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Queen Venerator is a "pop subculture" podcast dedicated to the full spectrum of popular culture, be it music, movies, food, sports, television, pro wrestling, video games, and more. From erudite fare to unmitigated trash, we are open to discussing pretty much anything.

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Mother Earth tried to stop this episode from coming out, but we are back after yet another extended absence. Yes, this episode was so powerful the gods tried to silence it by knocking out the power THREE TIMES during this recording. But despite Sean's audio being dealt a mortal wound (it's fine, you'll get over it), we got this thing across the finish line, and this time Sean brought a heater of a topic: "Go to the Head of the Class", the infamous season two episode Steven Spielberg's NBC anthology show Amazing Stories. This episode stars Mary Stuart Masterson, podcast spectre Tom Bresnahan, and Christopher Lloyd as the insane Professor Beans. Not only that, but it has Robert Zemeckis directing AND Stan Winston doing special effects. A true murderer's row on display here. And what has brought these titans together? A little story about satanic panic, severed heads, and SEX! This one's a wild ride for sure, but as is tradition on this show, Brad and Sean get caught up in what punk stickers adorn our hero's totally accurate, not a Hollywood invention in any way Super Rad Bedroom. It all culminates in a very Brad rant about how awful prestige television is and how it has taken away the good things about television, like Earth 2 and Manimal. We also discuss the various music challenges we've undertaken (and in Brad's case, failed at) in recent weeks, hot dog relishes, and winning at fake slots. We even premiere a new segment on the show: our semi-regular (?) Detroit Lions update called Honolulu Blue Notes. However, even when talking about the Lions, the two manage to discuss Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell and how he looks like he hangs out at the all-night gas station at 4AM.  Its a good show, so check it out. --- Website: Instagram: Bluesky:
The podcast is back at full strength as Sean returns to the co-chair on this one. You would think all that time away would give us time to find new and exciting things to talk about, but thankfully we immediately fall back into our habit of talking about garbage no one has cared about for literal decades. This time around there's a long discussion about Siskel and Ebert's At the Movies and the insane opinions of these two maniacs: Pleasantville being better than Saving Private Ryan, Babe: Pig in the City also being better than Saving Private Ryan, Black Stallion being better than Raging Bull, and Siskel's completely unsurprising love of Star 80. We also discuss that one scene in A Very Brady Sequel, the Action Boyz watching Godfrey Ho movies, getting squeezed out like a toothpaste roller, The Long Kiss Goodnight, the potential end to Sean's Tubi Corner, Jim Carrey's Foghat Man character, Shawn Hatosy sliding down a prop slide, the VHS copy of Medium Cool that destroyed Brad's VCR, Annie, the positive side of Grease 2, the many scores of Tangerine Dream, AIM screen names based on the surfing movie Blue Crush, God Lives Underwater vs. Primitive Radio Gods vs. Godsmack, and of course MTV's Fear. --- Website: Instagram: Bluesky:
We're back after a four month hiatus to bring you our list of the top 100 albums of 2023. Is it, at bare minimum, a month and a half late? Yes. By "we" do we mean "just Brad because Sean wouldn't want any part of this nonsense"? Yes again. But whatever, we're doing it anyway. It has been another great year for music, which at this point should not be shocking. We've got incredible team-ups galore, big names from the past making a mark in the present, new names bursting on to the scene, everything and the kitchen sink albums, spoken word weirdness, hip-hop standard bearers still innovating, gloopy synths, the sounds of a haunted house, and above all else, a lot of very aggressive, noisy music. It was a hell of a year. So... enjoy? (We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming... eventually. Probably soon. We are still reeling from the Detroit Lions losing the NFC Championship game, so it might be a while) Artists Discussed (In Alphabetical Order): 2FAC, Aaron Dilloway, Aho Ssan, Altin Gun, Ana Frango Elétrico, Armand Hammer, Bandler Ching, BBBBBBB, Bill Orcutt, Billy Woods & Kenny Segal, Bounaly, Brass Riot, Bully, Caterina Barbieri, Charif Megarbane, Colin Stetson, Dead Times, Deena Abdelwahed, Disclosure, Divide and Dissolve, DJ Finale, DJ Girl, DJ Smiley Bobby, EABS & Jaubi, El Michels Affair & Black Thought, Ellen Arkbro, Embarker, Emergency Group, Euglossine, Fever Ray, Fire Toolz, Forest Swords, Gazelle Twin, Gezan & Million Wish Collective, Great Falls, Guilty Simpson & Uncommon NASA, Hitech, Hourloupe, Hyphyskazerbox, ICECOLDBISHOP, Jana Winderen, Janelle Monáe, Jlin, JPEGmafia & Danny Brown, Judgitzu, Karen y los Remedios, Katarsi, KEN Mode, Kool Keith & Real Bad Man, Kouns and Weaver, Larry Wish, Lauren Bousfield, Loraine James, Lost Girls, Lunch Money Life, Madlib, Meyhem Lauren, & DJ Muggs, Mallwalker, Marina Herlop, Matmos, MC Yallah, Mendoza Hoff Revels, MIKE, Mike Nigro, Model/Actriz, Mukqs, M-Ziq, Natalia Beylis & Eimear Reidy, Neupink, Novatron, Nuovo Testamento, Oozing Wound, OrangeTone, Organized Cream, Ortopedia Tecnica, Osees, Paavoharju, Physique, PoiL/Ueda, Private Lives, RP Boo, Screaming Females, Shit And Shine, Sightless Pit, Silver Apples & Makoto Kawabata, Sunik Kim, Sweeping Promises, TALSounds, Tee Vee Repairman, Teeth of the Sea, That Mexican OT, The Gate, The HIRS Collective, Tim Hecker, Tinashe, Tzusing, Victoria Monet, Vorsicht Kinder, Wound Man, Zoh Amba/Chris Corsano/Bill Orcutt --- Website: Instagram: Bluesky:
We're back with part one of our October horror movie shows. Up first is Brad's pick: the 2003 action/thriller/horror movie 2LDK. We get into the unique origins of the film, the movie's extreme cattiness, and what happens when you're possibly under the thrawl of a bird god in your apartment. --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bluesky:
It's October, so you know what that means: we talk about what our names would be if we were in the 80's punk gang from the movie Twice Dead. ---- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bluesky:
It's an action packed episode of Queen Venerator this time around as we discuss a ton of stuff. We open with a super sized edition of Sean's Tubi Corner, as Sean talks about watching the 1995 Casper movie, both Vacancy movies, Grave Encounters 2, and 2000 Maniacs, a gore classic by H.G. Lewis, a guy neither Sean nor Brad like. Next, Brad gives a round up of more 2023 album releases, including new albums from MSPAINT, Matt Robidoux, Paavoharju, and Natalia Beylis & Eimear Reidy. Finally, its Brad's turn to pick the topic for this show, and he chose the 1974 Italian action/comedy romp Watch Out, We're Mad starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Its a good one. Enjoy? ---- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bluesky:
On this preview of next week's show, we have a brief discussion about working in a record store and the hijinks that ensue. --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bluesky:
On this episode, we discuss the awful conclusion to our fantasy football draft (and the insane draft evaluations that come with it), the 2007 Emily Blunt vehicle Windchill, D-Beat hardcore, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, and a lengthy discussion of Sean's pick: the 1986 Rocky knockoff Streets of Gold starring Klaus Maria Brandauer, Wesley Snipes, and whiny baby Adrian Pasdar. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bluesky:
Potato in a Sock

Potato in a Sock


A brief discussion about potatoes and their diverse functionality. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
On this episode, we discuss the 1982 Sogo Ishii cyberpunk film Burst City, 1984's Avenging Angel, the album Great Texan by wrestling legend Terry Funk, a week of fantasy football garbage, and a ranking of discontinued fast food items. --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
In this clip, Sean discusses the insane 1995 classic The Hunted starring Christopher Lambert. --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
We're back after a month away, and we're coming in hot with an expanded format. It's basically just smashing the long and short shows together into one thing, but it sounds more professional if you talk about formatting. That of course doesn't mean that the talk about nonsense garbage has stopped, or really been focused in any way, as this one goes everywhere. We talk about the oft-maligned 1996 Jerry O'Connell vehicle Joe's Apartment, the oeuvre of MTV Films in general, Keebler's discontinued line of pizza chips, the fact that we're apparently the number one source for information on the song "Strut" by Steven Seagal and Lady Saw, the 1986 Nico Mastorakis film The Zero Boys starring Kelli Maroney and Joe Estevez, the song "Destination Understanding" from Island of Death, new music from Novatron, Home Front, and Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall, the 1991 song "Joyride (I Saw the Film)" by Tribe, and the recent passing of noted director/wonderful maniac William Friedkin. Finally, in our main event, we discuss Sean's pick for this show: the 1982 John Frankenheimer movie The Challenge, a star-studded affair scored by Jerry Goldsmith, written by John Sayles, and starring Toshiro Mifune (and Scott Glenn, but you know... Mifune). Despite being loaded on all fronts with talent, the film flopped due to being absolutely swallowed up by the unreal number of megahits released in the summer of 1982. A true shame because this is a really good movie, and we think this is a really good episode. Enjoy? Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
