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On Friday, the federal Treasurer Scott Morrison confirmed that he had rejected two bids from Chinese companies for New South Wales' electricity grid on the basis of national security concerns.
Finance update

Finance update


The GST is making headlines again, after Malcolm Turnbull told West Australian Liberals that he's ready to make a move on the GST formula to give the ailing WA economy a boost.
The big banks may be back in the political firing line sooner than they'd like, after the Reserve Bank signalled it may have to cut the cash rate even lower over the coming months.
Monday finance

Monday finance


Most economists expecting that the Reserve Bank will cut the official cash rate again to a new historic low of 1.5 per cent. But a new survey says more households are reporting that they are struggling to pay off their debts.
RN Breakfast's Business Editor Sheryle Bagwell previews the week ahead in business and finance.
As the Prime Minister breathes a sigh of relief at his close electoral call, economists say a bigger battle is still ahead of him as a ratings downgrade looms.
Aftershocks continue to be felt across the globe after last week's shock Brexit vote.
Britain's decision to leave the European Union has triggered an extraordinary chain of events across Europe and beyond. But what does the Brexit mean for Australia, and the Asian region more broadly?
What does the potential exit of Britain from the European Union mean for the global economy?
In Australia, we're entering the final weeks of an increasingly tight federal election race. In Britain, it's less than two weeks until the country votes on whether to remain in, or leave, the European Union. And then there's the growing risk of a Trump presidential victory in the United States.
Finance update

Finance update


The Australian Financial Review's Tony Boyd joins Geraldine Doogue on RN Breakfast to preview the week ahead in business and finance.
It's set to be a huge week for global financial markets with the release of a string of important economic data.
Finance update

Finance update


There are signs it will be a mildly positive start for Australian shares when trading re-opens this morning.
Australian consumer sentiment got a significant boost from the recent interest rate cut, but there's nothing like an election to delay consumers from making major new purchases.
Budget 2016 preview

Budget 2016 preview


Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison will hand down his first Budget tomorrow night, and it will be a tricky exercise for the Turnbull Government.
Moody's has warned that Australia risks losing its prized Triple A credit rating if more isn't done to plug the Budget deficit, including raising taxes. But does the rating matter?
The regional bank has announced it will increase its variable mortgage rate for investors by 25 basis points, and its rate for owner-occupiers by half of that amount. So, will the big banks follow suit?
With the commodities boom turning to bust, investors are worried that the banks may be too exposed to the struggling mining sector, after two of the big banks—ANZ and Westpac—unexpectedly lifted their provisions for bad debts.
Weaker US economic data saw a rise on Wall Street overnight, which may further delay a near term interest rate increase by the US Federal Reserve.
The Coalition has backed away from delivering personal tax relief to wage earners, but corporate tax cuts may be the big winner in the upcoming May Budget.
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