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RCRN UAV Experts Drone Show

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RCRN Drone Show Features fun and educational programming about private and professional use of Drones, UAVs, sUAS, and Remote Control Aircraft, Helicopters, Multirotor UAV's and general Hobbies. This show is broadcast live every first and third Tuesday night at 8:30 PM ET and is interactive with you as part of the show. We feature programming to help you improve your abilities. Learn about the latest products and services on the market via independent reviews and in depth examples. We also feature informative guest from throughout the industry and we do it all live with you as part of the show. Presented from the Mercury Studios on the North side of Atlanta Georgia USA
143 Episodes
Phantom 3 Professional, Live from SEFF 2015, F3P Giveaway
Rare Bear, Q-500+, Inspire1, Multiple operators, Music and Video
FlySafe conference in Atlanta, Drone NPRM
Drone NPRM is released, F3P World Team
Philip Grossman first to fly Drones in Chernobyl
Our 5th Anniversary and we Giveaway a DJI Inspire1
DJI Inspire1, The NTSB rules on the FAA
FPV Monitors, RFID on Drones, AH new App, Wearable drones
Big Giveaway, Burning Man and FlySafe Confrience
Big Giveaway from F3J and the Bruce
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