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Susan Burrell is a feisty Scorpio (was even born with the red hair to back it up!) who has navigated life by learning how to listen within to that Divine urge that keeps pointing her in the direction of her life’s purpose even when she can’t see the road. She is an intuitive healer and spiritual guide in the crossroads of life. With a Masters Degree in Consciousness, Susan has been counseling and supporting people in transforming from the inside out for over 25 years. Her methods are proven because she has lived this journey to empowerment. She has a thought-provoking podcast called “Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell.” She is also a contributor to “Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.” Susan is the author of “Live Your Empowered Life - A 30 Day Journey.”
Stephanie Armagost is the founder of Familiar Thoughts, a coaching and consulting practice dedicated to helping overwhelmed small business owners find the time and money in their business to have the life and the business they really crave. Stephanie has over 30 years of Accounting and Administrative Operations experience with small businesses and her superpower is Listening. She love helping her community and is a member of her local Chamber of Commerce and Co-organizer of the Women Mean Business program committee. When she isn't working on her business, you'll find Stephanie camping in the woods, spending time with her husband and kids, or snuggled up in a comfy chair with a bunch of cats and a good book!You can reach Stephanie at
Maribel Jimenez is an international speaker, bestselling author, and Marketing LaunchStrategist. She is founder of Your Dream Launch & the New Superwoman Entrepreneurcommunities teaching Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants how to cash in on theirgifts through powerful dream program or product launches.For the past 20 years, Maribel has excelled in Business Development and Marketing,including writing successful marketing campaigns, curriculum and training programs formultimillion dollar organizations. She’s won numerous awards including the prestigiousPresident’s Award through Toyota.She left her 6-figure marketing job to pursue her dream of starting her own businessonline so she could be home with her kids. After immersing herself in figuring out thefastest path to replace her 6-figure income - without sacrificing her life to do it, sheturned around and began teaching others how they can too!Her passion is to help entrepreneurs tap into their brilliance, share it with the worldthrough powerful dream launches and create great prosperity in their business whilemaintaining a balance in their lives.She’s a happily married mom of 4 and has created her dream business online to supporther dream life being able to retire her husband and travel with her family.You can find out more about her free resources, programs and services
Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP. He is an internationally renowned executive coach, NLP trainer, intuitive, and healer. Energetic NLP is a unique synthesis of NLP, spiritual principles, intuition development, and transformative energy work. Art's unique and diverse background includes NLP, spirituality, executive coaching, transformative and healing energy work, and intuition development. He managed a medical research lab for the University of California, San Francisco and works with Fortune 100 companies to develop exceptional leaders and teams. Art’s mission is to free people from energetic and unconscious programming and open up their miraculous abilities so that they can live happier, more successful lives. Learn more about Art and Energetic NLP at
Zarinah El-Amin is an anthropologist, global presenter, and social entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. As a multi-passionate individual, Zarinah treats her entrepreneurship like art. Business is her canvas to share ideas of culture, global love and authentic expression. She is the founder of three companies, which she calls movements. Book Power Publishing, a self-publishing firm that helps entrepreneurs and planet shakers write powerful books to build their business, leave a legacy and help humanity. Beautifully Wrapped, a global project that uses the global art of headwrapping as a way to explore the intersection of fashion, tradition and faith. Here, Zarinah has a traveling exhibition that has been exposed to over 12,000 people around the world. Her third movement is Enliven Your Soul. Here, Zarinah take's women around the world for transformative travel experiences. She's taken groups to Morocco, Indonesia and Senegal and is now preparing for Sierra Leone, Bali and Turkey. Zarinah has been featured on several media including CBS, NPR, FOX and has an upcoming Tedtalk around Unexpected Connections. As the mother of three beautiful children, Zarinah says her ultimate goal is to help usher in a global culture of love. Connect with Zarinah at
Nikki Gangemi is a passionate, insightful, and supportive transformational coach. She helps online coaches shift their identity to thriving entrepreneur so they can make more money and impact doing what they love. Through her own journey, Nikki discovered that you alone have the power to transcend all obstacles and access the self-love, confidence, happiness, and peace that were always inside of you. She uses an inside-out approach and loves watching her clients expand their awareness and become empowered as she guides them on their own journey to reaching new levels of success and abundance in both life and business.
