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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America's Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast. He reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is one of America’s most eloquent speakers and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths.
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You may not know it, but your rabbi knows that you probably help humanity every day. Do you realize that you probably enhance the lives of your fellow citizens every day? Are you a saint? No, of course not. It’s just that money is one of the only two areas in which while you try to help yourself, you are actually also helping others. Is money physical or spiritual? The explanation will surprise you. The fatal flaw of socialism that makes ‘redistribution of wealth’ perfectly logical and even desirable. Why your rabbi thinks of universities as kindergartens. Why everyone needs a pet gorilla to help you increase your income. Why neither economics nor psychology are real sciences. How price “re-anchoring” makes people pay $3 for a $0.45 cup of coffee? Do you drink $50/bottle wine? The spiritual success strategies you need to know for achieving financial abundance. Let your rabbi teach you more about sales because even if you don’t know it, you are a sales professional.
Hey single men! Have you ever wanted to propose marriage to your future wife but been lost for words? Your rabbi to the rescue. In this show, a sample proposal speech you can use to start the rest of your life. No need to struggle for the right words. No need to be embarrassed as you stutter your way through some trite, overused formula. No, sound like the man you wish you were! She’ll be thrilled and wedding bells will ring. Why does Bible often say, “Young man and virgin” rather than “Young man and young woman”? The magical moment that can put you on the road to financial prosperity? How a pledge produces power. Do housewives and stay-at-home-moms hurt the country’s economy? Why did the Soviets construct so many huge & hideous buildings? Why are so many American government buildings built since 1962 so brutal and block-like? Why is all government housing so identical and soul-destroying? How to feel like a god not a rat. Become a happy warrior, not a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.
Why do you dress differently in the morning if you are staying home alone from how you’d dress if you’re going to be seeing many people? Are you more comfortable in ‘fashionable’ clothing than in utilitarian coverups? You might consider an adventure vacation, right? Swim with the sharks in South Africa? Sure. See penguins in Antarctica? Why not. How about a week at a nudist resort in Jamaica? That would be something different, so are you up for it? I suspect not. Why not? Do you have too much of that old-time puritanical repressiveness? C’mon, live for a week like a healthy naked animal. Why am I not persuading you? Why should we grant government the power to punish us for taking off our clothing in public? If you don’t like my naked appearance, don’t look; but don’t stop me from undressing how I choose. If Adam and Eve had nice green clothes made from fig leaves, why did God make them additional outfits out of leather? Would human beings come up with the idea of clothing with zero cultural input? What did famous feminist, Camille Paglia, mean when she said that if civilization were left in female hands, “we’d all be living in grass huts”. Comparing female models and movie stars of the 1950s to current times, do contemporary unisex and androgynous fashion styles have anything to do with our culture’s leftist tendency to eliminate distinctions between men and women. To participate in reviewing changes in American life the past twenty years and getting your name into a book visit Be a happy warrior, not a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.
You thought that if people are ‘religious’, they must be devotees of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, right? Wrong! Here are 3 important requirements of a religion.  (A) It links you to something bigger than you.  (B) It links you to many other people.  (C)  It requires you to offer sacrifices.  As your rabbi explains in this show, there are many, many more religions than those I listed. Here are some I talk about in this show: Church of Ethical Culture; Church of Scientism; Church of Climate Change. No, do not laugh. It is very rude to laugh at other people’s belief systems. The 3 shocking facts that every devotee of scientism ought to know. The 3 amazing scientific facts that every poet ought to know. Fraud and fakery in science. Reviewing the changes in American life the past twenty years and getting your name into a book Be a happy warrior, not a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.
Are we all logical, thoughtful human beings when it comes to money? The rising price of Tesla stock would suggest no. The $700,000,000 that smart investors sunk into Theranos would also suggest that for most of us, emotions seriously impact our financial decisions. What is more, we are also susceptible to mass hysteria. That’s right; mass hysteria—when many people come to believe passionately with irrepressible conviction in things that are unprovable and even unlikely. Things like, oh let’s see, witches in colonial Massachusetts, evil clowns torturing toddlers in their preschool dungeon, and, oh yes, climate change threatens our way of life. Wait till you hear what was supposed to happen in 2020 according to 97% of scientists in 2004. And while we’re on that 97% of scientists twaddle you’ve heard a thousand times, your rabbi clears it all up once and for all in today’s show. How long have you owned your Tesla? Well, the battery warranty might be expiring and you know what it’s like when your tired phone starts needing recharging by lunchtime. You do know that the battery in your Tesla is exactly like your phone battery only bigger, right? Why I’d rather own a Tesla than a Ford but I’d rather own Ford stock than Tesla stock. Why socialism makes sense to so many otherwise smart & successful people. Why the Bible favors private ownership over public ownership. Is it moral to use force to protect your property? I tell you why you might want to visit How the billionaires preening their virtue at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week are saving the glaciers while being scolded by a Scandinavian schoolgirl. And many other frivolous and fun facts from your favorite rabbi.
