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Author: B. L. Purdom

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Why did Hagrid bring Harry to Surrey, or Hermione get a cat in her third year? Why are Ron and Dumbledore oddly similar? And why was there all that camping in the seventh book? Quantum Harry, the
Podcast looks at the unifying theme of the HP series, shedding new light on JK Rowling's narrative choices and forever changing the way you read Harry Potter.
40 Episodes
Which Tarot cards are aligned with the Deathly Hallows and why? What are the three Hallows with which JK Rowling begins the first book? How are Horcruxes linked to the Chariot, Wheel, and Sun cards? And why is the Battle of Hogwarts on the second of May?Episode 40: The Tarot HallowsWatch the Episode 40 video on YouTube.~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
How does JK Rowling explicitly link the Tarot to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Which Tarot archetype do Snape and Voldemort share? And what links Dumbledore’s death to Harry killing the basilisk?Episode 39: Love, Death, and JudgmentWatch the Episode 39 video on YouTube.Related Essay:The Half-Dead Headmaster~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
What links the World card to Harry's Occlumency lessons? How does Luna Lovegood embody the Temperance card? And why is the locket the Horcrux that aligns with Order of the Phoenix?Episode 38: The Order of the HereticWatch the Episode 38 video on YouTube.Related Essay:The Crone and the Heretic~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
Why is it fitting that the pub in Little Hangleton is called The Hanged Man? What links the Tarot Emperor card to the Hogwarts founders? And how does Harry embody the Tarot archetype of the Fool in Goblet of Fire?Episode 37: The Goblet of MemoryWatch the Episode 37 video on YouTube.Related essay:The Spirit of the Emperor~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
Which Horcrux aligns with Prisoner of Azkaban? What links Remus, Sirius, Buckbeak, the Knight Bus and Harry to the Tarot Chariot card? And how does Harry embody the archetype of Justice in this book? Episode 36: Chariots of JusticeWatch the Episode 36 video on YouTube.Related Essay:The End of the Realm of the Gods~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
Which famous physicist’s work appears in the third Harry Potter film? What links the Tarot Empress to Hermione almost being a Ravenclaw? And how do Sirius, Peter and Harry all embody The Hanged Man?Episode 35: Prisoner of TimeWatch the Episode 35 video on YouTube.Related Essay:Traitors, Rebels, and Hanged Men~ EPISODE GUIDE ~
What links the Tarot Emperor card to Harry exploring the wizarding world? When does JK Rowling first equate basilisk fangs and the Sword of Gryffindor? And how is Harry a human Sword of Gryffindor himself?Episode 34: Emperors, Fools, and AngelsWatch the Episode 34 video on YouTubeRelated Essay:Upon Your Own SwordEPISODE GUIDE
How is Harry like a Hermit at the beginning of Chamber of Secrets? Why is it symbolically important for him to find a basilisk skin in the Chamber? And what links the Flying Ford Anglia’s Tarot archetype to Harry?Episode 33: The Inverted Tower of SecretsWatch the Episode 33 video on YouTubeRelated Essay:Harry and the PriestessEPISODE GUIDE
What are Ron’s, Ginny’s, and Hermione’s Tarot archetypes? How can Scabbers/Peter be linked to the Hanged Man card in the first book? And which Deathly Hallow is the equivalent of the Mirror of Erised?Episode 32: The Mirror and the StoneWatch the Episode 32 video on YouTube.Related Essay:Ring Around the RosyEPISODE GUIDE
What are Dumbledore’s, Harry’s, and Voldemort’s Tarot archetypes? How do certain Tarot cards and the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament reveal which saints are aligned with the four Hogwarts houses? And how is the Tarot Lovers card linked to Harry’s Sorting?Episode 31: The Devil You KnowWatch the Episode 31 video on YouTube.Related essay:In the BalanceEPISODE GUIDE
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