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Our Mission Statement - To provide you, the faithful listenership, with diverse, exciting programming on demand, 24/7. Listen UP! is a place to talk, learn, love, listen, share, in a respectful, engaging, holistic environment. We're not about picking fights or disrespecting opinions, we're about fostering a sense of community and helping each other grow to be the best people we can...

Respectful, holistic, non-confrontational, informative, passionate, energizing, timely, thought and action provoking... Just SOME of the terms to describe what our vision of Talk Radio could be, and now IS.
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Chuck Bastie chats with Amanda Evora and Scott Thornton, from CBC Television's "Battle Of The Blades".American skater Amanda Evora and retired NHLer Scott Thornton have triumphed, winning the fourth season of CBC-TV's Battle of the Blades.Evora and Thornton were declared champions of the televised skating competition Sunday night in Toronto, after earning the most public votes ahead of the season finale.Evora is a two-time U.S. pairs silver medallist, while Thornton had a nearly two-decade long career in the NHL, playing in Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Jose.As part of their win, Evora and Thornton chose the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to receive a $100,000 donation.The pair beat out stiff competition from fellow finalists Violetta Afanasieva and Jason Strudwick and Marie-France Dubreuil and Mathieu Dandenault. All of this year's 16 skaters returned for Sunday's finale to perform in a group number.To get in touch with Chuck, email or call Listen UP Talk Radio at 1-866-269-6155.
On show #5, Justin talks hockey and life with Philadelphia Flyer great Mark Howe! Mark is one of only four Flyers to be inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame and his #2 hangs from the rafters. But what Mark Howe was as a player is second to who Mark Howe is as a person. That is the ultimate tribute to the people who raised him, Gordie and Coleen Howe. Listen as Mark reminisces about his career, speaks warmly about his legendary mom and dad and explains to us how Gordie’s biggest contribution to this world may not have been on the ice, but in the area of medicine!Mark Steven Howe (born May 28, 1955) is a retired American professional ice hockey left winger and later defenseman who played sixteen seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) and six seasons in the World Hockey Association (WHA). He is currently serving the Director of Pro Scouting for the Detroit Red Wings.[1]He is the son of Gordie and Colleen Howe, younger brother of Marty Howe, and nephew of Vic Howe. Despite the enormous shadow cast by his father and splitting time between two leagues, Howe shone as one of the best two-way NHL defensemen of the 1980s, being a three-time runner-up for the Norris Trophy and making the Stanley Cup finals three times as a player. He is a member of both the United States Hockey Hall of Fame and the Hockey Hall of Fame in to which he was inducted in 2011.[2] The Howe family received the Wayne Gretzky International Award in 2000, for major contributions to the growth and advancement of hockey in the United States.To find out more info about Mark, find him at the following:Web: #Flyers #Hockey #NHL #MarkHowe #HallOfFameTo get in touch with Justin, drop us a line at:PHONE: 1-866-269-6155EMAIl:
On show #6, Justin talks NASA and the shuttle program with Rick Boisjoly, brother of Roger Boisjoly, who worked for Morton Thiokol, the manufacturer of the solid rocket boosters (SRBs) for the Space Shuttle program.Join me and Rick Boisjoly as we discuss his brother, Roger Boisjoly. Roger was one of the only men with enough compassion and strength to try to stop the launch of the ill-fated Challenger launch in 1986. Hear the chilling story of this whistleblower who is a champion to anyone who believes that ethics matter.Roger Mark Boisjoly (/boʊʒəˈleɪ/ boh-zhə-LAY;[2] April 25, 1938 – January 6, 2012) was an American mechanical engineer, fluid dynamicist, and an aerodynamicist. He is best known for having raised strenuous objections to the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger the day before the loss of the spacecraft and its crew in January 1986. Boisjoly correctly predicted, based on earlier flight data, that the O-rings on the rocket boosters would fail if the shuttle launched in cold weather.To find out more info about Roger, find him at the following: #spaceshuttle #ChallengerDisaster #ORings#solidrocketboosters #spaceTo get in touch with Justin, drop us a line at:PHONE: 1-866-269-6155EMAIl:
On show #4, Justin talks hockey and life with Philadelphia Flyer great Reggie Leach! “The Rifle” was one of the greatest “snipers” in the history of the NHL. Join me on my skate with Reggie as he tells us about his career, his challenges and how his amazing work with First Nation youth makes him a Hall of Fame man!Reginald Joseph Leach OM (born April 23, 1950) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey right winger who played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Boston Bruins, California Golden Seals, Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings. He is best known for his time in Philadelphia, winning a Stanley Cup with the Flyers in 1975 and being a member of the LCB line.To find out more info about Brian, find him at the following:Facebook: #Flyers #Hockey #NHL #TheRifle #ReggieLeach get in touch with Justin, drop us a line at:PHONE: 1-866-269-6155EMAIl:
