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RISK-E-Business Podcast

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Risk-E Business is the environmental risk and property due diligence podcast. We discuss important topics in real estate due diligence and environmental risk, including news and advice on regulations, research technology, Phase I assessments, and more.
6 Episodes
Guest Kevin Drover of Stantec Consulting Ltd speaks with host Brayden Ford about the development of drones for environmental property due diligence. Kevin oversees an international group whose specific role is to apply unmanned aerial vehicle technology for the expansion of site research and monitoring.
Guest Derek Ezovski explains how the lender landscape is impacting environmental due diligence practices. Derek and Jeff also give insight into SBA standard operating policies, the RSRA (Records Search Risk Assessment) and ASTM standards within the due diligence framework.
Want to make better technical reports (with less effort)? Kelly Stratton knows how. After years of report writing as an environmental professional Kelly launched technical report writing platform Quire specifically to help clients produce better reports more easily. In this interview Kelly outlines six ways you can improve your reports in a conversation that will help anyone who writes technical reports as part of their responsibilities.
Not all Phase I reports are created equal. And some are downright dangerous. Phase Is are a common and necessary first-step in many environmental professionals' due diligence workflow. In this discussion, Brayden Ford and his expert guest, Bill Leedham, give you clear best practice advice for Phase I research reports. They cover not only best practices but some common (and costly) mistakes, lurking dangers, and the limitations placed on the fulfillment of this important first step. 
Guest Julie Kilgore dives deeper with us into potential ASTM revisions. Find out what big changes for users and property due diligence professionals could be underway. 
Guest Julie Kilgore outlines potential ASTM revisions and explains why they could mean big changes for users and environmental professionals, Part 1. The environmental risk and property due diligence professionals podcast.
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