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Author: Andy Frisella #100to0

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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)
341 Episodes
A special throwback episode featuring bestselling author and performance coach Ben Newman. In this episode, we discuss how you can train yourself to be mentally tough, accomplish critical tasks, and set goals that stretch you beyond your comfort zone.  We also share our thoughts on everything from the practice of visualization, to my favorite tool: The Power List.
Our country has hit some hard times recently. Fear and anxiety are sweeping the nation and a lot of people are experiencing adversity. In todays episode, I share with you what you need to understand about adversity and the opportunity it brings.
I've spent more than twenty years figuring out how to master mental toughness and I'm putting everything I've learned into a program called 75 Hard. In today's episode, I tell you what it's all about and how to 100x the traits in yourself like confidence, self-belief, discipline, grittiness & completely transform your life.
Today's society preaches being happy and accepting yourself without putting in the required work necessary. In today's Real Talk episode we combat the lies that keep us average.
A special throwback episode ft. Jocko Willink. In the episode, we talk about the opposing qualities that leaders need to develop, tactics for dealing with lack of confidence and other challenges leaders face with any team on the planet. This is as thorough an education on leadership as you’re going to get in less than 90 minutes. If you’re wanting to find out more on leadership, be sure to check out Jocko’s latest book, “Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual.”
I recently had a stint where I was going through some dark times in my life. As some of you may know, I've been clinically diagnosed with depression. If you're going through a similar situation, know that it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Resources are available to help you in these difficult times. In todays episode, I share with you 5 steps that will help you power through your dark times.
Valentine’s day was last week. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon joins Andy and the crew as they discuss whether passionate Vegans can handle the truth about meat, why 3 out 5 Americans are lonely, and how a simple mental exercise can transform your life.
Some people’s egos are so big, that they are willing to risk a good thing to satisfy their need to always be right. It’s time to wake up and realize what really matters.
What does it take to build a real legacy? Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler, Kobe Bryant… no matter what their goal was, it was very clear that each one was highly skilled in influencing people, culture, and the world.
Being authentic is one of the best qualities any human can have, especially in the land of social media, where it’s hard to believe the highlight reel. One way people try to achieve this is by being vulnerable… but there is a fine line though between vulnerability and oversharing. We talk about this and other things like when Sal used a hotel towel as toilet paper and still tries to blame Andy to this day.
The world of today is made complicated and full of double standards. In reality, it’s really pretty simple… just do the right thing. From business to your personal life, if you stick to that one rule, your customers, employees, and spouse are going to love you for it.
Let's be real: the rise in technology might be good for efficiency ... but how does automation & artificial intelligence negatively affect us humans, including those crazy fucks who want to dress up as animals & comic book characters? Also on this episode: Sal imagines himself as a panda, Vaughn hits 69 in his mini-van ... and my dad & I debunk myths about success.
Conditions will never be ideal. How the most successful people in the world react in the midst of all the chaos and become their ideal self.
The third official episode of Real AF with Andy Frisella.
This is the second official episode of Real AF with Andy Frisella. If you haven't listened to Episode 318 - "The End" - of The MFCEO Project podcast, do that now. That serves as the first episode of Real AF. 
1: Welcome to Reality

1: Welcome to Reality


This is the first official episode of Real AF with Andy Frisella. This episode is identical to Episode 318, "The End" of The MFCEO Project.
And now...the final episode of The MFCEO Project podcast (which, by the way, has language and adult humor that is not suitable for kids. Use your brains. Be a good parent.)  
Preview of the final episode.
What makes your work worthwhile? Is it only worldwide influencers who make 9-figures that should feel good about themselves & their lives? Or can you feel great about life if you're a blue collar worker, a teacher, or someone who doesn't even earn $45,000 in income? Whether it's people who think "happiness is the new rich" or people who equate being famous with being impactful, there's a lot of confusion out there about how to evaluate the worth of a job & the value of a human life.
Are you "woke?" That's a phrase that's thrown around a lot these days. Sometimes it's used in politics to talk about people who say they really care about racism & injustice & sometimes it's used for dudes who think they've uncovered a worldwide conspiracy that nobody else knows about! But what does it really mean to be "woke," to have your eyes opened to what life is all about & what it takes to be happy & successful?
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Kristina Rodriguez


Mar 11th

Taina Tukiwaho Te Riini


Mar 10th

Jim linaburg

One of the best podcasts I've heard. As a veteran and a business owner, this is spot on. It's not about being on the left or the right but being for what's right. #truth

Mar 8th

Judah Horst

I'm so pumped you're back guys, I look forward to your podcasts cause you're dreaming, you're living, you're bringing the real talk, I need that, I'm surrounded by unmotivated, dreamlacking ( I know it's not a real word, should be) shallow people. keep up the amazing work, fist pump from Colorado Springs. :)

Mar 6th

Eli Alfi

just binge watch Messiah. great recommend. great podcast.

Mar 2nd

Debra Dukes

#Truth Deb

Feb 29th

Tony Johnson

This was good...most people know this but when someone puts it in words that are heard, especially in the real- life way you put it, it becomes a loud and clear wakeup call! Thanks brother!

Feb 26th

Ciobra Daniel

This guy is the real deal . From all the BS-ers that you here and see on all platforms we got blessed that this man is doing what he is doing . Hands down to him and his team !!

Feb 20th

Caylan Cordaro

Best PODCAST for a better life hands down.. Actionable, practical advice free of modivational BS. Andy and team holds up the mirror right up to you and if you have the desire to do so, he will show you what your real issues are. Do the work. I Am, I Can , I Will.

Jan 26th

kevin minogue

This man and podcast has changed my life.

Dec 10th
Reply (1)

Dino Kečević

My favourite podcast has ended. That is new chapter of my life.

Dec 10th
Reply (1)

Debra Dukes

#MFCEO This is absolutely amazing leave something to the Imagination......

Dec 6th

Geoff Cheung

I learnt so much from this podcast and I've been working on my business since 2017. It was a hard struggle but Andy showed me that with a brand with good intentions and grit and grind while learning on the journey, I can't be more grateful to Andy Friscella and his team. Just want to say Thank you and been highly recommending this podcast.

Nov 23rd

ALex Jhon

Great show ever i have listen !!

Nov 22nd

Marko Ilnitski

fak itunes. sorry mfers

Nov 16th

Edward Avery

Thank you for this POD cast. I am new to your cast. As a newly lost retired military member not knowing how I fit into the civilian sector of my life, thank you! I am moving forward to start my own business in woodworking. This is a passion of mine and forming my peer group around me to spring me forward in my success. You are the BOMB!

Nov 12th

Jose Martinez

Damn Andy thank you for this Thursday Thunder, I know it's quick and Old one but it's Golden and I needed this Today💯 Thank you for being Badass And being REAL 😎

Nov 7th

Nate ScagLione

the program is awesome you poo butt mufucka! and Kristy Swanson pre-buffy is still hot

Nov 5th

Leon Pierre

Loads of gems on this podcast

Oct 25th

G & R investments

best episode.... bad ass content #woke

Oct 7th
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