.
Henry Geddes is the creator of Chatlight, which is an affordable lighting tool to help make your livestreams, photos, & other images look more professional. He is a professional photographer who was looking to bring a simple solution to the mass market - businesses & individuals who were livestreaming & taking smartphone photos in poor lighting conditions. Shari & Henry discuss what goes into taking a great picture, & how that can affect your overall brand.
Paul Smith is back for a second episode, & this time Marcello had the chance to speak with him. Paul is an expert in storytelling & how it applies to business. He has certainly done his research in this field, & now he is able to share it with us in a very meaningful way. His most recent book, Sell with a Story, walks you through the importance of storytelling in sales, but it also gives you a very detailed guide to begin putting together your own toolbox of go-to stories. Listen to his first episode here.
In this episode, we cover the basics of the book The Challenger Sale. This book explains that there are 5 selling profiles, & we go over the basics of each one. The 5 selling profiles are as follows: The Hard Worker, The Lone Wolf, The Relationship Builder, The Problem Solver, & The Challenger.
In this episode, Marcello speaks with Nick Raithel, the creator of The 7 Hour Book. Nick created this service to help professionals get their voice out into the marketplace, share their ideas, & establish themselves as experts in their field. The goal of The 7 Hour Book is to have you put in some time through... The post Interview with Nick Raithel – Creator of The 7-Hour Book (ep. 32) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Being in sales or marketing means that you need to establish relationships with your customers & work with them to figure out what will be best for their businesses. However, there are a few things that may be lurking beneath the surface that your customers just won’t say. Marcello & Shari talk about some of... The post What Your Customers Won’t Say (ep. 30) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Shari speaks with Richard Shaw in this episode where they discuss many of the variables in business & startups. Richard is the founder of & has a very research & numbers-based approach to helping businesses, In this episode, he shares that unique perspective with us. He reminds us that we should not just be... The post Interview with Richard Shaw – Founder of (ep. 29) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
In this episode, Marcello speaks with Ryan Stewman of Ryan is transparent about both his struggles & successes, & after years of being a salesman himself, he now has tools to help others become better sales people. Resources from Ryan Stewman: Free Online Trainings The Hardcore Closer Podcast – Display your social profiles in one... The post Interview with Ryan Stewman of (ep. 28) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Marcello & Shari discuss the importance of establishing yourself as an expert & setting yourself apart from all of the noise. They cover some specific ideas & examples that will help your customer’s respect your insight & advice & ultimately want to do business with you. Sponsor for this episode: Blinkist How do you establish... The post Establish Yourself as an Expert (ep. 27) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
Everyone negotiates at some point or another whether you are trying to close million dollar deals, buying a new car, or simply trying to get your child to eat their dinner. This episode covers some practical tips to use in your future negotiations. Click here for the affiliate link to The Art of Negotiating the... The post Negotiate Effectively (ep. 13) appeared first on Push Pull Sales & Marketing.
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