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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America's Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast. He reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is one of America’s most eloquent speakers and his ability to extract life principles from the Bible and transmit them in an entertaining manner has brought countless numbers of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths.
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Because of all the controversy about Unidentified Flying Objects being spotted and the debates about whether aliens from another planet walk on Earth, your rabbi had decided that, as a public service, the whole truth about aliens will today be shared. In today's show, you will find out the entire truth about aliens.  Who they are; how to identify them; how to protect yourself against them, we will cover it all. Join me in Orlando on May 23rd for the Proven Conference  particularly if you need to increase your income. Like making an omelet, making money isn't difficult but you do need to know what you are doing. If you start a business on nothing but your instincts, your bank account will end up looking like a failed omelet. Why getting the little one in your life a set of maple wood building blocks is a worthwhile purchase.  Read about our special Passover discount on The Financial Prosperity Collection here Do you feel closer to the smaller units of association in your life like family, church, neighborhood, county, and so on; or do you feel closer to bigger units of association like the federal government, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization? What is worse, imaginary fears like climate change and overpopulation, or real fears like inflation and crime?  What sort of people fear which?
The writing on the wall: Playboy Magazine in 1966. "Friends" sitcom in 1996. "Two and a Half Men" sitcom in 2006. What really happened during those 40 years. "Find a husband on campus before you graduate" wrote Princeton alumna Susan Patton in 2014 to her daughter, a Princeton coed. She generated fanatical fury. Ten years later, In 2024,  Grazie Sophia Christie writes "The Case for Marrying an Older Man" though, she really means "a richer man". She has also infuriated feminist fanatics. All these people who pretend there is no such thing as the "Way that the world REALLY works". Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about Scrolling Through Scripture Genesis Unit 1 or Genesis Bundle (Units 1 & 2) that come with a special free gift of Thought Tool books. Listen to a Free Lesson today. Lies of the past: Sea level rising. DEI increases corporate profit. Women do not find status appealing and men do not find youth and beauty appealing. Ideas resemble bullets; who is pulling the trigger doesn't really matter.
Though far smaller than the failed economies of Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Somalia, or Haiti, success stories like Singapore, Dubai, and Malta stand out as bright beacons of peace and prosperity. Why, since 2005, has Gaza resembled the former? We learn the main reasons why some countries thrive financially while others fail miserably? We explore whether these explanations can also apply to you and me in our own personal finances. Can we all learn something from the ethnic minorities who thrive financially in their host countries like Indonesia, East Africa, and Sri Lanka? Escape the tyranny of mental slavery and hear this The economic reason that explains why all Jews were expelled from England in 1290. The amazing connection between s*xual morality and economic vitality. The secret of exchange and trade revealed in the Bible. Scroll through Scripture Why public education is not producing graduates ready to create wealth. 
Unlike alpacas, antelopes, & alligators, we humans are capable of dramatically changing the landscape of our lives. Unlike beavers, buffaloes, and bears, we don't need many generations to adapt to changing environments. No, we humans can recognize the devastation that inflation is wreaking on our lives -- and adapt! First, recognize the true extent of inflation. At least 20% since April 2020. That is like someone stealing a $100 bill from you and replacing it with four $20 bills. This show is devoted to recovering that stolen 20%.  To be encouraged and also to encourage, join our community of Happy Warriors here: Learn how to create your time assessment spreadsheet. Discover the 5 tools and how to implement them. Scientists prove that there are 742 women a single guy can marry and be deliriously happy. Why it is more important to focus on increasing income than on reducing expenses.
The single most important thing that couples contemplating divorce need to know. The ten reasons for divorce given most often by couples who are ending their marriage. Hear about how couples stay married while living off the grid on small boats. Discover blue roles and pink roles. Does your marriage have a mission? More on abuse.  When Susan Lapin drives the Lapin boat and why. Bet you don't know exactly what sort of clothing Adam and Eve wore. Everything you need to know about masculine-feminine polarity. 
Men used to tend toward jobs in which they work with things (farming, construction, factories, etc.), while women tended towards home and family or jobs in which they work with people (teaching, nursing, stewardess, etc.). A few people worked with ideas (lawyers, philosophy professors, clergy). Today it's less evident than it used to be. But maybe men still yearn to make, manipulate, or fix things so they have hobbies. Men working in agriculture: 1900 = 38%; 2000 = 10%. Does having things in his life help keep a man sane? What happens when faith is obliterated? From 1860-1960: Marx - Secular morality; Darwin - Secular origin story; Freud - Secular s*x, Einstein - Secularism = All is relative. Abandon naive confidence in higher education to instill moral awareness of right and wrong. Check out my May appearance in Orlando: About 30% of Americans have a university degree but they are governed by the US Congress of which 96% of members have a university degree. Like William F. Buckley, I'd rather be governed by an auto-mechanic than by a professor.
Lighting oneself on fire to make a political point; heroism or immorality? How we decide will impact the streets of your city.  As for your rabbi, not so interested in talking to someone who brings a can of gasoline and a lighter to the discussion. Suicide = Murder; true or false? Single people can be happy. Anyone can be happy--it's a decision. Women generally want to be married. Men learn, often too late, how much they need marriage. Temporary intimate relationships between men and women produce society-wide time bombs. Resentful women angry at men and demasculinized men fearful of women. The difference between intelligence and wisdom. Which is more valuable? The close interplay between money and marriage. The Book of Ruth as a Money-Marriage Manual.  Try it out here: Happy Warriors may use code RUTH15 . Dueling magazines McCalls vs. Psychology Today. 129 ways for a woman to find a husband. 