If you want to know how the world REALLY works, you must understand the counter-intuitive parts of life. Is it true that the better you know someone before marrying them, the better chance the marriage has of surviving? Should you postpone making an investment until you are 100% sure? Do you know what lies beyond the furthest star in the universe? What! You don’t? Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven while living in Baltimore—hence the name of the football team lucky enough to have Lamar Jackson. H. G. Wells wrote The Time Machine. What did both these writers understand that you don’t? Clue: Jewish mathematician, Hermann Minkowski and his student, Albert Einstein both knew it as well. And you need to know it too. Knowing this thing helps in understanding something terribly important: The views of money and marriage that I lay before you today spring from the reliable soil of ancient Jewish wisdom. It is a radical view. Money and marriage are doomed to fade away into mere shadows and only a kind of union of the two will preserve and independent reality. Don’t be a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.
This show is for Happy Warriors not for Tennis-Balls-Floating-Down-The-Gutter-of-Life. Every Happy Warrior repeatedly proclaims “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” The “New York Times” published an article entitled ‘The Secrets of Jewish Genius’ which discussed the oft-noticed reality that an identifiable demographic numbering about 1/10 of one percent of the world’s population has won 27% of Nobel prizes in physics and 31% percent of the Nobel prizes in medicine and yes, Jewish men make up 54% of the world chess champions. In the show I point out that none of this has anything to do with business success and making money which is not IQ related. I also point out that I am definitely not boasting—I’ve known far too many really stupid coreligionists (all of whom vote wrong). Fortune is the result of knowing what I teach--ancient Jewish wisdom’s secrets of money. The article was instantly surrounded by a firestorm of controversy because it touched on the forbidden topic of IQ all of which I explain in this show. What followed was a debate on what makes Jews so smart? Various theories, some credible, followed. But they never even whispered the  most important explanation for IQ differences. Yes, IQ is largely an inherited trait, however intergenerational statistical anomalies abound and in this show I explain the most devastating thing men do to harm their mental acuity and what they can do to improve their own intelligence as well as that of their children. Finalizing the raging dispute with Mrs. Lapin about beauty and confidence, I confide to you the details of how her remarkable confidence brought one of my dreams to life and gave me seven new ones.     Friends of Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin:
Do you try to be a moral person? That question makes no sense without some description of the moral framework in use. For some moral frameworks, slitting the throats of airline stewardesses and turning airplanes into flying bombs is a moral act. For other moral frameworks, the most moral act you can perform is driving an electric car. Self-righteous “climate activists” are just as smarmy as hypocrites of any other religion/moral framework. For Happy Warriors, one of the  most moral things you can do is being happy. It is not nearly as easy as you might think but it is a huge gift to the people you live and work with and also makes God proud of you. What causes you to feel down? Do you automatically need happy pills from your local friendly drug dealer or psychiatrist? In this show, your rabbi reveals how the world REALLY works in our universal quest for happiness. He also reveals what happens when he and Mrs. Susan Lapin have a disagreement; a big disagreement. We resolve it on air right here in front of you, in this show.
Yes, I am of the view that male/female distinction is as fundamental and as important to the human experience as the distinction between light and dark and between good and evil. If that makes me a ‘sexist’, so be it. If a woman must choose between having beauty or self-confidence, which should she choose? If a man must make the same choice, which should he choose. In the show I present a 12 Days of Christmas puzzle: the answer is 364. The many benefits of having confidence. Where does it come from and how do you acquire it. Confidence breeds success but success breeds confidence. Passivity destroys confidence. What does Jamaican Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt have to do with it? The only reliable way to finally eliminate the existential threat of “climate change”.
When children bring their girlfriends and boyfriends to family gatherings. Some things are true for all times and all places. Travel and transport is an eternal human reality. Always has been and always will be. Everywhere. They may not have had Concorde airliners, Cadillacs or canoes, but they did have camels.  And that is exactly what the camel represents throughout the Hebrew Bible. Money is another timeless truth. Maybe not checks and certificates of deposit. But some form of abstract representation of wealth has always been central to the human condition. Playing the money card in family relationships. Male/female relationships is another. So is children relating to parents and parents relating to children. They may not always have had family therapists or messaging apps on their phones, but family members interacting with all the love, tension, complexity, and even occasionally hatred has always been a concern to humans everywhere. How money helps prevent interpersonal exploitation. Recognizing and respecting our deep unspoken desire for permanence.
