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Highlights from Dave Fanning's weekend radio show with interviews, newspaper reviews, movies and music. Listen live weekends at 1pm on RTÉ 2FM.
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Hollywood film director, Joel Schumacher passed away at the beginning of the week. The man behind Phonebooth, Veronica Guerin and Tigerland is known for launching the careers of the likes of Colin Farrell, Jim Carrey and Matthew McConaughey. Dave plays out some of his best moments from interviewing Joel over the years.
A man's bladder explodes after holding in pee for 18 hours, residents hide as monkey gangs take over a Thai city and post office workers were hospitalised due to a package of smelly fruit! It's Anton's stories of the week!
The historical hip-hop juggernaut, 'Hamilton' is set to hit TVs and laptops all over the world next Friday when it is launched on Disney+. Author and 'Hamilton' superfan, Emer McLysaght is on the line to tell Dave all about this musical phenomenon!
The topic of politicians using music at their rallies has always been a thorny one and many musicians have spoken out against them for using their songs. So why do politicians continue to do it? Journalist with The Irish Times, Brian Boyd chats to Dave about collisions between musicians and politicians!
Many people have been getting green fingers since lockdown restrictions came into place but would you expect to dig up a war relic while doing your weekly wedding? Micheal O SIochru is on the line to tell Dave what his chances are of digging up a piece of history!
During the week Peter Mark announced that they are applying charges to people's appointments so journalist with The Irish Times, Conor Pope chats to Dave about what to expect in terms of 'post-lockdown' costs!
We can't head to the cinema but we can see some new movies from the comfort of our own home. Paul Whitington is on the line to review some new small screen films released this week including 'Irresistible' and 'Eurovision Song Contest'!
The day after the Spanish government lifted lockdown restrictions, the Grand Theatre Del Liceu in Barcelona had a full house, with all 2,292 seats being occupied by plants! This special concert was organised by Art Curator, Blanca De La Torre and she joins Dave to tell him how the plants got on at their first gig!
Boris Johnson expressing his love for Tim Tams, £151,000 worth of gold left on a train and a doctor has removed a two foot phone charger from a man's bladder! It's Anton's stories of the week!
EPIC is a lobby group which has been set up to represent the interests and concerns of the workers involved in producing live events. Danny O Reilly of The Coronas and founder of the Galway festival and former site manager of Electric Picnic, Pearse Doherty chat to Dave about the future for live event workers!
Podcasting has exploded over the last few years with many deals taking place across the Atlantic for eye-watering amounts of money. It seems like we are lagging behind the US when it comes to making a viable career out of it so Mike Sheridan of The Delve podcast joins Dave to discuss why this is the case!
Author, journalist and self confessed yo-yo dieter, Marisa Meltzer joins Dave to chat about her new book, 'This is Big', which chronicles her journey through the Weight Watchers programme and her fascination with the founder of the phenomenon, Jean Nidetch!
On the weekend that they should have been darting around like blue-arsed flies, Dave chats to Director of Body & Soul, Avril Stanley and Director of Sea Sessions, Daniel Browne about the implications of cancelling events like this, what next year might look like and what are they spending their weekends doing instead of managing a festival!
It's been a long three months in every sense but for footie fans, at least the Premier League has finally made a return. Damien O Meara of RTE Sports joins Dave to talk about what has happened this week and what to expect in the immediate future of the beautiful game!
'Love Record Stores' is an online event to support independent record stores. The event's Ambassador is Charlatans' frontman and vinyl enthusiast, Tim Burgess. Tim chats to Dave about his lockdown experience - campaigning for this event, releasing a new album and the success of his Twitter listening parties!
We can't head to the cinema but we can see some new movies from the comfort of our own home. Paul Whitington is on the line to review some new small screen films released this week including '7500', 'The Ground Beneath My Feet' and 'The Ascent'!
Next month the Dalai Lama will release his first album. It promises newly composed music along with mantras and chants. The release of the album, titled Inner World, will coincide with the Tibetan spiritual leader’s 85th birthday. Graham Finlay - lecturer in Politics in UCD, has been listening.
Helen Mullane picked up the sport of dog-sledding when she was 30, and in February she finished a notorious 650 kilometre Femundløpet course in Norway, where she raced for Ireland. Helen is the subject of a Documentary on One called The Long Run and joins Dave to discuss the sport of dog sledding.
around the world over the past week.
From the archives marking the 25th anniversary of Irish music legends Rory Gallagher’s death Dave revisits an interview with Rory.
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