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RE-Focus: The ADHD Podcast with Angela Stephens
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RE-Focus: The ADHD Podcast with Angela Stephens


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The RE-Focus Podcast hosted by Angela Stephens interviews CEO's Sr Executives, ADHD Coaches, Business Coaches, Presidents, Surgeons, & more on how they FOCUS & RE-FOCUS when they face adversity.

Think of it this way: If a Surgeon will be performing surgery on your loved one, you want that Surgeon to have "Game On" - however we are all human. If that person gets a call and finds out he is facing a new lawsuit, or finds out his head Nurse is leaving, or there are issues with their children at school.... they may get frazzled. You want that Surgeon to have "Game On" So how does that Surgeon FOCUS & pull it together at those moments?  We want to know...and so do many others around the globe want to know as well! This Podcast is not just for individuals with ADHD. This Podcast, along with our Company: RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE is for anyone who wants to FOCUS, & become more organized, & be able to FOCUS.

A Woman Owned Diversity Supplier Business, certified with WBENC, WOSB, & http://Disability.IN All of our products are created: "Through the eyes of a child with ADHD...." we create products that help you FOCUS...& RE-FOCUS. 

That child? That child is the CEO's son. As a single Mother to a high functioning ADHD child, she realized she had to start looking "through his eyes" to find out what worked & didn't work. Today, that child? Today is in his 2nd year of College, a Co-Founder, & also created our 1st suite of products. He was diagnosed in the 5th Grade with ADHD. Our CEO Angela Stephens, was diagnosed at age 45.

Our passion and mission is to change the stigma of ADHD and to encourage people that no matter what they face in life, once they get focused, they can be brilliant. We are truly an example of that in our story. RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE is currently on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Hy-Vee, CVS, Zulily, E-Bay, our own E-Commerce Store, Google Merchant,,  & now in over 200 stores in March.  Social media Links below:

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109 Episodes
Angela is joined by Jill Stowell, founder and director of The Stowell Learning Center to discuss why parents and their children come into their organization, how to help kids manage their anxiety, what auditory processing means, what they do at the Learning Center, and how she focuses. Learn more about Jill by checking out!
Dr. Sara M. Bauer DDS joins Angela to discuss why it's important for people of all ages to have their teeth cleaned -- even babies. They also discuss the dangers of not taking care of your teeth, how to conquer fear at the dentist, advice for people without insurance, and how she manages working in the same practice as her husband.
Angela is joined by Alex Hey, a ADHD coach specializing in working with teens and adults, and the author of "Catholicism and ADHD: Finding Holiness Despite Distractions," to discuss a variety of topics around ADHD. They include when he realized he might have ADHD, what he learned from going through an ADHD training academy, what areas people are struggling with most right now, how he maintains focus and starts a day optimized for success, how his faith impacts his life, and what we all can learn from our pets. Find Alex's book at this link and check him out at his website
Jon Gold returns to talk with Angela about what to know when it comes to social security programs. They discuss disability programs that are available, who they are for, how to create your own social security account online, and how to find a great attorney who can assist you. For more information and additional resources, visit Jon Gold's practice at!
Angela is joined by her friend Jon Gold, a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy and social security. He explains why he decided to help people with bankruptcies, what to know about approaching bankruptcy, why you shouldn't be embarrassed by it, and offers tips for younger generations when it comes to being financially literate. For more information and additional resources, visit Jon Gold's practice at!
Angela is joined by her husband Darold Sauber to discuss tips for encouraging your child / teen / young adult to save money for their future. They look at how to make sure your child doesn't spend money that's going into savings and provide tips on how to encourage your loved one to plan ahead.
Terri Mitchell, the director of college bookstores at Navarro College, joins Angela to discuss what her job is like, how she stays focused while working at a college, how students struggle with social media, how her school helps kids manage their anxiety, and more. Learn more about Navarro College by visiting their website!
Angela is joined by America's Got Talent contestant Kechi, who shares her powerful story of surviving a plane crash and how she moved forward after such a traumatic event. She also shares how she realized she was a singer, who inspires her, how she conquers public speaking events, and more! Check out Kechi's self-titled album on Spotify!
We are about to launch a new podcast about refocusing on your career! Stay tuned for the new show coming to your favorite podcast app. Learn more about what you can expect by listening to this preview.
Our 100th episode includes a very special guest: The founder of JetBlue and Breeze Airways, David Neeleman! He discusses with Angela how he discovered he had ADD, advice for parents whose children have ADD, advice for people going through college and wondering their next steps, what it's like to run companies while having ADD, and more.
Magician Tom Pesce joins Angela to discuss his unique career as a magician, if the magician industry is competitive, who inspires him, how his parents supported him, his life as a teacher, and how he focuses while being a busy parent of three children. Learn more about Tom by visiting his website!
YouTube baker Mary Haiar joins Angela to discuss her YouTube channel Sophisticakes By Mary! They talk about how she prepares to film a video, how she successfully delivers cakes and avoids accidents, tips for being calm and focused while baking, creating an organized kitchen, and more. Find Mary right here on YouTube!
Angela is joined by board-certified hypnotist De'Anna Nunez, who discusses her life helping people through hypnosis. She shares what it really means to hypnotise someone, what happens to that person when they're being hypnotised, how becoming a hypnotist helped her move forward from trauma, and more. Find De'Anna Nunez on her website and check out her book, Mind, Body, F.I.T. Life!
Angela is joined by Senior Parenting Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine Marisa LaScala to discuss what it's like working at this magazine and online resource, what parents are struggling with now, advice for those who are experiencing writer's block, and more. Follow Marisa on Twitter and find her articles on Good Housekeeping!
Angela is joined by Alexa Carlin, the founder of Women Empower X, which helps women achieve their dreams. Alexa discusses when the right time is to hire someone, what people look for when they're looking for a speaker, how she got started as an entrepreneur, how she grew after her serious health issues, and more. Find Alexa online at, and check out her book Adaptable!
Angela is joined by Lacy Curtis, the owner of The Woven Agency and An ADD Woman to discuss how she uses a standing desk to improve her workflow, and why it works especially well when you're working at home with kids. She also provides tips on how to work from home when the family is there, how she manages planning in advance, and when she first noticed she had ADHD.
Angela is joined this week by Nurse Practitioner, Carolyn Zaumeyer, who specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Carolyn explains what Hormone Replacement Therapy is and its plentiful benefits, how this kind of treatment helps patients with ADHD, and how she bounces back from failure. 
Angela is joined by International Writer and Journalist, Les Steed, who talks with her about his journey with ADHD after he was diagnosed at the age of 30. Les discusses his experience with writer’s block and ways to get “back in the moment”, as well as how to overcome unfinished projects, what to say to teachers to help them work with kids who are unfocused, and how writing in shorthand can help people with ADHD take notes with ease.  To hear more Podcasts around ADHD, focusing and how others focus when they face adversity subscribe to our podcast: available on iHeart, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or where you listen to your Podcasts. For products that help with FOCUS, check out her company: RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE a woman owned diversity company certified with WBENC, WOSB, & DOBE. Listen to Les’ podcast “Off the Point” here
Angela is joined by Bonnie Mincu, who discovered she had ADHD in her late 40's, and decided to leave her existing career to become an ADHD coach. She shares the reasons of her career change and how oil painting became an important part of her life. They also discuss calming the brain down, what she has learned about overcoming challenges, and more. You can find Bonnie at and!
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