C’mon admit it. You have noticed that the majority of the names leading the congressional crusade against President Trump are Jewish. Is this an anti-Semitic observation? No, it’s true. And remember, any defamatory statement that is true reflects badly upon the subject of the infamy. Do you know how many secularized Americans of Jewish ancestry serve currently in the U.S. Congress? Do you know how that relates to America’s Jewish population? The secret of why only two of the Jewish representatives are Republicans. What makes a Jew a Jew? (Hint: It’s not having a Jewish mother!) Why so many 20th century communist leaders in Russia, Germany, Hungary, and elsewhere were Jewish. Yes, Leon Trotsky’s real name was Davidovich Bronstein. Why there is no such thing as ‘the American Jewish community’. What British prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli said about Jews. In relationships, shared values matter far more than shared skin color. The problem that precipitated the brutal murder of two innocent Jews in Jersey City on December 10th was not anti-Semitism. The tragic triumph of the heinous over the holy. Is a Jewish presence good or bad for a country? Why understanding the Jews is vital for understanding how the world REALLY works.
With opinions, be conciliatory if you wish, but it’s fine to be firm about facts. Remember, reality is ruthless. People do need to eat and our nature is to get as much to eat as possible with the least amount of effort. Some call that efficiency and the most efficient way of getting food is by interacting with many others using the miracle of money. Are there any really hungry people anymore? In today’s modern world, do parents still need children to help them in their old age? Is getting married a private decision? Do older people still live off younger people’s work? Is the decision of whether to create a child purely personal? What happens to you if many in your town stop reproducing? Can immigrants replace the people not being born? Are childless retirees living off other people who did raise families? What government can do about declining population.
A famous 19th century socialist assured us that marriage, money, and religion are responsible for all the problems in the world. Since Robert Owen was a socialist, we know that the truth is exactly the opposite of what he said. The best things in the world (Civilization) are due to marriage, money, and Biblical faith. Getting a garden isn’t the end; it’s the beginning. Now you have to maintain it so it doesn’t turn into a jungle. Acquiring a car is the start of following the manufacturer’s maintenance manual to preserve the car’s utility and value. If you don’t maintain your airplane, it will eventually fail. Marriage isn’t the end of a path; it’s the start. Okay, you’re married! Congratulations but now isn’t the time to sit back and relax. Now is the time to set in place the maintenance schedule. In this show, your rabbi presents 12 items in the manufacturer’s marriage maintenance manual. 3 things husbands must do; 3 things wives must do; 3 things husbands must avoid and 3 things wives must avoid. Now you’re set to enjoy a long and happy marriage. Congratulations!
How long would it take before a visitor to your home saw a shelf of books? Why this really matters. Want to change your actions? Simple! Change your beliefs. Your soul abhors a vacuum. Absent good beliefs, it will readily embrace bad beliefs and bad beliefs stimulate self-destructive actions. The real reason that certain courts no longer punish certain people for certain crimes. Being depraved is not the same as being deprived. True companionship comes from shared beliefs not shared skin color. Why actively nurturing a common belief system is a vital marriage maintenance program. Why Native American chiefs had names like Little Wolf, Red Horse, and Black Snake. Why merely regulating what people do is never sufficient for communist tyrannies; they have ‘reeducation camps’ in order to regulate what people believe. We have public schools (GICs) and universities (kindergartens) for the same reason.
Why almost every airplane built flies reliably, almost every ship built floats, why almost all skyscrapers erected, stand, but many marriages fail and many business start-ups fail. What is going on? The five reliable rules that govern both financial transactions and marital relations. Did you know that brands and franchises depend upon spiritual factors? What are they? The secret ingredient needed for effective partnerships that many mistakenly ignore. What do you teach the 20 year-old amnesiac who knocked at your door? How you can be sure that men will never prefer robots to women no matter how technologically advanced the ‘female’ robot becomes.
If boys and girls are so interchangeable that boys can run, bike, and wrestle against girls, why does alcohol cause so much more havoc on girls’ brains than on boys’ brains? Why do far more girls deliberately cut their flesh than boys? Why does anyone cut themselves? Why do people pierce their tongues and belly buttons? The connection between the bloody observance of the Moslem cutting festival of Ashura and high school girls cutting their skins. Does the Bible prohibit suicide? Where? Old Latin-speaking monks referred to high alcohol content distilled liquors as ‘spirits’ because we use alcohol mostly to dull spiritual pain. When your rabbi felt attracted to another man’s wife. Hurting children by depriving them of the words for describing spiritual pain. Why primitive tribes cut and pierce their skin and why children of intact traditional families of faith engage in less alcohol and drug abuse, and far less cutting than other children. Being a teenager in 1950 and today. Why animals can be content in good cages but people never. Why some of us prefer connecting to others on the Internet over relating to real live people in our lives. Learn to control your screen time by understanding the addictive appeal of digital devices. Why some people love working for commission only.
