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Welcome to the “Reflections” podcast. This podcast is a combination of transformational coaching, positive and performance psychology, and neuroscience.

If you're looking for insight on how to use your experiences, values, identity, strengths, wins, and losses, to achieve your aspirations for the brighter future you hope for, then this podcast is for you.

It's hosted by Dr. Lilian O. Ebuoma, a physician, veteran, social entrepreneur, and certified professional coach. She's the President and Founder of Lilly Cares Foundation, a non-governmental organization that engages in activities that empower, develop and enrich women in society.

Dr. Lilian O. Ebuoma is a staunch believer in activating human potential, and she inspires, encourages, and motivates others for the purposes of transformational and transcending life change. She passionately cultivates behavior change in others to capacity build and to live their lives for the ultimate betterment of society.

She is a Certified Professional Coach, trained at the world renowned Harvard Affiliated Co-Active Training Institute. She is also an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean, Harvard Medical School Affiliate.
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Self-Love versus Self Preservation. What’s the difference? Why it matters? And what about “procrastination”? Can it sabotage self-love? Is it a misguided self-love? Let’s dig into all of these in today’s episode.
FOMO vs Resonance

FOMO vs Resonance


Are you making decisions from a place of fear of missing out (FOMO) or from a place of resonance? While FOMO is not ALL bad (it can prompt you to take action that you wouldn’t take otherwise), decision making should not be based on fear because it can only lead to bad choices. Unfortunately and particularly in this age of FOMO culture, a lot of us make decisions based on what others think as "must do" and "great choices". Who would want to miss out on something great? Besides, life is too short to sit around and watch the world go by, right? Well, actually, no. But let’s give it a thought in today's episode. 
Self-limiting beliefs can trick you into thinking that you are not good enough to do something and be something. What's most daunting about them is they can be self-fulfilling prophecies. Not because they were true but because you act (or don't act) in accordance to those beliefs, making them true. But  you can change that. You can change how you regard yourself by intentionally reframing false, self-limiting thoughts and building more confidence to achieve goals and positively move forward in life. We talk about that in this episode.    
Setting goals and resolutions are good but it takes so much more than lip service to keep them. You have to make a concrete and realistic plan and work out that plan every day. You also have to seriously commit to do things you actually DON’T want to do because change can appear scary and uncomfortable. It can be painful too. Now, once you actually start to make change happen, you have to maintain or improve that change for the rest of your life..
Do you sometimes fail to seize an opportunity that comes along because you are overcome with fear and hesitation? Do you fear about not having enough? Well, my friend, you’re not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you. All that’s needed to be done is a subtle switch in your mindset and attitude to give more space to “abundance” over “scarcity” in your life and your purpose. We talk all about that in this episode.
Where are you operating from? Life is busy and often we don’t take the time to stand back and ask ourselves this important question. We jump into something without first understanding why we're doing it. We get caught up in the routine and going after the demands of day to day life; we fall into the same life patterns and do things without thinking much about them. There's nothing wrong with it—so long as whatever it is the you’re doing is leading you to where you want to go.
Planning and preparing are important but futile without action. For many of us, the lack of action stems from being terrified of making mistakes. So we keep it safe by procrastinating, playing it small and holding ourselves back from doing whatever it is that we passionately plan and prepare for. There are many different ways to overcome fear and one of those is through visualization of your deepest desires as true and already in existence. That's what we're diving into this episode. 
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