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Author: Andy Frisella #100to0

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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)
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In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to approach woke schools who want to put their ideologies on your children, the best way to build a business while maintaining a private life, and how to handle employees who don't show up to crucial jobs.
In today's Real Talk, Andy talks about how past experiences, failures, and successes have created your life now and what actions you can take to change your life and become who you ultimately want to be.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by the founder and managing partner of Parlatore Law Group, Timothy Parlatore. They discuss Donald's gag order reinstated by the appeals court in his NY civil fraud trial, Massachusetts saying that it's been hit with a wave of pneumonia in children, and the thousands of fake Facebook accounts that were shut down by Meta.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Irish representative boasting the hate speech bill saying it will restrict freedom to protect trans people from discomfort, the streaker arrested after parading around Disneyland's, "It's a Small World" ride, and New York's #MeToo law ensnaring Hollywood celebrities that was originally created to hurt the former President.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what's the best way to support small local pro-American businesses after COVID shut down a lot of small businesses, how to amend a business partnership that didn't have clear expectations off the start, and how to have hard conversations with your family, friends, and colleagues.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the Dublin incident that left children hurt, Chinese hospitals overwhelmed with sick children after a surge in respiratory illness, and Mayor Adams's response to assault accusations.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Biden joking about turning 60 on his 81st birthday, a call out for an investigation on a subject matter that we cannot talk about, and the Supreme Court rejecting the appeal of former Minneapolis police office convicted of killing George Floyd.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on if it's better to stay with a company long term or chase a higher salary, how to deal with loneliness in no man's land, and what's the best way to support your spouse when starting a business. 
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Chinese flags lined up in San Francisco as Xi Jinping arrives, Facebook and Instagram allowing political ads stating that the 2020 election was stolen, and Rep Clay Higgins confronting FBI Director Chris Wray on FBI operatives working inside the crowds on January 6, 2021.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on Ole Miss being sued for the conversation Lane Kiffin had with his DT, what strategies he uses to identify doers over talkers when hiring, and how not to feel demoralized and insecure about your financial situation while building your business.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on where he sees the political landscape heading after the Democrats side with Republicans on strengthening the border, how to improve visualization techniques when working towards your goals, and the best way to get better at sales when no one seems to like you.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by the Five Finger Death Punch guitarist, Zoltan Bathory. They discuss Democrat voters siding with the GOP candidate's message on the strength of the border, AP & Reuters pictures of Hamas atrocities raising ethical questions, and House GOP subpoenaing Hunter Biden in impeachment inquiry.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how deep he believes the corruption in government goes, how to be successful as a 2nd generation business owner, and the best way to teach your kids about earning the things they want.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci experimenting with coronavirus strains a year before the COVID pandemic began, a coalition of big city mayors heading to Washington to urge the federal government to offer more help with the surge of migrants in their cities, and the Connecticut judge ordering a new mayoral primary after surveillance videos show possible ballot stuffing.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by bestselling author and keynote speaker, Jon Gordon. They answer your questions on how to distinguish between having high standards and being too rigid for those around you, at what point do things start to level off in business and life, and how to find the balance of mentoring your employees while maintaining professional boundaries.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by Agenda: Grinding America Down and Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit producer Curtis Bowers. They discuss how America is being infiltrated from the inside, why an environmental movement will always be used to further their agenda, and the importance of personal excellence to save our country.
In today's episodes, Andy & DJ discuss Dave Chappelle's Pro-Palestinian rant as the crowd cheers 'Free Palestine' encouraging Jews to leave, Trump being fined $5,000 for violating gag order, and the SCOTUS to decide if the Biden admin illegally bullied social media into censoring content.
In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on what you should prioritize when working towards being personally excellent, how to identify the differences between opportunities vs. distractions, and what to do when someone copies your brand.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by comedian and public speaker Tim Young. They discuss the Pro-Palestinian protesters staging an insurrection in the U.S. Capitol Office building, Sidney Powell pleading guilty in the Georgia election case, and the former CEO of Victoria's Secret pulling funding from Harvard, accusing the school of failing to take a stand for Israel.
In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss a protester raising a Palestinian flag on the Statue of King Charles I, Trump's gag order imposed on him by a federal judge overseeing the 2020 election subversion case, and Jim Jordan looking to sway members his way in the speaker vote.
Comments (545)

Paul Keefer

DJ’s laugh in the final segment is absolute gold. Now that’s a reason to share the show!

Sep 27th

Jama Maricela

This is great! I am very happy to support Gays Against Groomers and to have listened to this episode. I am a grad student, and my professor recently was trying to make a point about a discussion topic regarding Disney and the issues the government of Florida has had with them. He called on me to ask my perspective on the issues. The conversation went well, and I think I may have changed his viewpoint or opened his eyes to go back and do his research. Thank you for all of your shows! #MFCEO

Sep 25th

Jama Maricela

I love this! I share your show and went to YouTube and share tho episode particularly. Unfortunately, I don't get any likes or comments. Now, I do not care about likes or comments but this is disheartening because it proves that no-one is listening. America needs to wake up and unite! P.S. You should put this on a shirt.#MFCEO

Sep 21st

Aakash Amanat

Just listened to the latest episode of "REAL AF with Andy Frisella," and I'm seriously blown away. Andy's no-nonsense approach to life and business is truly refreshing in a world where so much seems sugar-coated. In this episode, he tackled the importance of taking full responsibility for our actions and decisions. It's a tough pill to swallow, but it's so essential for personal growth and success. Andy's insights into embracing the struggle and not looking for shortcuts really hit home for me. There's no denying that the path to success is paved with hard work, dedication, and resilience.

Aug 21st

Josh Foshee

this is literally the best episode to date with the importance of needing to be heard all over it.

Jul 20th

Mohammad N

This is GOLD! Thank you so much Andy! I'm going thru an exact similar situation right now and if it wasn't for my newly developed habit of hitting the gym 4 times a week and controlling my diet I would've been a complete sh*tshow post break-up.

Apr 28th

Robert Lee

Conservative here that is also a scientist. You got a terrible hot take on people wearing masks. Masks work on dozens of other diseases, and until definitive non debatable conclusions are unequivocally reached about whether or not masks help with Covid or not, then it is reasonable for a 75 year old woman to wear a mask. Now we know that it's not helpful for Covid specifically, but that hasn't been conclusively proven until recently. Get the fuck off your goddamn high horse with your cherry picking bullshit, you fucking dumbass. Just calling you out like your call out others.

Mar 8th

Jaime Syens

I'm on Day 64... I'm unstoppable at this point. Never going back.

Mar 5th

Travis Tripp

one of the best interviews ever

Feb 10th

John Girgenti

2nd of your podcasts I've listen to. Spot F'n on, sharing with everyone I know

Nov 15th

Marcus Albertson

Hey man, how the fuck do I lose? I mean how do I really lose and get back up.

Aug 11th

Grant Rafferty

good info as always guys! thank you!

Jul 29th

Marco Iln

you are not alone

Jul 12th

Vladimir Grebenuk

Shit I'm Canadian and I'd move to the US just to vote for him.

Jul 6th

Tung Nguyen

😂 next article women vagina shrinking

Jun 23rd

Ana Barboza

I wish Andy would stop talking over DJ...just sayin'... you do it a lot dude, be aware.

Jun 22nd

Tom “VernicusCorpse” Gowen

good show

Jun 9th

Jess Zmolek

Great Show!

Jun 1st

Tom “VernicusCorpse” Gowen

the fee is entirely reasonable, and nessasary

May 27th

Tung Nguyen

This is what I really needed to hear. Thank you!

May 15th
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