Joyce van der Lely is a mindset mentor, creative strategist, and an artist. She is the creator of The Fierce Female Force, and Find Your Force programs for multi-passionate entrepreneurial women. Having survived a string of challenging situations, topped by a long series of devastating earthquakes in 2010-2011, and losing almost all she had, Joyce managed to rise back up and turn the odds in her favor. She likes to call herself a "Thriving Artist" and is the provider in her family. An intuitive, creative, Renaissance soul herself, she started creating ways to keep her mindset under control and keep the family unit whole at the same time. Now, she uses these tools to help other women explore and find their creative blend of feminine energy, mindset, and creativity present within. With her innovative approach, Joyce weaves creative exercises and projects into the process. Her passion is freedom, independence, and fun for all!In early 2019 she published "Mindset Monsters," a little book of fun and inspiration to manage your mindset, one inkblot at a time. Loosely inspired by the Rorschach inkblots, this started as a personal challenge where poems and mindful thoughts accompany over 30 different inkblot monsters. Joyce is a Dutchie, living in New Zealand with her partner and two teenaged kids. You can learn more at, and you can reach Joyce at
Tricia is an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, & speaker. Her mission is to help empaths get out of emotional overwhelm, by learning what emotions are really theirs and what belongs to others, then hone those gifts so they can truly follow their dreams.
Transformation and human potential expert, Vince Kramer has seen personal growth training take many different forms over three decades. No matter the form, people want results and support. It is Vince’s passion to partner with individuals, parents and groups in finding lasting empowerment, purpose and passion in creating businesses, relationships and lives by their design.As a Speaker, Teacher, Author, and Guide, Vince brings a unique combination of experience, education and research in presenting keynotes, workshops and online training in finding happiness and success in living life by your design. Through extensive research and study in leading-edge science, he has developed specific methodologies and results-oriented activities to produce breakthrough results in self-discovery and self-empowerment.He passionately believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life. This passion combined with 30 years experience as corporate leader, entrepreneur and military officer gives him a unique perspective on bringing passion and purpose to every aspect of your life. It is his desire to inspire and empower you to find success and happiness by designing and creating a life fueled by your desires.Vince‘s greatest strengths are his ability to connect and to answer a question in a way that anyone can not only understand the answer, but grasp the entire concept. He absolutely loves sharing life-transforming materials with his audiences and making a difference in even just one life brings him tremendous joy.Vince and his wife, Mary, founded Imagine Miracles, which guides people of all walks of life how to discover, design and create their Miracle Life. Vince and Mary are also the founding members of a membership community, ImagineNation Miracles. He is the host of a weekly podcast, The Miracle U. Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Method, online training programs and associated workshops based on the Your Unique Purpose Formula and the C.R.E.AT.E. model. His others programs combined with these trainings open the door to the life you are meant to live. Vince and his wife, Mary, are the owner/operators of the Sophia Retreat and Event Center in Dolores, Colorado. The center provides an intimate all-inclusive environment that supports facilitators and their clients in achieving maximum results. The center is the home of the Imagine Miracle’s workshops and is open to all groups and organizations desiring a place that assists them in providing a first class heart-based experience.Vince and Mary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When not sharing their passions, Vince and Mary love to travel and enjoy nature. Vince can be reached at or by visiting, or
Elisa James began her performance career at 12 in Australia as a cast member of Johnny YoungTalent Schools performance troupe: “Young Company”. They sang, acted and performed all over Sydney in theatre shows, on cruise ships, on TV shows, in feature films & in Westfield shoppingmcentre main stage shows.Elisa became a full-time actor, singer & entertainer at 15 yrs old when she was cast in her first big touring production with Rudas International as a singer/dancer/acrobat, closely followed at 16 by a 12 month contract with Barnum Australian Tour as a trapeze artist, dancer and singer doing 8 shows a week. Years of touring followed with pantomime, cabaret, theatre, show bands and musical theatre shows. As an actor Elisa appeared in TV commercials, TV and films from the age of 11 years old.During the 80’s & 90’s as a solo artist, she sang all over Sydney & was also a popular studio singer for radio/TV, laying vocal tracks for TV ads, or as session singer for EMI & BMG records.In 1995 Elisa moved to Amsterdam signing with CNR records & performed all over Europe: assession singer, pop artist, songwriter, then finally the Cabaret genre where she sang on luxurycruise ships world-wide. In 2005, she moved to the USA & toured with her Cabaret and theatreshows, sang