It finally happened. After eight months of struggle, anger, and abject failure, it finally happened.  We're finally putting out our episode on the 1991 Tony Scott action movie classic The Last Boy Scout starring Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Taylor Negron, and Halle Berry. Please, for the love of God, enjoy. --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
On this episode, we discuss a wide array of topics, including: Eric Clapton, who sucks Ted Lasso, opinions are divided That Mitchell and Webb Look and the trees with a particular odor Our local Trivia Night Former Cleveland player Shin-Soo Choo The many mascots of Korean baseball The many mascots of Japanese baseball Boring upper middle class clothing stores and their wooden mallards Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
On this episode, we discuss some great 2023 albums, including releases from RP Boo, Caterina Barbieri, Mallwalker, Kouns and Weaver, DJ Finale, Truculent, and Vorsicht Kinder. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
We take an extended trip to Sean's Tubi Corner on this episode, as we discuss the WWE film classic The Call, bike messenger tale Premium Rush, the unhinged The Astronaut's Wife, the even more unhinged Shattered, and Gang Related, the 2Pac/Beloosh team up the world demanded. Enjoy?   Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
On this episode, we discuss a wide array of topics, including: We go down under for a very quick edition of Sean's Tubi Corner Norm MacDonald at the Roast of Bob Sagat A LOT of talk about Reb Brown The insanity of John Milius The depressing latter day output of Robert Zemeckis How Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within ruined a semi-regular movie night David Lynch, a cool dude More bad sounds for the soundboard We dunk on Pitchfork for their middling review of the Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X The amazing 1960's British mod spy TV show Department S Vincent Price, another cool dude Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
We have finally made it. We have actually completed a project on this show. But more importantly, we have reached our Top 10 Greatest Cover Songs of All-Time.  For once, there aren't too many surprises on here, just some stone cold classics for the most part. Can't add much else. Enjoy. Songs Discussed: April March – “Chick Habit” Blondie – “Hanging on the Telephone” Dick Dale – “Misirlou” Lovage – “Sex (I’m A)” Marvin Gaye – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” Miles Davis – “Guinnevere” Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang” Stiff Little Fingers – “Johnny Was” The Cramps – “Fever” The Temptations – “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” --- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
On this episode, we continue our Top 200 Cover Songs of All-Time list with numbers 25 through 11. This section of the list has a wild mix of incredibly important songs and incredibly silly songs. We also discuss how lame George Thorogood is, how Pat Boone is somehow even lamer, and what a coloratura soprano is. Enjoy! Songs Discussed: Baby Huey – “A Change is Going to Come” Butthole Surfers – “The Hurdy Gurdy Man” Cowboy Junkies – “Sweet Jane” Husker Du – “Eight Miles High” Jose Gonzalez – “Heartbeats” Killdozer – “Nasty” Larry Wish – “Hold My Hand” Led Zeppelin – “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” Nina Simone – “Strange Fruit” Pixies – “Cecilia Ann” Rotary Connection – “Sunshine of Your Love” Soft Cell – “Tainted Love” The Bangles – “Hazy Shade of Winter” This Mortal Coil – “Song to the Siren” Z-Rock Hawaii – “Bad to the Bone”   Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
I didn't feel like editing a full episode over the holiday, so here's us talking about the Italian Football League and rare sodas. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
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