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This show is not for tennis balls floating down the gutter of life!  This show is for Happy Warriors and Happy Warriors can benefit from being able to foretell the future. This is not prophecy; it is a subset of wisdom. Let your rabbi introduce you to ancient Jewish wisdom’s effective techniques for foretelling the future. The secret is in the egg. How South African political turbulence changed the price of chrome. King Charles hatched from the egg that was Queen Elizabeth II. How can we foresee his future. In 1960 America produced more than half of all the cars in the world.  Today America produces 9 million cars a year while China builds 27 million cars a year. That is the egg. Can you see what is hatching? That is what this show teaches you to do. Take advantage of changing technology and enjoy the beauty and quality of plastic CDs and DVDs visit and enjoy.  President Clinton assured America no homosexual marriage. He even signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Yet had you been in possession of the techniques I teach in this show, you would have successfully predicted biological men defeating women in athletics competitions and the spread of transgenderism. 
Divorce is everyone’s business. If your neighbors divorce, it is sad for them and their family but it also reduces your property value and raises your taxes. Teenagers marooned on an island-Survival. Why is Switzerland a nicer place to live than Somalia? In exchange for power and prestige, Socialistic politicians promise gullible voters all the advantages of prosperity and progress with none of the costs. Socialism is a more dangerous and virulent virus than covid was. Socialism, oops, sorry, Progressivism seduces low-character people by offering them a moral framework that legitimizes their living off the work of other people. Take an adult look at the Bible. Socialism sanctimoniously sanitizes theft. How and why various countries failed financially when they flung out their Jewish citizens and which countries thrived by welcoming them. Jewish pirates of the Caribbean and the Skull and Crossbones flag.
In the same way that the belief system of superstitious people steers them toward holding false ideas and mistaken views, the secular belief system of materialism steers its devotees toward the mistaken belief that the Bible is a largely irrelevant piece of ancient literature filled with silly stories, mindless myths, and laughable laws. In this show, your rabbi presents five Permanent Principles of the Bible that have shaped societies and countries, and which can work powerful and almost magical transformations in your life regardless of your current state of faith. Become a Happy Warrior by visiting and start fixing your life. Your rabbi explains how this rule works: Total commitment, even to something wrong, often trumps lukewarm commitment to truth. The two main challenges, if you wish to survive and thrive, and how to overcome them. If you want a pair of your rabbi’s recommended night vision goggles, this show is for you. The more that things change, the more we must depend upon those things that never change.
Choosing a Wife

Choosing a Wife


Why is this about choosing a WIFE and not about choosing a SPOUSE? Is your rabbi a ‘sexist’? Is choosing a wife a huge gamble? If you are a single woman, who would you rather marry--a 37-year-old never married single man or a divorced man of the same age? Should a wise man choose as a wife, a woman with no friends? What is more important for a married couple to share—a bed or a bank account? How to know if she is “THE ONE”. If the first step is getting married, then the second step is defending and protecting your marriage and family. Surprising secrets on doing just that are here in The Gathering Storm.  Transforming two chapters from myth to manual. How the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark is actually a practical handbook for protecting your 5 Fs. What Atlas Shrugged says you can learn about a man by seeing who he sleeps with. Can a woman propose marriage to a man? Does money mean the same thing to a woman as it does to a man? 
Shocking but important question to ask: Does mental health covering areas of anxiety, depression, gender dysphoria, eating disorders, and so on, belong as part of medicine or is it an entirely separate discipline? Does mental health and emotional tranquility fit under the Fitness category or under Faith? Is our mental equilibrium a matter of our bodies or of our souls? Our need for connection to the past and to the future is a lot like our need for Potassium. Is “I’m not in the mood” normal? Here’s the truth of male/female relationships to listen to with a loved one or a loved one to be. Enjoy it. Will there be a price to pay for the large number of children now being born who will never know their fathers? How to improve your children’s mental health by connecting them to their past. Increasing numbers of children are being born to surrogate mothers. The truth about “Womb to rent”. The root reason why single women hate men.
Why so many girl babies were aborted (and still are). The value of building a family. Sons carry on your name. What do daughters do that you can’t live without? Choosing a spouse. What nobody teaches young people today about marriage. The Lapin Passover Seder. The invention of the Bessemer Steel making furnace. Victoria Falls in Africa. Benefits of a large family. The amazing Longfellow poem, Hiawatha.  
Mass hysteria is a real thing. Large numbers of people, maybe an entire society swept away by an emotional avalanche. Covid, masks, climate change, overpopulation, evil Russia must be stopped, and many more examples. The French Revolution was mass hysteria and so were the preschool sex abuse cases in the 1980s in California and Massachusetts. The fear that artificial intelligence will get sophisticated enough to overpower humans and enslave us is nothing but mass hysteria. Smart (but not wise) people are calling artificial intelligence the greatest threat to humanity. Why religious people often enjoy an advantage when confronting challenging events like marriage, starting a business, or bringing a child into the world. How to filter the words of so-called experts. Why you do not need a degree in economics to know when a politician is spouting fiscal feces. Becoming a Happy Warrior. What we can learn from the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.
