DiscoverQuest For Peace with Iyaz Akhtar (Audio)
Quest For Peace with Iyaz Akhtar (Audio)
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Quest For Peace with Iyaz Akhtar (Audio)

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What does it take for Iyaz Akhtar to be happy? He’s been asking himself that question since he hit the age of 29. Now, after years of reading and attempting to change, he’s closer to being content with his life, but he’s still looking for the secret to happiness. On this show, Iyaz candidly shares his experiences on trying to achieve inner peace with weekly guests.
12 Episodes
TechCrunch's Sarah Lane joins Iyaz to explain how she maintains such a positive demeanor.
Iyaz talks to his "Podcast without Pretense" co-host, Eric Sandine. Eric is in the middle of changing jobs and moving to a new place. Find out how he manages stress.
MJ and Iyaz learn how similar they both are. While the two have appeared on numerous podcasts, they both find out how much New York City means to each other.
Dan Ackerman, journalist at joins Iyaz to talk about his journey to meditation and mellowing out with time.
Iyaz is at GFQ HQ so he and Andrew talk about continuing to be intense and setting expectations to create happiness.
Today's guest is the wildly successful Nate Lanxon. He's followed his passions while being a truant at times without regret.
Podcaster extraordinaire and all-around good guy Tom Merritt joined the show to talk about how to handle anger and wearing the mask of a human being.
Tim Stevens, editor at large at CNET joined "Quest for Peace" from the most serene environment -- under a tree. Iyaz and Tim were going to talk about how to focus on things, but wound up talking about how to be happy on a day-to-day basis.
Jonathan Strickland, senior writer at HowStuffWorks, joins Iyaz to talk about finding empathy and what lessons he's learned over the past few years to make the world a better place.
You might know Liz from her days at an Internet television network. She's also frequently seen with Iyaz since they're a couple. Find out how this California girl handled a cross-country move, a new job, and a new life in New York.
In this episode, Iyaz explains what happened on his trip back from CES 2015 and how it was basically one big test of patience.
Iyaz reads your emails and talks about the never-ending quest for peace.
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