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Each episode we provide you with sales & marketing strategies that you can implement immediately into your own business.
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Paul Smith is back for a third episode! Paul is an expert in storytelling & how it applies to business. He has certainly done his research in this field, & now he is able to share it with us in a very meaningful way. His most recent book, The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, walks you through the importance of storytelling as a leader.
Take the time this week to sit down, brainstorm, and create a plan for an entire YEAR's worth of content! In this episode, Shari talks about popular topics month by month and outlines how to get started with your own content strategy.
Jeremy Dale has been involved in massive launches like the Motorola Razr and Pokemon! Him and Marcello discuss the importance of having your mind right and staying agile enough to disrupt norms with a punk rock attitude (check out his book on this topic below). Jeremy is also launching an exciting new project, Otro, where you can go behind the scenes and access exclusive and original videos from the world’s greatest footballers. Show Notes:
As we head toward the New Year, you might be feeling added pressure to hit your numbers. In this episode, Marcello and Shari discuss sales strategies to close out the year strong as well as tips that you should be using throughout the year!
Paul Smith is an expert in storytelling & how it applies to business. He has certainly done his research in this field, & now he is able to share it with us in a very meaningful way. His most recent book, Sell with a Story, walks you through the importance of storytelling in sales, but it also gives you a very detailed guide to begin putting together your own toolbox of go-to stories. Music:
In this episode, Marcello speaks with Deb Calvert, the co-author of Stop Selling and Start Leading. They discuss 5 leadership principles for selling, how to navigate organizational changes, and what buyers respond well to. Deb is also offering the first chapter of the book for free! Music:
Many small businesses don’t have designated marketing staff or much of a marketing budget, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a very successful marketing strategy. Small businesses actually have the advantage when it comes to marketing, especially in the digital realm. Here’s why… [Music:]
Marcello speaks with Brandon from Cirrus Insight about how sales reps can save time and companies can speed up the sales process. They discuss CRM integration, email marketing flows, and app fatigue in the business place. Music:
Blogging in a traditional sense isn’t necessarily helpful to businesses. It is a concept that is starting to fade away, and I don’t want you to spend needless time blogging. Instead, I want you to rethink your purpose for creating content and be strategic about how and where you share it. Listen for various ideas of how to make this happen! Music:
Today, Marcello is speaking with Jeb Blount. He is the best-selling author of 9 great sales books, a speaker, & the founder of - a sales job community, which is extremely helpful to job seekers & employers. Music:
In this episode, Shari speaks with Dan Seaman who is the head of Engagement Tools at Viafoura. Through his position he leads in the development of real-time SaaS solutions leveraged by over 600 media companies worldwide. Dan has been involved in digital media for over 16 years, has held key strategy & leadership roles in some of Canada’s largest media companies, & is an award-winning innovator in mobile media & marketing. Music:
Shari speaks with Andy Cunningham, who is the founder and president of Cunningham Collective, a marketing, brand, and communication strategy firm dedicated to bringing innovation to market. She is also the author of Get to Aha! Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition (McGraw-Hill), and the host of the popular podcast Marketing Over Ice. Andy’s credentials also include having key roles in the launch of new tech categories and products (like the Apple Macintosh) over the past 35 years.
Today I am speaking with Josh Haynam the founder of the interactive quiz builder: Josh struggled to grow his business for 3 years before hitting a key turning point & growing by 300% within 10 months. He is going to be sharing what has worked for him & his business as well as sharing more about his own product where you can create custom quizzes on your website to capture user info. Music:
Today, I am speaking with Michelle Weinstein. She is sales strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs learn how to sell  without being sleazy! She has pitched her way onto Shark Tank, raised over $1M for her last company, & has gotten her products into Costco & The Vitamin Shoppe. Michelle has used the same formula to make all of these things happen, & I am excited to speak more with her about these ideas. Music:
In this episode, Shari speaks with Kristin Zhivago. She is the president and founder of Zhivago Partners, a digital marketing management company, she speaks worldwide about the customer’s buying process, and is the author of Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy. Kristin’s specialty is being able to map out the customer’s buying journey and recognize the role that the internet plays in the buying process. Music:
In this episode, Shari talks about the various steps involved in publishing & promoting an article for a website. There are a lot of small pieces that go into each & every article, & the hope is that this episode will spark some new ideas for you! Music:
Robin Fisher Roffer is one of the world’s premiere brand strategists having launched and reinvented huge brands such as Animal Planet, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney Channel, FOX, Lifetime, and MTV - just to name a few! In this episode, Robin and Shari talk about facing fears in the face of change, taking those micro-risks, combatting imposter syndrome, & more. Music:
Marketers are turning to tech companies to aid in their experiential marketing efforts to help their brands and events stand out from the crowd. In this episode, Shari speaks with Steve Alexander who is an emerging tech expert and the CEO of MVRK. They discuss the technology behind in-person marketing experiences and tips to make a brand experience go viral. Music:
While working with various businesses, Shari has heard similar fears about the internet and digital media come up time and again. Businesses fear that their content will be met with spammers and trolls, but by avoiding digital media, they are avoiding their customer base. Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of the internet... Show Notes: -- Music:
In this episode, Shari is speaking with Yali Saar who is the co-founder of Tailor Brands, which is a company that helps you create professional logos within minutes. We have used Tailor Brands for both this podcast & the parenting website that I co-founded & are excited to talk all things branding & logo design with Yali. Music:
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