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We really love having you listen to RN but we need to let you know that this podcast is closing (don’t worry—we aren’t cancelling any shows). To keep hearing stories and interviews from RN Breakfast, subscribe to the podcast of the full show or individual stories podcast on iTunes or in the ABC Radio App or subscribe in your preferred podcasting app. If you’re looking for something new to wrap your ears around, visit the RN website where there’s plenty for you to discover.
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If you're convinced you get a cold every time you go on holidays, you may be right—and now we may know why.
The Olympic diving and water polo pools have turned a shade of green. Why? RN Breakfast's science correspondent, Chris Smith, joins Fran Kelly to explain.
Unlike other parts of the body, damage to the brain or spinal cord is not spontaneously repaired. But scientists continue to search for ways to replace lost nerve cells—and now 3D brain technology is offering new hope.
Every year, nearly 60 million tonnes of PET plastic products are made and consumed worldwide.
Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death, but our ability to predict exactly where an artery might fail has so far been pretty limited.
3D printers can build bones, planes, guns... you name it!
The world of science is celebrating a major scientific breakthrough today with the detection of gravitational waves.
We've heard plenty about the Zika virus this week, with the World Health Organisation declaring the outbreak of the virus 'a public health emergency'.
Autism affects millions of people across the globe, but there is still a great deal we don't know about the causes of it.
It's that time of the year when we look back at some of the main stories and events of the last twelve months.
Imagine if pain relief could be provided to hospital patients by simply shining a light on the affected area where it hurts.
Researchers in Denmark have discovered that children with overweight fathers are more likely to become obese themselves.
Science with Chris Smith

Science with Chris Smith


RN Breakfast's science correspondent, Chris Smith, joins James Carleton with all the latest news from the world of science.
For thousands of years, flocks of migrating birds and animals have been roaming the planet in search of food and milder climates.
Antibiotic resistance can create all kinds of problems for the treatment of 'bugs'.
If you are a Star Trek fan, you may be familiar with the idea of a tractor beam—it guides spaceships.
A study of ancient rock samples from Australia has changed thinking about when life began on Earth.
Researchers in the United States say they have developed a new scanning technique that can find the source of epilepsy in the human brain.
The latest news from the world of science with Chris Smith.
The latest news from the world of science with Chris Smith.
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