in Jazz clubs, starred in music theatre, and worked as an actor in theatre, film & TVuntil 2014 when she returned to live in Australia.Since her return to her homeland, Elisa completed her second Masters Degree, this time in Voice Production and opened the High Performance Voice Academy in 2016. Elisa still performs and has just returned from an Australian Tour of Menopause the Musical playing the Soap Star.In between shows she teaches Holistic Voice and Presentation Coaching for: Speakers, Actors and Singers and conducts workshops and seminars for Corporate Clients.Elisa teaches her signature programs “Save My Voice” and “The Voice of a Leader” to BusinessCoaches, Entrepreneurs, NLP trainers, Olympians, TV Presenters, Radio DJ’s, MotivationalSpeakers, CEO’S, Managers, Fitness Instructors, and many other professional voice – users worldwide. Elisa presents workshops on voice care and maintenance as well as 1:1 training for VIP clients via
Greg Johnson is The Sober Specialist.With his own life experience and his unique style of motivational teaching, Greg helps those struggling with drug and alcohol sobriety to REMAIN sober after treatment. He speaks the language of Spiritual Recovery and knows how to connect with those in need of his message. He has over 1,000 hours of coaching, facilitating and speaking. His dynamic energy, which is both captivating and inspiring, transforms lives. Whether working with high level athletes, actors, and professionals or disenfranchised youth on the streets of Los Angeles, Greg's method and message is the same. Combining compassion, tough love and spiritual guidance, in his Spiritual Design for Successful Sober Living, Greg has a powerful formula for helping those struggling with sobriety to heal and thrive. You can learn more about Greg
Stacey Lievens, acclaimed Master Craftsmen photographer, author and personal branding expert, supports online entrepreneurs to become the face of their brand. With over 30 years of photography experience, as well as a former model, she brings both an eye for detail and a heart centered focus to transforming the image, confidence and brand of her clientele. So much more than just great pictures, Stacey incorporates personalized elements of color, style, posture and personality to create photos that truly capture and communicate each client’s unique individuality to the world. In today’s virtual world, your image is your brand. Stacey makes sure the true you shines through.A former partner at Visual Photography, a San Diego portrait studio, she dedicated over two decades building and maintaining the reputation of a local business committed to giving back to it’s residents. The F.A.C.E. and Peer Ambassador Programs were designed to honor the thriving teenage spirit. By giving teens the platform to proclaim what their soul stands for, has positioned them as peer mentors and transformed a community. Stacey is thrilled to bring her drive for inspiring humanity to the east coast where she has partnered her new husband Dan in a new venture that provides authentic marketing solutions for entrepreneurs. The Proof is a live and virtual event to help thought leaders differentiate themselves by sharing their why, inspire others and elevate humanity with their personal story, in a three minute monologue. Stacey’s portrait gifts are once more revealed in provocative black and white images that speak to the soul of each speaker and is highlighted on their web portal www.witnesstheproof.comStacey lives with her husband Dan Lievens and his two step-children Stella and Remy outside Philadelphia,
Julie Beckerman helps individuals learn to navigate and redefine their relationships through the divorce and coparenting process, specializing in high conflict situations. She is a Certified Professional Coach from the institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and a certified career and development counselor from NYU. She studied IO psychology at Teachers College at Columbia University, has experience and training in Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Effective Communication, and Mindfulness techniques with a background working in business and Human Resources, and extensive experience dealing with loss and addiction. You can reach Julie at
Ann Carden is the founder and CEO of A. Carden Inc. (an international business & marketing consulting company for coaches, consultants, and small business owners.) She is also an author and a speaker for professional organizations.After leaving a thirteen-year career in business management, Ann decided to leave her job to make a move with her family from California back to the Midwest (where she grew up) to raise her two small children. Struggling financially, Ann started looking for ways to make additional money to help her family. With only one family vehicle and living outside of a small town, there was minimal opportunity for employment. This was the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.She began her first business designing and making soft cloth dolls which became a global doll and pattern company, and she was honored to have her unique dolls selected to be featured on the cover of an international magazine. Upon selling that business, she went on to start four new businesses (two health clubs, two weight loss & nutrition centers), which she eventually sold as she began her existing consulting/coaching business.Working as a consultant for herself since 2010, she has helped hundreds of business owners grow and scale their businesses in more than thirty-eight different types of industries. She has trained, inspired, motivated, and educated thousands of business owners and professionals through speaking, workshops, and seminars on business, success, sales, marketing, achieving goals and being their best in life.Ann is an author of two books and working on her third book which is scheduled for release in the next few months.“10 Marketing & Money-Making Secrets” - Every Business Owner Must Know“Insider Secrets to Small Business Success” – More Money, More Freedom, More FunShe is a mom of two adult children and has been married for thirty-nine years to her husband Clayton. She is also a proud grandmother of three-year-old old triplets.Ann Cardenwww.anncardenconsulting.comwww.anncardencoaching.comemail:
Best-Selling Author, Founder of The World’s Greatest Women Academy and recipient of the coveted Woman of The Year award from the National Association of Professional Women, Annette Comer, Global Leadership Mentor, teaches driven women how to become competent, generous and disciplined leaders of today and tomorrow. Her no-nonsense approach is rich with knowledge from science-based research studies as well as her own playbook across a variety of businesses. Her clients become better versions of themselves as they take their careers to the next level. According to best-selling author Brian Tracy, “What Annette teaches is practically proven and field tested with people all over the world. She is truly unique in all aspects.” Tony Heish, CEO of Zappos, says, “Annette inspires others to think creatively and overcome adversity.” Lisa Sasevich, CEO of The Invisible Close and INC 500 Award recipient, shared “Annette helps successful driven women like us stop sabotaging our own success and lead with confidence.” After 20 years in a variety of corporate management positions and having secured 2 patents, she left corporate America to put her skills full time toward being an entrepreneur. In a few short years, she had four businesses in a variety of industries in addition to speaking all over the world. Annette is the undisputed expert on women’s leadership and what is needed to bridge the gender gap between men and women in business. Annette's bestselling book is RESCUE ME! How To save Yourself and Your Sanity When Things Go I
Because words have been the guiding force in my whole life, I learned to read by three (although to be fair, I didn’t realize I was reading until I was five!) and have loved books and writing ever since. I’ve taken writing classes and workshops from some of the best contemporary teachers including Steve Orlen, Luci Tapahanso, Josip Novakovich, and more. I hold a degree from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing and Spanish.One of the most exciting parts of being an author is getting to travel the world – and it’s all food for writing! I’ve attended writing conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia; Cardiff, Wales; Southern California, and Prescott, Arizona.This all means I’ve spent a ton time and effort to learn how to write and practicing my craft. Which means that YOU get all the benefits of my training on YOUR project – my expertise in words gets to make your expertise in… whatever… sparkle! My expert title is an Intuitive Ghostwriter. (yes, that’s really my title and I’m the one-and-only. The original!) What it means is that I’ve got the ability to get inside your head and figure out your message. It’s using your words and voice but applying all my knowledge to it. So if you feel you’re a really bad writer, it’s taking everything you want to say and expressing it clearly but in a way that still sounds like you!I’m also serving as your Story Pathfinder – helping you find your way in the dark places of your project. For some, this is as simple as showing you the forest when you’re lost in the trees. A quick map view and you’re on your way.But I also can be your book coach and hold your hand through the thickets of story.Oh, and I use “story” to mean your unique contribution to the world of books. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fiction, although I love working with fiction authors and poets as well.All this being said, I do primarily work with non-fiction authors. Most of my clients are in the “expert industry” and help people grow their businesses, change their lives, and expand in many ways. But I love to work with people who have something to say – and help them get their words out into the world.While you’re thinking about it, yes, I do write and publish my own books! I got my start in publishing because I had a huge backlist books I’d written for outdoor recreation. Yep, I’d been selling them through my website and I was doing well if I was selling a few copies a month. But the emails I’d get back… I KNEW my books were helping people.So if you feel you're ready to get started, go to
Kim Carpenter is the founder of World Changing Women, a support ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to grow businesses that make the world a better place. After 15 years of driving marketing campaigns for the likes of The United Nations, MasterCard, Blue Shield and OfficeMax, Kim's work is now focused on supporting female entrepreneurs. She's helped hundreds of business owners to create marketing that stands out and makes a world-changing impact.Kim's accomplishments include serving as the VP of Strategic Operations for Conscious Marketing, Inc., and through an alliance with The Unstoppable Foundation, raising more than $20,000 to fund education for girls in Kenya. A passionate global traveler and lifelong learner, Kim's pursuits have taken her to over 35 countries — including India where she lived in an ashram for 5 months studying meditation, Israel where she co-facilitated primal therapy groups, volunteering in Peru to launch a women's addiction recovery center, and Africa where she supported children's rights and victims of gender violence.Check out Kim at