On show #3, Justin talks hockey and life with Philadelphia Flyer great Brian Propp! You know him as a superstar hockey player. I have been fortunate to get to know him as a friend! Allow Propper to share with us his hockey career, his amazing comeback from a devastating stroke and how his brush with death has made him stronger and more charitable than ever!Brian Phillip Propp (born February 15, 1959) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey left winger who played 15 seasons in the NHL from 1979 until 1994.Propp was born in Lanigan, Saskatchewan, and grew up in Neudorf, Saskatchewan.Brian Propp is a former National Hockey League All-Star, legendary Philadelphia Flyer, former sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, business relationship and development guru and a philanthropist in his community. Brian Propp is currently the Director, Strategic Relationships at Wolf Commercial Real Estate in Marlton, New Jersey. Wolf Commercial Real Estate is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm specializing in office, retail, medical, industrial and investment properties in Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia metropolitan area.To find out more info about Brian, find him at the following places:WEB: wolfcre.comBLOG: phillyofficespace.comTwitter: guffaw26#PhiladelphiaFlyers #Flyers #Hockey #NHL #Propper #BrianPropp #Charity #Interview get in touch with Justin, drop us a line at:PHONE: 1-866-269-6155EMAIl:
Todd Miller chats with legendary drummer for @PeterGabriel, Jerry Marotta, about his upcoming tour with @SecurityProject, playing Gabriel songs that Peter doesn't play! Plus some other great PG tunes, some Kate Bush perhaps. We also discuss Soul Redemption, The Marotta Brothers Band, Tony Levin, @Gowan and much more. To get in touch with Todd, drop us a line at feedback AT or use the contact line at 1-866-269-6155, Ext 1 to leave a v/m for the show or any comments you have about the interview :-) @GlassOnyonPR @JerryMarotta http://www.SecurityProjectBand.comhttp://www.JerryMarotta.comhttp://www.RTDS.caTwitter: @iamtoddmillerTwitter: @rtds
On show #2, Justin talks miracles, faith and strength with longtime QVC star Dan Wheeler. Dan shows us how God's infinite love and grace can carry us through the suffering and death of someone who means the world to us. Hear Dan's story and let it touch your heart!During the Spring semester of 1974 Dan Wheeler hosted his first radio show on his college campus radio station in Springfield, MO. That was his first taste of “live broadcasting” and thirty- five years later Dan has logged more than 10,000 hours of live television. That’s more than Jay Leno and David Letterman combined. For the past 20 years, Dan has been one of the top hosts for the number one electronic retailer in the world, QVC. He has interviewed hundreds of superstars from the world of sports, entertainment, politics and industry. His long list of interviewees includes Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Cal Ripken, Jr., George Foreman, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Morgan Fairchild, Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald, Martina McBride, Senator Bill Bradley and hundreds of others. Most of Dan’s work on live television has been without the aid of teleprompters, cue cards or scripts. Having done this for so long he is able to take a director’s concept and bring it to life, without a script, in one or two takes. In 1999, Dan authored a book entitled, Best Seat in the House in which he chronicled many untold stories of sports legends such as Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, George Foreman and others. In the book he draws the life lessons he learned observing them both in the spotlight and away from the cameras. Dan is also a dynamic public speaker who weaves fascinating stories of legendary athletes, performers and inventors to communicate powerful spiritual truths. His years of live tv have given him a unique ability to connect with an audience and inspire them to live each day to it’s fullest! To find out more info about Dan, find him at the following places:WEB: get in touch with Justin, drop us a line at:PHONE: 1-866-269-6155EMAIl:
Todd Miller from The Vinyl Vault in conversation with bassist Stu Hamm, who has played with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Gamble, Greg Howe and many more! He's coming to Toronto to play the Garrison on March 28th 2018, with a bass clinic first at 7p ET, and then the solo bass show featuring tracks from his new release "The Diary Of Patrick Xavier" at 9:30 pm, tickets are available at TicketFly here ==> Garrison ==> Hamm ==>
Description of this podcast to be supplied by either Justin or Chuck...need additional tags as well as a logo 1400 x 1400Chuck Bastie chats with Justin Mirigliani about his battle with IBD, and how Checkmates Charity has become his charity of choice.
Probir Chatterjee​ talks about the wealth of knowledge seniors have gained and how to share it.
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