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Author: RI Nursery & Landscape Association

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The Growing Futures podcast grew out of our work in developing videos to tell agriculture and plant-based industry’s story. While we were recording the interviews, we realized that a broader audience would enjoy hearing these stories as much as we have.
18 Episodes
In this episode, we're talking to Jim Wilkinson, owner of SeaScape Lawn Care as we explore the importance of education, healthy lawns, and common misconceptions about lawn care. Jim helps us navigate some of the daunting choices a homeowner might face.
In today's episode, we're chatting with Emi Uchida, an Environmental Economics Professor at the University of Rhode Island. Emi is driven by finding solutions that highlight environmental sustainability while uplifting underserved communities.
In this episode we're chatting with Maria Mack, Owner and Operator of Canterbury Farm, an organic flower farm in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Maria is also part of the South County Planning Council. Maria shares with us her experience in choosing how to take care of our land, adapting to a changing climate and being mindful of local ecosystems. Her efforts show us how to give back, preserve, and stay involved in our communities.
In our newest episode, we're talking to Julius Kolawole, Director and Cofounder of the African Alliance of Rhode Island (AARI). Julius established an urban community garden for AARI in 2009 and currently runs six urban gardens in South Providence. Julius leads the AARI Urban gardening program which specializes in growing, selling, and making value-added products from African vegetables grown in South Providence.
In this episode, we're chatting with Graham Brawley, managing partner of Ocean State Shellfish Cooperative who has worked in commercial fishing since his teens. Discover how aquaculture and the interconnection between land and sea are woven into the fabric of Rhode Island.
In this episode, we're chatting with Nate Kelly, Principal of the Horsley Witten Group, Inc. in Providence, Rhode Island. Diving right into how social justice, diversity, and the environment should play a significant role in city planning and how that can lead to resilient and equitable communities.
In this interview, we're talking to Dr. David Gregg on his farm in South Kingstown. David is the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey.
Today we're talking to Jeff Arnold, who is the District Resource Manager at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, Rhode Island. Jeff shares with us the joys and challenges of maintaining the only designated wilderness space in RI. Arcadia Management Area also hosts our Growing Futures Career Catalyst Program and is a pivotal partner to help grow RINLA professionals.
In this episode, we're chatting with the brother-sister duo, Steve & Jean Cotta, owners of Portsmouth Nursery, a third-generation nursery farm right here in Rhode Island! We'll hear about the colorful history of this farm and the healing nature that stewarding this land has given them.
Today we're talking to Executive Director, Loren Spears from the Tomaquag Museum! In this episode, Loren shares how Rhode Island's unique ecosystem has been shaping the way we live for generations and learning about traditional ecological knowledge.
In this episode, we're chatting with Meghan Gallagher from Wild & Scenic Inc who never realized that working outside could be a career option! Hear about Meghan's journey into Green Industries as she falls in love with horticulture and fine gardening and how that lead her to a career where she finds fulfillment!
In this episode, we're chatting with Hailey Miranda, a recent high school graduate who spent the summer working for, Aquidneck Landworks. In this episode, Hailey shares what her roles look like and how that created valuable experience she can utilize in Green Industries.
In this bilingual episode, we're talking to Landscaper Francisco Demetrio Guillermo as he shares his experience working in Landscape Architecture with a local RI company, Landscape Creations. You'll hear his journey into Green Industries and what he envisions for his future and career.
Today we're chatting with Assistant Project Manager, Sean Farrell from landscaping company, RP Marzelli. Hear about how Sean incorporates his Design degree to solve everyday challenges and the rewards that come with working in a team.
In today's episode, we're chatting with Kevin Baker, Owner of Kevin Baker Stonework. He's sharing his path to becoming a Master Stonemason and how his work helps to maintain New England traditions.
In this episode, we're chatting with Chuck Johnson, Owner of Greener Ease and C. Johnson Landscape Company. Born on a farm in Minnesota, Chuck has been working tirelessly to gain a better understanding of sustainable land practices for over 60 years. Find out how he came to be an Owner in Green Industries and his thoughts on education and mentorships!
We're featuring Flower Farmer, Tayla James from Robin Hollow Farm. In this episode, Tayla shares her journey into horticulture and how rewarding her unexpected career path is!
In this episode, we hear about Jordanny's journey into green industries and his career as an arborist. Jordanny also tells us where he sees his future going within green industries.