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A podcast for women as we navigate our personal and professional lives, sharing the inspiration that helps us along the way.
Together we’ll celebrate our triumphs and dig into our setbacks. We're giving voice to the experiences we live on a daily basis in search of continued self awareness. Let's find more ways to create opportunity for ourselves and advocate for our communities.
115 Episodes
There’s a lot going on for everyone right now — uncertainty with work, how we live, how we connect, and how we take care of ourselves. With a lot of things up in the air, we wanted to talk about how we can take extra steps to take care of ourselves mentally and physically when we’re inundated with unsettling news about the effects of COVID-19. Links in this episode: * Kinetix ( * Nike Training Club ( * GMA Keep calm and wash your hands: 5 tips for managing stress around coronavirus ( * Bon Appetit: Say You’re Stuck at Home for Two Weeks… ( * Zen Habits: Dealing with the Immense Uncertainty of the World ( * Information is Beautiful on Instagram ( * No Kid Hungry (
With the precautionary measures in place to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many companies have instituted work from home policies. We wanted to take the time to talk through remote work tips and best practices. Links in this episode: * Bon Appetit: Better-than-Takeout Stir-Fried Udon ( * The Pioneer Woman: The Best Lasagna. Ever. ( * NYTimes Cooking: Chicken and Rice Soup With Celery, Parsley and Lemon ( * World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public ( * Episode 47: How To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty ( * Magisto: 30 Work From Home Tips to Maximize Productivity and Help You Stay Connected ( * Career Contessa ( * The Skimm: Tips for Working From Home Effectively ( * Girls’ Night In Club: Working From Home? Here's How to Take Care as You Do It (
We’re sharing our favorite beauty products from skincare to haircare, new finds and extra special additions. *Note: We recorded this ahead of the COVID-19 quarantine. Please enjoy some lighthearted content in the face of a tough time for us all. Stay tuned for episodes on work from home tips and how we're coping in these uncertain times coming soon! Links in this episode: * Episode 17: Skincare Basics ( * Episode 60: Nighttime Skincare Routine ( * Borghese Advanced Fango Active Purifying Mud Mask ( * Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat ( * Dermalogica Superfoliant (,default,pd.html) * Ouai Hair Oil ( * Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush ( * OLEHENRIKSEN Glow Cycle Retin-Alt Power Serum ( * OLEHENRIKSEN C-Rush Vitamin C Gel Moisturizer (
We’re doing a Women’s History Month debrief, then introducing this month’s feature: Tracee Ellis Ross! Links in this episode: * Breanna and Dan’s wedding photo ( * Noom ( * Women Inspiring #TeamQS Community Spotlight ( * Blackish on ABC (
Today’s episode is all about a fresh perspective on self care. We’re going to dig into what self care means for us and how you can find a routine for yourself. Links in this episode: * Episode 3: Defining Your Self Care Routine (
We’re diving into the different ways we succeed and fail at communication, and how to be better communicators in the workplace and in personal relationships.
Today, we’re revisiting mentorship after reading a recent Quartzy newsletter. We’ve both experienced a fair amount of changes since 2018, so we thought it was time to look at what’s changed since that first conversation, and how we approach this still hard-to-identify challenge to find, be, and have a mentor. Links in this episode: * Vote Save America ( * Quartzy the newsletter (
In this month’s Women Inspiring #TeamQS episode, we’re giving a nod to one of our fave bloggers, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen. She taught us cooking basics and makes adventurous, but approachable recipes — as she calls them “unfussy” — plus more on what we can learn from her. Links in this episode: * Bon Appetit: The Smitten Kitchen Is Back, and the Kitchen’s Still Tiny ( * The New York Times: Marcella Hazan ( * Bon Appetit: This Garlic Bread Is the Secret to Converting Bean Haters ( * Smitten Kitchen Everyday ( * Smitten Kitchen blog ( * Smitten Kitchen on Instagram ( * Smitten Kitchen: Chilaquiles brunch casserole ( * Smitten Kitchen: Pasta e ceci (quick pasta and chickpeas) ( * Smitten Kitchen: Charred cauliflower quesadillas (
Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and author, has talked about the value of creating a personal user manual to communicate your work style to your manager or your teammates. We loved this idea and wanted to dig into why it makes sense, what to include, and how to present it to your teammates. Links in this episode: * Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Adam Grant (episode 163) ( * Harvard Business Review: To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits ( * Queen Speaking Personal User Manual Worksheet (
We wanted to dig into exploring how to break the perfection streak and aim for what NYTimes Smarter Living has referred to as a “Mostly Fine Decision.” Let’s get comfortable with mini mistakes and failures, which surprisingly helps us to be more successful in the work we do. Links in this episode: * How you can use the power of celebration to make new habits stick ( * NY Times Smarter Living: It’s Never Going to Be Perfect, So Just Get It Done (
This week’s episode is inspired by a Hidden Brain podcast episode, “Creatures Of Habit: How Habits Shape Who We Are — And Who We Become.” We share what stood out to us the most in the episode, how we’re making their tips actionable, and what we’re doing to build or break habits. Links in this episode: * Amazon: Good Habits, Bad Habits: The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick by Wendy Wood ( * NPR’s Hidden Brain: Creatures Of Habit: How Habits Shape Who We Are — And Who We Become ( * Medium: Incrementalism and the Power of the Small Step (
Today, we’re getting into what makes us loyal to a brand, what we pay attention to, and the impact of marketing. We also shout out a few of our favorite brands, including some local love. Links in this episode: * Bob’s Red Mill ( * Nisolo ( * Patagonia ( * Warby Parker ( * Cuyana ( * Bon Appetit ( * Everlane ( * Ole Henricksen ( * Nike Training Club ( * Crooked Media ( * Spotify (
Following the 2020 Golden Globes, it’s time for another hot take on TV. We’re sharing shows worth watching according to us. Links in this episode: * Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Adam Grant (episode 163) ( * Chernobyl on HBO ( * The Morning Show on Apple TV+ ( * Fleabag on Amazon Prime ( * Fosse/Verdon on FX ( * Dead to Me on Netflix ( * The Politician on Netflix (
We’re kicking off 2020 with this month’s Women Inspiring #TeamQS and giving a nod to the GOAT, our Queen — Meryl Streep and talking through what we can learn from her (hint: everything!). Links in this episode: * Mic: 9 Meryl Streep Roles That Changed the Course of Hollywood ( * Simply Streep Biography ( * Tastes of Streep on Instagram (
We're celebrating our 100th episode by reflecting back on what we've learned, our expectations vs. reality, and what our intentions are for 2020. Here’s to the next 100! Links in this episode: * Nick Wignall: How to Become an Exceptionally Good Listener ( * Career Contessa newsletter: Lauren Letter ( * Queen Speaking show notes (
We’re talking about what it takes to fairly split roles and responsibilities in our households, how to communicate effectively and divide the work with your partner. Links in this episode: * Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live) by Eve Rodsky ( * The New York Times: How Same-Sex Couples Divide Chores, and What It Reveals About Modern Parenting ( * Culture Amp’s People Geekly newsletter (
In this month’s Women Inspiring #TeamQS, we’re featuring Cecile Richards, former President of Planned Parenthood and co-founder of Supermajority. We dig into all she’s done with her career, and what we can learn from her about being informed and inclusive. Links in this episode: * Planned Parenthood ( * Supermajority ( * The New York Times: A ‘Women’s New Deal’ ( * Business Insider: Abortion rights, grassroots activism, and getting a woman elected president: Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards re-enters the political fray (
As we prepare for the holidays, we’re sharing our favorite holiday season hacks to make party attending and hosting so simple and stress free. Links in this episode: * Modern Love on Amazon Prime ( * Half Baked Harvest: French Onion Potato Soup ( * Fine Cooking: Classic Tomato Soup ( * Skinnytaste: Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili (
We’re talking about how small (or big) adjustments to our work environments can affect our productivity, the changes that make a difference, and how to ask for what you need. Links in this episode: * Succession on HBO ( * The Morning Show on Apple+ (
As women we have the tendency to over apologize. In this episode, we get into how to replace “I’m sorry” and only use it when necessary to be stronger communicators. Links in this episode: * The Cut: How Do I Make Plans Without ‘Getting a Drink’? ( * Career Contessa: How to Stop Apologizing at Work (+ What to Say Instead) ( * Just Not Sorry — the Gmail Plug-in (
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