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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America's Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast. He reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is one of America’s most eloquent speakers and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths.
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Does government have the duty of undoing the bad consequences of dreadful decisions that people sometimes make? What is the heart and core of the cultural canyon that cuts through America and most other countries today? Is there a way to unify the views of the Left? Let me give you a glimpse of two women--each has 7 children. They do not all have the same shot at success. Does it make sense that the same people who want to make it easier to kill unborn babies also want to abolish Americans’ right to defend themselves with weapons? The real Trump/Biden debate. Why would a well-known American bureaucrat allow Americans to die of Covid19 while he distributes badly needed, American-created vaccines to other countries? Why Athens loves sentiments (Hope and Change) and hates strategies.  Why Jerusalem sees a world of abundance and opportunity while Athens sees a dark world of shortage and limits. Plato’s Republic vs The Bible. Athens venerates youth and wants to euthanize the older. Jerusalem values the wisdom of age. As a Happy Warrior you are welcome to meet with us at 
Perry Mason then and now. Thank you HBO for clarifying what this election is really all about. Let’s not argue about what caused the rioting and looting. Instead let’s look at who did the rioting and looting. Let’s see what unified all rioters and looters. (Oh, sorry, I mean “protestors”) They were neither all black nor white. They were neither all rich or poor. They were neither all men or women. But the overwhelming majority of them were fatherless. Most of them, especially in Portland, grew up with no father in their home. Today about 1 in 4 American children grow up without fathers. I explain why this is a huge problem for you living in America but it is also a tremendous problem for you in Estonia, England, Kuwait, Tanzania and Malta. And everywhere else. The real issue distinguishing left from right. Why the left would rather suffer the crime, poverty, and educational failure of fatherless children than apply the cure. They truly hate the medicine more than the disease. What male impotence has to do with the social chaos caused by fatherless boy and girls. The solution for you, no matter when you live? Simple. Become a Happy Warrior. Just go to and you’ll see. I explain the 5F solution for you regardless of who enters the White House on January 20th, 2021. Between 1960 and 1980, the world changed. Divorce, Abortion, Public Schools turned into GICS. Regardless of where you live, the titanic struggle is the same. It is a simple battle between _______ and _________. In this show I explain it fully. Aspire to become a Happy Warrior.
Why pioneers enjoy passion but seldom prosper financially. For those who follow them, it’s usually the opposite. The difference between becoming a business professional and becoming an artist. Would you rather work for an employer who runs his business strictly on financial performance or one that practices corporate compassion, economic ethics and financial fairness? How I once got hired as a door-to-door salesman. Why some people believe that anything sensual that two bodies wish to do with one another consensually, even adultery, is just fine. But, that everything voluntarily financial that two consensual people wish to do with one another, such as buying and selling goods or services, requires government licensing, regulating and taxing.  What is better way to start a marriage: Love or Legality? Why socialism is the natural default political doctrine for decent people without God. The Business Roundtable and why the heads of major companies committed moral surrender. My book “America’s Real War”. Happy warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life.
Are you ready for some serious soul stretching? What kind of hitch-hiker would I stop for late at night? Does human suffering prove that God is either impotent or cruel? Can people be good and decent without a belief in God? Does God and His Bible require people to renounce passion and exclude fun from their lives? Is belief in evolution a religious or scientific issue. Does God prefer poor people to rich? Science is terrible at telling us how to believe (masks) and horrible at informing us how to behave. It is not even much good at explaining things like gravity or colors or language. But it is outstanding at describing. Formulae, equations and theories all attempt to describe physical phenomena but never to explain them. The big bang theory and why Einstein didn’t like it. Happy warriors are like salmon—we’re okay with swimming against the current. Just because the masses have been hypnotized and the crowds have been indoctrinated doesn’t change our beliefs or our behavior. Three cheers for happy warriors. This is the happy warrior’s textbook  that I believe I wrote with Divine assistance.
Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life, no we tackle each of life’s jobs with joy and happiness and with passion and optimism. Election 2020! Voting for president is one of those jobs this year. This show is always about the things you really care about like Family, Finances, Fitness & health, Faith, and Friendships and today we explore the Permanent Principles that shape our national politics. The story of my background, the SoCal congregation I planted, my marriage, and the American Alliance of Jews and Christians ( Why 75% of American Jews will vote for Biden and what it means. Why many female concert pianists dress provocatively while male musicians dress sedately. How many Jews are there really in the United States? And how many Moslems? My first ever speech to a Christian audience in 1995. How do they count Jews? Only 40% of American Jews have visited Israel. Which American Jews have abandoned the faith of Abraham and adopted as a belief system, the dogmas of the Democratic Party. How many Bible-believing Jews in the United States. The book I want you to look at: America’s Real War because it lays out the Permanent Principles of political change as it is occurring today. Why America is a Christian nation. How denying the truths of your nation’s founding can harm you.
The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show where we discuss the things you really care about. Like a foul-smelling bubble of noxious gas rising up from a cesspool, four hideous words coming out of your mouth or even lurking in your heart, can ruin your life. Those who allow this toxic phrase into their lives can survive only by resorting to the narcotic of the lazy mind—slogans. They end up like the oh so very progressive Seattle woman Emily, who couldn’t force herself to feel attracted to her boyfriend who dressed in ladies’ frilly frocks. The secret of beauty—What distinguishes beautiful faces from ugly ones? Even tiny babies prefer beautiful faces. Psst! Wanna learn how to start talking to God? Who is to blame if you save too little and spend too much? The TSA is bigger than many well-known American cities and does very limited good. Going through a TSA checkpoint is like the final stages of a bad marriage—Too much intimacy with too much hostility. Who is to blame if you eat too much and exercise too little? How Christianity spread across Europe in the middle ages and banished barbarism from Rome. The great naval battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571 that ended Moslem sea power in the western Mediterranean. The best thing to do today that will ensure tomorrow being much better than yesterday.
New York to London: 1800-25 days; 1900-5 days; 2000-5 hours. What else changed in that period? White settlers in Africa and America did many bad things but that doesn’t turn the natives into saints. Like poverty, suffering confers no moral virtue. Susan Lapin won’t listen to this part of the program where I describe what Africans did to fellow Africans and what the Iroquois tribes of American Indians did to the Algonquin tribes of American Indians. No massaging  you with warm butter in this show. Only humans torture and torment for entertainment and pleasure. No animals do so. You’ll be surprised when I tell you  what this proves. Is the titanic cultural struggle tearing apart American society really between the Barbarians and the Bible Believers? If you associate the words ‘underclass’ and ‘black’ you’ve been indoctrinated into believing a lie. In this show, you will learn about the white underclass, and the behavior, lifestyle, and culture that condemn you to poverty regardless of the color of your skin. The one factor that unifies all the rioters regardless of their race, class, or gender. Having a job is more usefully educational than attending 11th or 12th grade at a GIC. The Biblical value of work and why we do it. What exactly makes someone unemployable?
As a Happy Warrior myself, if I contracted Covid19, here’s why I’d immediately take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with azithromycin. But wait! Didn’t the Veterans’ Administration, The New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet all claim it to be a dangerous medication? America used to be ruled by you and your elected representatives. Now you are ruled by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, experts, intellectuals, scientists, and political appointees. Who were the “magicians” mentioned in the Bible? What really causes Californian forest fires? (Hint: It isn’t global warming.) The New York Times insists that black underrepresentation among the 1,000 most powerful Americans is proof of bigotry. What does that say about white and Asian underrepresentation in basketball and football? And if you really want to play this silly game, what would the NYT say is the reason for Jews being 10 times overrepresented in their list of 1,000 powerful people? Those blue masks you wear…they allow particles as big as 40 micrometers to penetrate easily. But the Covid19 virus molecule is 0.1 micrometers, which is only 1/400 the size of the particles that get through easily. In other words, masks do no good at all. In fact they harm. So why are you wearing them?  Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life so we allow nobody else to make our own lives’ operational decisions.
