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Author: Andy Frisella #100to0

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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)
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Everybody wants to be happy; unfortunately, not everybody knows what creates happiness. There's no secret, and it does not just come and go from time to time. On today's episode, Andy shares the equation you must understand if you want to create happiness for yourself.
Have you or a loved one ever uttered the words, "I'm so busy"? If so, you may be highly ineffective, unorganized, and mentally soft. The reality is, it doesn't matter how many hours you work in a week; what matters is the results you produce. On today's episode, Andy shares a strategy that will increase your effectiveness, which will allow you to produce the results necessary for success.
You do not have to be miserable all the time to be excellent. The highest achievers in the world are able to put aside all distractions and be present in the moment. On today's episode, Andy shares the skill you must master in order to be more effective and get an edge over the competition.
"Mediocre people don't like high achievers, and high achievers don't like mediocre people." - Nick Saban. Nowadays, society glorifies mediocrity and villainize success causing people to get frustrated and discouraged at reaching their big goals. On today's episode, Andy shares the formula he's used in dealing with mediocre thinking people.
74. Strange Times In America

74. Strange Times In America


Where do your beliefs come from? Our need to be socially accepted can alter our belief system and cause us to believe things we know not to be true. On today’s episode, Andy and the full crew talk about the current climate of America during the election, what’s in store for America, and much more!
73. What If?

73. What If?


What if you don't chase your dreams? We naturally fear being judge by others that we don't even take the first step towards our goals. On today's episode, Sal talks about how facing your fears can be the breakthrough to the life of your dreams.
Nowadays, we cannot watch anything on television or social media without having political views bestowed upon us. Our conditioning makes us crucify people with different perspectives. On today's show, Andy shares a new way of thinking that can drastically enhance your way of life if used properly.
71. Stop The Slide

71. Stop The Slide


It's time to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you using these strange times as an opportunity to get better or as an excuse? Mental health problems and suicide rates have skyrocketed as a result of this pandemic. On today's episode, Andy talks about actionable steps you can take to ensure progress during this COVID-19 shutdown.
What's said about you when you're not around? In life and business, every interaction you have can positively or negatively affect your legacy. On today's episode, Sal explains how word of mouth marketing can help build your business as well as dismantle it.
69. Are You Weird?

69. Are You Weird?


Your uniqueness is your ultimate superpower, and learning to master it can separate you from the competition. After all, being "normal" is not memorable. On today's show, Andy talks about how if used correctly, your uniqueness can lead you to a more meaningful and fulfilled life.
Just how committed are you to your goals? Average people like to talk about what they want and make excuses for why they're not in the position they would like to be in life. Successful people have a different approach. On today's show, Andy shares a simple secret that the most successful elite achievers understand.
Vince Lombardi was right, "Leading by example isn't the best way to lead; it's the only way to lead." However, if you want to create a legacy for decades to come, there's another part. On today's episode, Andy talks about the second part needed to be an effective leader.
From outside the United States, we're all the same, so why can't we look at ourselves that way and be united? When the enemy attacks us, they're not concerned about our individual viewpoints or beliefs. They're only concerned with harming us because we're Americans. On today's show, Andy and the crew finish discussing why it's a privilege to live in America and how you can read past the headlines to uncover the truth.
We all want the same things, and it doesn't matter if you're black, white, gay, straight, etc. Our freedom is being suppressed based on false information due to the upcoming elections. Now it's time to put our egos aside, look ourselves in the mirror, and be honest. On today's show, Andy and the crew discuss the recent statistical changes the CDC has made and how you can critically think about the information the mainstream media is giving us.
64. 1000 Days - Part 2

64. 1000 Days - Part 2


A goal without a proper plan is just a wish. Most people think if they wait long enough, their dreams will manifest. Successful people understand the importance of a proper plan, the value of executing, and why self-reflection is necessary. In today's show, Andy shares with you the ultimate process to help you get closer to your goals in your next 1000 days.
63. All About The Benjamins

63. All About The Benjamins


It's hard to make progress in chaos. Local businesses remain shut down and face fines if opening while the big chains get to keep their doors open. Convinced? It's all about the upcoming elections and benjamins. On today's show, Andy and the guys talk about what we as Americans MUST DO to fight these unconstitutional laws we are facing.
62. #MindBlownEmoji - Part 2