Donya Fahmy is the CEO and Alchemist in Chief of Sustainable Health Solutions Inc, and Founder and Formulator for Dropwise Essentials --a line of aromatherapy and organic plant-based personal care products. Donya is also a speaker, #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author and a Natural Health & Lifestyle Expert. Her passion is helping women over 40 master the art of using natural solutions to experience more energy and better health so they can continue to look and feel good and enjoy productive lives as they age –something she calls Sustainable Wellness SuccessSM.After almost two decades of suffering from multiple chronic health problems, Donya was able to finally heal herself using natural and plant-based solutions to successfully accomplish what doctors and traditional medicine couldn’t. She was inspired to create the Dropwise product line after making an aromatherapy solution for her eczema that worked almost as effectively as the numerous steroid medications she had been taking. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, Donya has pioneered a simple step by step approach that anyone can use to naturally heal chronic health problems or prevent them from developing in the first place. With this approach she helps both individuals and families uncover and eliminate the hidden sources of their health challenges and introduces them to natural drug-free solutions –sparing them unnecessary medical procedures and expenses. She also uses this system to help companies identify the missing links in their workforce wellness so they can improve productivity and profits.A native of New York City, she relocated to San Francisco in the late 1980s where she transitioned from a Wall Street career into business communications and subsequently Internet development and consulting. Her mounting personal health challenges ultimately catapulted her into the natural health and wellness field. Donya has been formulating aromatherapy and organic personal care products for more than 19 years and is passionate about empowering people to take back control of their health and wellness.She has a B.A. in English from Barnard College and an M.P.A with a concentration in Finance and Law from Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs. She has studied aromatherapy with Carol Schiller a successful author of several widely read aromatherapy books, and with Dr. Daniel Penoel, a renowned expert in medical aromatherapy. For more information visit the Dropwise web site at or read her blog The Aroma Zone at To get a copy of her free guide “Heal Yourself Naturally: 3 Steps to Life-Changing Results” go to
As a professional Registered Nurse, a Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) Law of Attraction Certified Coach and a Profile by Sanford Health and Nutrition Coach, she helps struggling heart-centered women, professionals and entrepreneurs, who know they are meant for more, create and manifest unlimited abundance, quantum success and a life they love.Through life coaching and training services, she teaches women how to apply real-world success principles, holistic approaches and the Law of Attraction to promote quality of life, health and well-being in mind, body and spirit and personal and professional success so they can show up to being their best self, living their best life.Having gone through her own healing and transformational journey, she is a big promoter or self-care. She has personally struggled with the high demands, persistent stress, and other challenges of working in a fast-paced, rapid cycle change environment of healthcare combined with the struggles of coping with a family member with a serious health condition. She understands that is can be challenging for busy career women and professionals to stay mindful of creating work-life balance and a life they love while pursuing career goals.Her mission is to inspire, expand and transform the lives of women all over the world with her "Uplift Your Life" initiative. For more information visit: www.lisasanfilippo.netPlease contact Lisa at
With a background in financial and strategic marketing, Ginny Townsend has spentover a decade helping organizations of all shapes and sizes draw out their unique gold,allowing them to connect quickly with their ideal clients.Ginny now works with entrepreneurs and business owners to fully develop acompelling signature offer that speaks their clients’ language, then helps them craft astrategic webinar based on that offer. She also specializes in filling the virtual roomonce their webinar is complete.In addition to serving business owners and entrepreneurs as a Strategy and GrowthConsultant, Ginny is also an Advisory Board Member for a legal-tech startup that alsoserves growing businesses, LegaLucy .Her vision is “All Entrepreneurs Living Bigger Lives.” Helping others see their potential(and how to get there) is a common thread found in her more recent career. So, simplebut powerful frameworks like UpLEVEL Together, #BusinessClass, UnSabotage, andher Business Consulting are a natural extension of her heart, wisdom, and talents.Free - the Ultimate “Fill Your Virtual Room” Checklist•For those planning to host a webinar and want to make sure people show up to the party
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