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RFS: The Devil's Mischief

Author: Radio Free Satan

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The Devil's Mischief is a one-hour comedy & novelty internet radio show, with an emphasis on material that the DJ deems to be "not for the masses". It is one of many fine shows brought to you through
17 Episodes
It’s a double-Bob of comedy with rare and unreleased stand-up from BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT, along with classic 1960s stand-up from BOB NEWHART.
It’s that time of the year again for holiday-wrecking comedy and novelty, featuring TOM LEHRER, PATTON OSWALT, RED PETERS, BOB RIVERS, and more!
The Devil’s Mischief #673

The Devil’s Mischief #673


Bill presents a tribute and defense of one of the industry’s most wrongly hated (and recently departed) comedians, GALLAGHER. Also a look at the GEORGE CARLIN compilation book “A Modern Man”.
Time for the Devil’s Mischief’s annual THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS special! Hear the clips that didn’t make it into this year’s previous episodes, including some great blasphemy begrudgingly left out of episode #666 (DOUG STANHOPE, BILL HICKS, GEORGE CARLIN), the 2022 Halloween episode, the LOUIE ANDERSON tribute, and more!
Happy Halloween! Hear a choice selection of Halloween comedy and novelty from EDDIE MURPHY, LEWIS BLACK, SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS, THE DEAD BEAT JACKS, and more!
Hear a double-dose of comedic blasphemy with stand-up from BILLY CONNOLLY, and prank calls from BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE.
An episode ending in “69” is a good excuse for some raunchy comedy from SAM KINISON. Also, some unlikely comedy from acts Bill recently saw in concert.
Join Bill in celebration of the 50th anniversary of GEORGE CARLIN’s famously controversial album “Class Clown”, featuring the historic “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” along with Carlin’s first routines on religion. Also, the 25th anniversary of his book “Brain Droppings”, containing arguably Carlin’s most Satanic piece written.
The Devil’s Mischief #667

The Devil’s Mischief #667


Tribute to LOUIE ANDERSON (1953-2022)! Hear a complete, excusive, unreleased performance from Louie Anderson, along with biographical notes and Bill’s own personal memories of spending time with him. Also, some details on upcoming episodes of The Devil’s Mischief.
The Devil’s Mischief #666

The Devil’s Mischief #666


Celebrate the 666th episode of The Devil’s Mischief with comedy all about…SATANISM ITSELF! Hear carefully selected clips for each and every one of the 9 Satanic Statements, the 9 Satanic Sins, and Pentagonal Revisionism. Also, news about Bill’s brand NEW podcast, Satansplain.
The Devil’s Mischief #665 Anticipation! That really best describes the number 665. So while we await episode 666, hear some selected comedy tracks from LEWIS BLACK and DON KNOTTS on the topic of anticipation, along with brand new novelty from mash-up band BEATALLICA. Plus, Bill shares some news on an all NEW program in the works.
Celebrating the unwholesome side of the late BOB SAGET, with some stand-up, excerpts from “The Aristocrats”, and interview clips. Also hear some rare and unreleased comedic blasphemy from GILBERT GOTTFRIED.
‘Tis the season for a holiday special, Devil’s Mischief style. Hear comedy from NEIL HAMBURGER and PATTON OSWALT, along with novelty from BOB RIVERS, the very offensive JOHN VALBY, and more. Hail Santa!
Can you still believe there are superstitious people in the 21st century? JIM FLORENTINE shares his rants on this. Meanwhile, PATTON OSWALT on a theoretical jump from atheism to mega polytheism, plus the tasteless novelty music of ANTHRAX.
Bill brings you the 2021 THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS special! Hear the comedy and novelty clips that had to be left out of various past episodes of The Devil’s Mischief, including some even from the 2014 “Black Mass” episode, #500. Also some tracks on the Thanksgiving theme itself. Turkey may spoil, but good comedy doesn’t!
The Devil’s Mischief presents a 1940s HALLOWEEN special! Don’t miss this ghoulish hour of vintage comedy and swingin’ novelty, with old-time radio from ABBOTT & COSTELLO (guest star Peter Lorre), along with JACK BENNY, GLENN MILLER, BING CROSBY, SPIKE JONES, and more!
Tragedy in the world of comedy and novelty! Enjoy a special tribute episode to the late, great NORM MACDONALD (1959-2021). Also to the music of COMMANDER CODY (1944-2021).
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