Propaganda in a tyranny means you must accept what “they” tell you. If you question, you will be punished. (Or be called a ‘denier’.) Science means constantly questioning and evaluating different theories and explanations. Forget biological determinism and perpetuation of the species. Men and women meet and mate in order to fulfill God’s plan to combat loneliness. Forget Economics 101 and how money and markets apportion scarce resources. Money is part of God’s plan to combat loneliness. Six ways in which marriages and marketplaces are identical. Two interviewers from Forbes ask me many of the questions you would ask me if we sat down together over coffee. Go ahead and read about Prosperity Power here:  Is serving God the same as serving your customer/boss/client? Why I prefer the ambitious person wanting to make money over the individual wanting to do “public service”. See the only Hebrew/English Bible I’ve ever recommended.  Why stock markets were invented in England and Holland and not in The Ivory Coast and Bangladesh. Remember, Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life.
Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life. We embrace the struggle and we renounce relaxation. And, above all, we make ourselves happy. Always. Your rabbi explains why you can learn tennis or race car driving and cooking or statistics regardless of your financial status or your friendships. Can you really be a respected philosopher and at the same time a repugnant individual? Why it matters that of the 20 greatest philosophers of history, 15 of them never raised children. Can you be a spreadsheet wizard and a crook, or a highly paid family and marriage counselor and a loathsome spouse? Realize that your identity is based, not on what you know but on who you are, and who you are depends on your beliefs and values. The 3 areas in which you involuntarily reveal what sort of person you really are. Want to learn celestial navigation or how to make a quilt? Easy. Your teacher won’t ask you any questions about your life. But if you want help in one of these, Finances, Friendships, Faith, Family or Fitness, a good teacher will want to know much about your status in the other four. Your rabbi explains just why that is and how it works and in this episode, there is no massaging you with warm butter. Only the truth. The timeless truths of ancient Jewish wisdom.
My answer to the one question I get more often than any other: What is the secret to __________? Being a specialist is quite relaxing, but being the captain of the ship, responsible for operational decisions, now that is stressful. The usefulness of lists.  The one problem with America according to: (a) The Democrat Party:  President Trump.  (b) B(urn), L(oot), M(urder): Racism. (c) Bernie Sanders: Wall Street. Well, is there one problem or 3? How a Jewish rabbi in Lithuania in 1925, who was a teacher of my teacher’s teacher, knew that Sigmund Freud’s newfangled idea about human consciousness was wrong. The almost irresistible appeal of unity; how we are drawn to one. Do you wish you could believe and trust the World Health Organization? Yeah, me too. You can’t of course but we explore why we wish it worked. The naïve faith Leftists have in the United Nations? Yes, that too. One of life’s most useful tips: How to control your feelings. Happy Warriors learn to increase happiness with these two tips discussed in the show. Further material to gain understanding Happy Warriors never want me to massage them with warm butter. 
Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life. We control our lives and that includes taming our bodies. It would be hard to think of anything you could do immediately to improve your health than eating less. But darn! Eating just feels so good. And, above all, I am SOOO hungry. Ever wondered why medical literature before 1962 had almost no mention of peanut allergies and eating disorders? Because they didn’t have those things then, that’s why. In this show we’re not exploring nut allergies but I do explain exactly why nowadays, very many young people do suffer from eating disorders. Understanding the reason will help you regain your once svelte figure. Why should COVID19 cause Americans to add weight? Why should a bunch of barbarians rioting in the streets cause you to eat more? But they do. Here’s what to do about it. In our bodies which are generally unifunctional (we don’t smell AND hear with our ears), why are our mouths multi-purpose appliances? We eat and speak with the same facial orifice (but never at the same time!). Learn how to eat until you’re fulfilled, not until you are filled. One difference between breast-feeding a baby and bottle feeding it. How blind people eat differently and the three steps you can take to eat properly and stop overeating.