The government itself, no friend of the traditional family, admits that the most dangerous place for an American child, statistically speaking, is in a home with a single mother and her boyfriend. Notwithstanding the heroic achievements of certain rare and dedicated single moms who live heroic and self-sacrificing lives. Here’s a shocker: it’s just about as dangerous for a child to live with his mom and his dad, who are not married to one another. This is not a priest, pastor, or rabbi telling you this astounding news. It’s the United States government’s office of Health and Human Services that produced this scary and incontrovertible report. Why have so many replaced love of family and country with love of huge abstractions like the planet, the environment, the United Nations etc? For a change of pace, please enjoy the little thought experiment I gift to you today. In the circumstances in which I place you, what exactly would you do?  Discuss this with friends and family; it will entertain and educate. If a functional nuclear family of mom, dad, and their biological children is best for children, why do politicians who claim to care about children do so much to harm and so little to help? What happened to the germ of Nazism when it departed Germany in 1945? Where did it go?  Shakespeare misses it this time but the Bible captures it beautifully. Don’t miss King Solomon. Enjoy this week’s show.
The Great Greta Thunberg hoax. Inability to function in a modern economy is a far bigger threat to happy and successful living for today’s 16 year-olds than is the hoax of global warming. When today’s 16 year-olds are 21, 27, and 35, their problems will be finding and keeping a job, paying exorbitant taxes, and affording decent housing, not being swept away by rising ocean levels. Yet, government obsesses over climate change—Why? Let me explain why promoting climate change hysteria helps elected representatives, appointees and bureaucrats advance their own life and career goals. Let me explain why foolish farm animals (people formerly known as enlightened citizens) eagerly adopt global warming hysteria as their paramount cause. Oak trees, rhododendrons & tarantulas, in fact all organisms, seek to stay alive, thrive, and grow. This is also true for organizations like businesses and, yes, government. Understand why government, its offices, agencies, and institutions all oppose marriage, Judeo-Christian religion, and your financial independence. Why does America need nearly one million social workers? Who are mostly their clients? The “rich” shouldn’t have better health care than the “poor”, right? Sounds basically good and decent, doesn’t it? Well, is it really? And, anyway, let’s go ahead and define “rich” & “poor”. And how about better transport and housing for the rich? Undemocratic? But wait! They already have that. Why Baltimore is suing BP.
My guest, the brave and beautiful young Helga Lunenburg from Denmark came to America to warn us about politicians who tax us more and more in order to spend ever greater slices of our money on their wasteful, utopian & self-serving schemes. This bold young 16 year-old Scandinavian schoolgirl wisely warns us that our economic future is imperiled unless we lower the national deficit. She courageously proclaims how her generation’s future is at risk because California’s liberal government created shortages of water and electricity. How our relationships with our customers, clients and employers can be improved for better productivity and remuneration.  How to serve those who provide your revenue more effectively. The full story about perpetrators of mass shootings-Who ARE these men? Why does Book of Genesis mention fathers about five times more frequently than it mentions mothers? What is the one group that comprises only 30% of America’s population but accounts for over 70% of opioid deaths, suicide, and crime? Why more men than women die alone? 
The luckiest husband in all Oregon. Food tastes better to a man when served by an apron-wearing woman they desire. A rabbinic request for more romance in the workplace. Women suffer depression at twice the rate of men. Really? Perhaps men just don’t share their pain. Is male depression underreported? Didn’t you know that depressed men tend to violence? To be happy is to embrace your gender. My own encounter with racism and what going bald really means. In what way are mice stronger than elephants? The true message of the Cinderella fairytale. Many aging women freeze their eggs. Would men if they could? A good and masculine man makes a woman very happy just as a feminine women can make a man very happy. The difference is that too many women don’t admit it. Women have been indoctrinated to denigrate masculinity and make themselves miserable. The two paramount keys to happiness—marriage and money—are utterly ignored and never taught during the 12 years that most young Americans spend captive in Government Indoctrination Camps. Why be surprised at the outcome?
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Donald Gilmore

I enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the interview with Cornerstone. I agree too many people think and behave as though poverty is next to Holiness. It always bothers me when I see light bulbs out at church. Also, I found the first question G_d is going to ask interesting. It reminded me of Marley's response to Scrooge when Scrooge tells him he was a good man of business. Marley responded, rather violently, "Mankind was my business!"

Jan 26th
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