“You can never be too rich or too thin” claimed U.S. fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” in 1963. The aphorism may be witty but it certainly isn’t true. If one’s finances have been won by ruining every other aspect of your life, the other four Fs, Family, Fitness, Friendship, and Faith, then maybe you are too rich.  And regarding being thin, of course, one can be too thin for good health. But how do we lose weight?  Many of us are dragging around a few extra kilograms. Yes, I know, eat less and exercise more. But eating feels good, that’s all there is to it. And exercise is hard. But wait! ancient Jewish wisdom offers the solution. Do you know how you stop eating when your brain receives the “Stop-I am full” signal? What if you could get your brain to receive that signal before your fourth helping of Crème Brule? Why do we have one long gastrointestinal tract with mouths for eating and speaking at one end, and at the other end, the orifice for defecation?  Want to see the digital library pack? Click here Passover is coming up very soon. It’s all about eating and speaking. Do you like model trains? Do you know what they are?
All Happy Warriors know when they are mistakenly BEHAVING on emotions and feelings. In this show we learn how to know when we are THINKING on emotions and feelings. Just as fire can build and destroy, male female relationships can build a strong family-based society and they can also destroy society through casual encounters that cause jealousies and aggressions. Polygamy is widely practiced in modern western society but it is the more destructive form of polygamy. What is being a man? Why virtue and virility come from the same Latin root. How GICs turn boys into either thugs or wimps. Both are equally destructive. Men want to marry. Thugs steal physical sensation. Wimps yearn impotently.  Men own possessions and want to protect them. Thugs steal possessions and destroy them. Wimps want the freedom of owning nothing. Discover the Biblical blueprint for male female relationships here: Madam I’m Adam: Decoding The Marriage Secrets From Eden The most fantastic family strategy is developing a family narrative. The value of manners, how girls should demand them and how men will grow through them.
Tension between erotic pleasure and reproduction in marital intimacy. If it is only about erotic pleasure, then reproduction must be thwarted. If it is only about reproduction, then why the pleasure? We used to think of doctors who sterilize young women as war criminals. Today, it is perfectly natural and perfectly normal. Enjoy the pleasure of baking and eating special Sabbath bread called Challah. The only thing better than the smell of freshly baked bread permeating your house, is its taste. The Bible character who tried to separate sex and reproduction and failed. Go here for a free Bible video and become Bible-literate Not all birth control is equal.
The astonishing events that occurred when the communist Sandanistas put 500 deaf Nicaraguan children in one special school in Managua. No, Agatha, I am sorry but Koko the gorilla could not speak.  And Fred, I am sorry but Kanzi the chimpanzee did not ever speak either. How did humans acquire the miracle of speech if it is not found in monkeys, racehorses, or dolphins? Oh yes, they certainly communicate, as do bees. But that is quite different from describing abstract ideas with sounds. Humans use language to discuss monkeys, dolphins and everything else on our planet. No creature uses language to discuss humans. If you move really quickly, you can still use this coupon for a fantastic discount on Scrolling Through Scripture STS1FEB2023. Go here for a free Bible video, read more and become Bible-literate.  The simple but powerful trick that is guaranteed to make you sound more confident by helping you speak more eloquently and fluently. 
Your rabbi knows as much about cooking as a clown knows of neurosurgery. But this week he prepared spectacular cod. This remarkable fish nourished Europe for hundreds of years and then provided an economic base to the New England colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. How did the Basque people of Spain and France come to dominate the cod business? What happened to the 200-pound codfish we used to catch? Why is there a statue of a codfish in the Massachusetts House of Representatives? Use this coupon for a fantastic discount on Scrolling Through Scripture STS1FEB2023.  Go here for a free Bible video, read more, and become Bible-literate:   The tragedy of the commons. What happens when nobody owns stuff and nobody cares? Can we get the cod fish back? The Hanseatic League and how to build your own business and trading league.
Who are our friends? Here’s a bigger question: What is a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Is there such a thing as casual s*x for women? Watch out for men who have repeatedly broken girls’ hearts and watch out for girls who have repeatedly had their hearts broken by men; they’re dangerous. Why do earthquakes in non-western countries seem to kill more people than similar events in western countries? If human nature can change, then Shakespeare, Balzac, and Dostoevsky are obsolete. Comment and connect with other Happy Warriors and also access much ancient Jewish wisdom at your convenience. Click here: The best way to introduce your youngster to s*x education. Please don’t let your local GIC be your child’s first introduction to male/female relationships. There is a far better way. 