How to protect yourself against the dangerous and contagious epidemic infecting millions— Expertitis! Do your feelings cause your actions or do your actions cause your feelings? If your answer is wrong, you’re damaging your finances and your romantic life. Do you produce and work by schedule or by inspiration? How to cure yourself if you’re doing it wrong. When a company says, “We want to recruit only really great people” what exactly do they mean and how can you be hired? Could you identify your values in 30 seconds? Now just what you do but the deep reasons why you do it. Marie Kondo can help you declutter your closet of obsolete clothing but only your rabbi can help you declutter your closet of obsolete ideas. You may think you know how to utter the word, “No” but listen to this show to find out you don’t; and why you should.Don’t try to do everything for yourself—that’s not independence—it’s stupid.  #9 is both wealth and happiness can be achieved by discovering how to serve. The dangers of deflation when you’re accustomed to inflation. Your life success depends up the perfect balance of the two opposing principles of structure and freedom. That’s also true for countries; think Russia before and after the socialist revolution. How to switch your job for your own business. We like to think of ourselves as each unique but this is not true; we all experience our bodily sensations in eerily similar ways. Be a happy warrior, not a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.
Happy Warriors are not tennis balls floating down the gutter of life. The one reliable definition of male. Let’s say a genie pops out of the lamp and offers you a ‘re-do’ of the ten years of your life; from when you were thirteen until the time you were twenty-three. Yes or no? I’d wager that you’d take up the genie’s offer. You won’t  be surprised to hear that over 90% of the population agrees with you. Wouldn’t you love to re-make the many crucial decisions of those ten years but with knowing what you now know?  Imagine how your life would be different if you knew when you were a teenager exactly what your own human nature was like and if you knew the importance of overcoming it and you knew how. If you knew the impact of clutter and chaos back then and you overcame procrastination and knew how money worked back then, how might your life be different today. So do a tremendous favor to a young person of your acquaintance. This show is about the magical ten years in life; ages 13—23 years-old. These are the years in which subsequent success in life is rooted and, sadly, the years in which the origin of future failure can usually be found. Here are the step-by-step success strategies that young people  should follow for positioning themselves for everything good in life. The show is not about the importance of being cool. It is not about learning how to rap or tap dance and it is not about social media. But it is about sex and money; the two areas in which most men have the most regrets. Here are the things you wish you knew when you were between 13 and 23 years-old. The show starts with William Shakespeare and ends with Rudyard Kipling; those two very unpopular dead white guys knew a thing or two!  Have you noticed lately that too many people get a thrill from bossing you around? I start off this show by explaining why. Learning how to get rid of bad habits.
Who Happy Warriors are and why I love ‘em! Overcoming the mysteriously malevolent force that resists everything positive you’re trying to accomplish in your life. This debate goes back to President Clinton but does having an affair diminish your ability to do your job? Today’s movie review: Barefoot (2014). The protagonists are Jay and Daisy, just like in the book The Great Gatsby. Why? Teachers don’t want schools to reopen. If I was being paid to enjoy a vacation, I’d want to retain that also. Here’s an idea: no work—no pay. Oh wait, GIC stands for government indoctrination camp and government often pays for no work. Wives out earning their husbands is a reliable indicator (but obviously not guarantee) of divorce. If you don’t understand that we are both soul and body, then government shutdowns that turn once-friendly citizens into petty tyrants and that destroy small businesses (but leave the juggernauts intact) make perfect sense. Can a dissolute man be transformed by a woman’s love? Of course not, don’t be ridiculous and foolishly sentimental. But being needed by a woman might do it. Why GF plagues American men now more than ever. Feeling unneeded and redundant causes a man to feel impotent and feeling impotent causes first deep sadness then anger, and often violence. What does the word “housewife” mean to you? The difference between the first two chapters of Genesis. The perspective that makes lockdowns make sense.
Your financial success depends upon serving other people, and the best place for doing so is a city. But what if your city is dying? Cities have been growing for more than 100 years. In 1950 America had about ten cities and surroundings with populations of over one million people. Today there are about 50 such places. Over 80% of North Americans now live in cities. The trend is worldwide in both developed and developing nations. They are moving to cities but not only for more money. There are other equally important but connected reasons. Empires like Russia, Britain, Rome, Spain, and Ottoman change or die but their cities like Moscow, London, Rome, Barcelona and Istanbul are still there. The result of no great cities in Africa. Why the Nazi Luftwaffe bombed London rather than the invasion beaches. Do you feel God’s presence more in Galveston or more in Grand Canyon? Does agricultural success evolve into cities or the opposite? Why would you care? Now people are fleeing cities for rural refuge. Sometimes cities are the best of places, other times, the worst. Successful countries need successful cities. Using technology to create an artificial city for your welfare.