62. #MindBlownEmoji - Part 2


Everybody outside of the United States looks at Americans the same, so why can't we look at ourselves as the same? Continuing the conversation from part 1, Andy and the crew dive deep into how the rest of the world views Americans, how the Coronavirus pandemic has positively affected our educational system, and how the mainstream media can manipulate the story to their benefit.
With all the conflicts and controversies raging between different factions in America today, it is easy to forget that we are all human. That means we all make mistakes, we all fall short of our ideals, and we need to get a helluva lot better at humbling ourselves, empathizing with others, and trying to be better. In this episode, Andy and the crew dismantle the cancel culture, explain why it's a threat to unity, and identify some real good things that have come out of all the bad sh*t going on.
60. Liberating Your Mind

60. Liberating Your Mind


You are a byproduct of the environment that raised you. The problem with that is, most of our parents and guardians instilled the wrong beliefs in us. On today's show, Andy shares four simple steps you can take to discover the truth and liberate yourself from the current beliefs that are causing you pain.
59. Crabs In The Bucket

59. Crabs In The Bucket


When did our society start to congratulate people on quitting and accepting a life of mediocrity? The truth is, we have been brainwashed and told mediocrity is acceptable by people who haven't accomplish anything. On today's show, Andy teaches you how to avoid being a crab in the bucket so you can live an extraordinary life.
Comments (423)

Alex Hill

love The Solo Sal!!!

Oct 13th

Matthew McKibben

I really like Andy and his podcast. I enjoy people that just say shit how it is without a bunch of fluff.

Oct 10th

Ariella Fenske

Love this one hundred percent! Wish there was a kid version with a few less F-words, who knows though I may still have them listen because it’s such a great message.

Oct 6th


Really Sal? LOL

Oct 5th

Christine Innature

Thank You for this. Matress on the floor. Blessed.

Oct 3rd

Rob Baranyi

Andy, I 1st off need to Thank you for this podcast, but even more importantly #75Hard. Before starting 75Hard I got the book & started reading my 10 pages daily. I'm on day 7 today. Anyone who plans on doing 75Hard I highly recommend getting the book, it explains in detail so much & the reasons behind 75Hard. I'm 49 years old & I'm an above the knee amputee from a horrific car accident when I was 18. I can relate so much to feeling depressed & suicidal in the beginning. I was in the hospital for over 6 months recovering from a shattered pelvis which left me bed ridden for the 1st 3 months with nothing but time to lay there & feel sorry for myself. People would come in & tell me they knew what I was going g through & with my pissed off at the world attitude, loom at them and ask what the Fuck they lost? It wasn't until the nurses got sick & tired of my shifty attitude that they wheeled me down into the basement (the whole time I was cussing "Where the Fuck you taking me" & they kept saying calmly "You'll see") to the burn unit. At that point I realized I didn't have it that bad. I'm not the greatest looking guy, but I couldn't imagine my face being totally burned up. The very next day an amputee came in to talk to me & finally someone that could relate & someone who had also lost something. I'm not saying it's been easy along the way, but it has definitely made me stronger. I just recently started my own real estate business, Just Right Homes LLC. I'll be honest I was nervous about doing it, but listening to you & other mentors like @MarkEvansDM, I've decided to start doing videos on social media & actually incorporating being an amputee in my slogan, Here at Just Right Homes We have a Leg Up on the Competition!!🦵 Thank you Andy and keep being Real AF!!!💯🚀🙏❤

Sep 27th

Jess Zmolek

Great message!

Sep 24th

Alex Hill

absolutely phenomenal. I know this is over 5 years after it was originally posted however it is still relevant. very powerful podcast, I will have to relisten to this a few more times

Sep 21st

Israel Bengochea

Loved it👍

Sep 7th

Michael Moffeit

20:50 the whole birthday party thing, love it made me laugh 🤣

Aug 15th

Vince Pass

this is so dope! it's spoke directly to me man, thank you for do this particular Podcast

Aug 5th

Regina Pontes

You're nailing what millions of Americans are thinking! This podcast keeps it 100%! Found your podcast via Zachary Babcock.

Aug 3rd

bob caygeon

Just lsitened to a pod about fake gurus. This guy yelling fits the profile.

Aug 2nd

JD Inciter

"gobbling up this media shit" "what do the facts say?" The facts sure as hell don't say 5 million people in the US died from TB in 2019! That was a horrible exaggeration. if 5,000 died from TB in the US that would be horrible.

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

James Solano

What a crybaby! Andy doesn't want to wear a mask inside the store. Waaaah!

Jul 23rd

john dunkelberger

If you turn off cash everything you do will be tracked

Jul 20th

Siddharth Sharma

We are really grateful for what you do Andy ❤️

Jul 8th

patrick hiatt

People have been asking me , "Hey Pat you looking good(physique), what do you eat for breakfast? " Me: Andy Frisella

Jun 23rd

Ramona Chavez


Jun 13th


time to dethrone all these politicians

Jun 11th
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