The difference between conceiving a baby and having a son or daughter. Respect for parents: Primitive religious relic or key to education and financial success? How making decisions closes off options. Bad parents want their youngsters “just to be happy”.  A child’s identity is formed by family, religion, and nation. GICs try to form a child’s identity around race, class, and gender.  None of our lives are ideal, but… Become a member of the Happy Warrior community and enjoy the connection with other HWs trying to build into their lives just what you are also trying to do.  Access so much ancient Jewish wisdom at your convenience. For more information click here: How and why GICs try to sexualize your children prematurely. What about that school friend teaching your child to shoplift? Raising children is one of life’s greatest adventures. Raise sons differently from daughters. Using cash rather than phone pay apps to teach your children about money.  Should you give your children allowances?
How would you explain the difference between intelligence and wisdom? The story of Chesley Sullenberger. Why men are overrepresented in the top and bottom of the IQ bell curve. Can one's IQ be changed? Why university isn’t the be all and end all of life. Is the IQ test predictive of certain things? How do we distinguish between areas that respond to IQ and those that respond to wisdom? Become a member of the Happy Warrior community and enjoy connection with other HWs trying to build into their lives just what you are also trying to do.  Access so much ancient Jewish wisdom at your convenience. For more information click here: The God-centric view of the world is that it should be a world of many different nations trading with one another peacefully.
How did the pretty five-pointed star become associated with Satanic culture? The surprising impact that money has on women’s married lives. Why don’t we hear much these days about overpopulation and the Zero Population Movement? The disturbing effect that over preoccupation with death has on mental/spiritual health, and what to do about it. Experts tell us that shrinking population can be corrected by increasing immigration. Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life. Become a member of the Happy Warrior community and enjoy connection with other HWs trying to build into their lives just what you are also trying to do.  Access so much ancient Jewish wisdom at your convenience. For more information click here: Tell the truth now, are all people really of equal value to society? What transforms bringing a child into the world from terrifying to joyful? If industrialization, education and contraception-availability are not responsible for the drop in birthrate, what is? Have you thought about marrying young?
Oh, age is nothing but a number. Many single women from 28 to 40 tell me this.  But why do so many women but so few men repeat that nonsensical phrase—oh, age is nothing but a number?  If age is nothing but a meaningless number, why do most news stories and feature articles about people report on their ages?  Why do people want to know the real age of those they date?  Become a member of the Happy Warrior community and enjoy connecting with other HWs trying to build into their lives just as you are trying to do. Access so much ancient Jewish wisdom at your convenience. For more information click here:  What men should be doing from ages 18 to 28. Why college is not necessary. What women should be doing from age 18. How to preserve both virtue and reputation. Building your Finances, Family, Fitness, Friendships, and Faith. Use your time effectively by learning to distinguish between things you can impact and things you can do absolutely nothing about.
Welcome to the Rabbi Daniel Show not intended for clowns, creeps, crooks or cranks, but instead, respectfully offered to one of the highest life forms-you the Happy Warrior. How will the collapse of FTX bitcoin exchange impact blockchain technology? I was right on this one. Make 2023 a fantastic new year. Not with a new year’s resolution. They never work. But with a compilation of 52 separate resolutions with an automatic monitoring system. See it here: I explain China and Taiwan and how it will impact your finances. Will China, Russia and India set up their own international funds transfer system? What is the end plan for the Ukrainian war being funded now by the American taxpayer? Where is some of the money being sent to Ukraine ending up? Am I really an Ayatollah You’so? Maybe I should keep my day job. 
What happened when your rabbi delivered an illegal live speech during 2020’s covid lockdown. Which community in America was the first to achieve herd-immunity from covid? Is it remotely possible that your kid’s dangerous peanut allergy was caused by infant vaccination? How the Washington Post told its readers that Jewish people poisoned the village well. What happened in a Paris park on January 5, 1895? Clue: the 1973 Steve McQueen movie, “Papillon”. There is only book that for over 500 years,  just refuses to go Out-of-Print, the Bible. You deserve an authentic glimpse into it through the lens of the original Hebrew text. See it here (free) and discover how the People of the Book have been extracting priceless life lessons in the 5Fs. Famous Harvard biologist tells the shocking truth about science.
Yes, there are things you can share with a friend but never with your spouse. There are indeed many different ways to be miserable and unhappy. But the road to success and happiness takes pretty much the same route for everyone. That route is revealed in this podcast show. Family is overvalued when we’re young and undervalued as we grow older. Fragmenting your life seriously handicaps you. What should you do if you seriously want to improve every aspect of your life? Simple. Join our community of Happy Warriors to find strength and share strength The surprising Fs that make aging much easier. Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life.
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Donald Gilmore

I enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the interview with Cornerstone. I agree too many people think and behave as though poverty is next to Holiness. It always bothers me when I see light bulbs out at church. Also, I found the first question G_d is going to ask interesting. It reminded me of Marley's response to Scrooge when Scrooge tells him he was a good man of business. Marley responded, rather violently, "Mankind was my business!"

Jan 26th
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