Adolf’s 1000 Year Reich lasted for all of 12 years but most countries, societies, and empires last for about 250 years. You’ll be surprised by the 10 phases countries go through from brilliant break-out to fracture, failure, & finality. Yes, Rome, Persia, Russia, Britain, Spain & Turkey all lasted about ten generations. Phase #2 is economic expansion and #4 is widespread affluence, so let’s discuss money! By far, the majority of people around you understand money as well as they understand Byzantine frescoes. Which is to say, not much! But you can’t put money in your bank without understanding money. And putting money in your bank is important if you want to help restore America. In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge said, “The chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.” Isn’t that true for you? The spiritual nature of money and why the week should be five days long but isn’t. Why secular fundamentalists equate economic prosperity with moral depravity. Why atheists usually see profit as plunder. Why no atheistic society has ever created a vibrant economy. How this can help you in your work. Why Genesis 5 and 11 list two tables of ten generations and what we can learn. The roadmap to the restoration of the Republic.
What is the one thing that replaces a bloody battle with a debate? If you’re a swimsuit model, this doesn’t apply to you but for the rest of us, what visible organ of our bodies is the most important in our quest to make money? After your appearance, what do people most notice about you? That’s right, how you sound. Yet, we all exercise the muscles of our arms and legs but few of us exercise our communication muscle, our mouths. Do you draw as well as you perhaps could? Do you dance as well as you could with practice. You almost certainly do not speak anywhere near as well as you could and should. This show is all about dramatically improving how you communicate. We have only two ways to impact the world. (Well, 3 actually, but that third one you’ll have to hear me discuss in the show) The two way we have to shape our world is our  hands and our mouths. Of the two, which is more important? Nobody can impact one another more than spouses—with words. The app you can use to sound better than you do. Become the only person in your circle who is not terrified of public speaking but enjoys it. Do you know who is listening to every word you say, twenty-four seven? Why do our mouths take in food and also put out words? How your expression impacts your voice.
Disagreements between citizens must be settled by ballots not bullets. But disagreements between nations are settled by power not paper; by cannons not committees. Stop telling lies to little children. Is it any of your business if I buy the house next to you, never occupy it and leave it empty? Why did my father torment me with mechanical clocks? How important is protecting private property? What does Vancouver, British Columbia have to do with Jerusalem, Israel? Nations should pursue their interests not those of the United Nations, the International Court, or any other bogus institutions that have never prevented a war let alone stopped one. You have fewer property rights living in the city than out in the country; why? Read more about our Thought Tool books  
Make a list of the 5 things you could do that would utterly destroy your life. Easy, right? In fact, it’s hard keeping the list down to just five because they’d be such fun. Now produce a list of the 5 things that you could do that would cause you to become wealthier, happier, more fulfilled and more respected by friends. Hmmm….A lot more difficult, right? Well, I your rabbi show you exactly how to produce such a list. But not of just 5 things that will make your life better, actually, no fewer than 50 such items. Now knowing what to do is not even half of the job. It’s not even 10%. It’s the execution that matters. And only because I am your rabbi and I care about you, I tell you not only how to list those crucial life changes but more importantly I teach you how to execute them. I teach you how to bring about in your life these important changes. If you really want to. And it all starts with a dark room; but go ahead and listen now. Remember that being a happy warrior means NEVER allowing yourself to be a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life. Read more about our Thought Tool books    
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Donald Gilmore

I enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the interview with Cornerstone. I agree too many people think and behave as though poverty is next to Holiness. It always bothers me when I see light bulbs out at church. Also, I found the first question G_d is going to ask interesting. It reminded me of Marley's response to Scrooge when Scrooge tells him he was a good man of business. Marley responded, rather violently, "Mankind was my business!"

Jan 26th
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