Back in 1950 Yemenite Jews arriving in Israel saw water faucets and thought they created water. They knew nothing of the invisible infrastructure of pipes and pumps that made water gush out of the faucet. Similarly, there is an invisible spiritual infrastructure that makes modern commerce possible. Finding food in the supermarket reliably every day; assuming the light will come on when you flick the wall switch; reaching someone on the other side of the world from your mobile phone; knowing that when you go through an intersection on a green light you won't be T-boned by an 18-wheeler barreling through against a red light. How strangers will happily provide what other strangers want. All through the magic of money. When government integrity goes, the judicial system goes, crime comes, and the economy tanks. See the rules here: Use code RUTH15. What happens when five individual farmers working for themselves form a co-op and start collaborating. Why reported murder rates decline, even while you just know crime is way up.
The definition of a happy warrior and how to join our international community of Happy Warriors. Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Do you know the cost of everything but the value of nothing? Avoid the one activity that makes your face age. The three ways in which your children can help you make more money. No, it has nothing to do with renting them out. Know the 5 things that are vital for a happy life. We reveal useful tips, tools, and techniques that we have published in our new book, The Holistic You. Read about it here:  Discover how the world REALLY works. Choosing how many children to have.
Not sure whether Equality or Freedom is the better value? Simple; use the Reality Test. Not sure whether women should take responsibility for their own safety? Use the Reality Test. Not sure whether every man needs a woman and every woman needs a man? Use the Reality Test. Is feminism a helpful and desirable doctrine or a destructive pathology? Simple; use the Reality Test. Read the details in this book Children do just fine raised by single moms?  Use the Reality Test. Can men have good relationships with their sons even without wives? Use the Reality Test. Why girls without dads in the home reach puberty early.  
Co-hosted with Susan Lapin. If you cannot play tennis, your life can still be good. If you can't sing, play a musical instrument, or tell jokes, your life can still be wonderful. But there are five distinct things that are vital for every successful and happy life. What is more, you cannot have 3 out of the 5. It's all five or nothing. In a  way, these five  things make up an indivisible totality of good living. A good way of thinking of them is as your life's operating system. Everything you do, achieve and enjoy rests on the foundation of a smoothly-running operating system.  We talk of identifying these five things and acquiring them. We reveal useful tips, tools, and techniques that we have published in our new book, The Holistic You. Read about it here What is the difference between electric cars and polyamorous living arrangements? Does making money mean the same to women as it does to men? Are there male female relationships that are 100% non-romantic; purely business or social? Discover how the world REALLY works.
Why hate the Jews? The honest, true, and deeply uncomfortable explanation for anti-Semitism. Two nations on one island: Haiti is desperate and hopeless. The Dominican Republic is vibrant and successful. What is the difference? Whenever you hear concern about "The Children" know that you are being powerfully and emotionally  manipulated for political purposes.  More Jews had to leave Arab lands than Arabs had to leave Israel in 1948. Why are Arab refugees treated differently from all other refugees in the world? The fallacy of proportionality. Someone is beating up your wife and kid, careful now, make sure your response is proportional. Really? Where did this rubbish doctrine come from? Loving those you give to rather than those who give to you. Isn't compassion always a desirable characteristic?
Hey, women, stay away from universities! How to ruin your life in 3 easy steps. The most ignored problem in all of scientific research and nobody knows the answer. Where are you on the Flamboyant Life Force--Darkest Death spectrum line? How to improve every important aspect of your life by utilizing the fact that we are all attracted to vibrant life and a little repelled by death. Get the hang of all  this by reading Why wives feel happier if they do not feel that they carry the family's financial burden. See today's social dysfunctionality in perspective Have university-educated American presidents made fewer mistakes than those with no college degree? We know the purpose of a factory or a hospital or a sports stadium but what is the purpose of a university? Try to define "education." Hint: It's harder than you think. Why universities are bad for women's happiness. My job is NOT to massage you with warm butter but to teach how the world REALLY works. God bless.
Here is today's life-changing principle: How you view tomorrow impacts your life today. The difference between selling coffins and selling cradles. Let the destructive patterns of your background end with you. Deploying the positive feedback loop of Optimism, Money, and Marriage. Tell me what you wish you knew when you were twenty years old. The book that makes it all happen Become a Happy Warrior and inspire others Onwards and upwards with the 5Fs that give a good life. 
One bad idea can sabotage all the solid achievements for which you've worked so hard. A solid resolution for 2024 is to identify and eliminate the bad ideas that are threatening your success in all your 5Fs. Read about this useful tool for making the new year a better year than last year. It's called Chart Your Course
I prefer a sacred Christmas to a secular Christmas. Secularism is not just a fair way to organize a pluralistic society. It exerts a malign influence on civilization in ways you can't imagine. A guy is really unhappy because his wife lunches with a male colleague a couple of times a week. Is his bank account relevant to this story? Why platonic friendships between men and women between the ages of 15 and 70 never work. Is an emotional affair a thing? What should the unhappy guy do? Remember Mel Gibson's Braveheart? It explains one of the most important aspects of Chanuka. What were you doing between the ages of 13 and 23? Is it time for you to start making only wise decisions in the important areas of your life? If so, read this: Do you want your spiritual schematic to be about abundance or shortage? There are real life consequences to how you answer that question. Why communism hates both marriage and private property. Other secrets about the interactions between marriage and money.   
Do you know the really unpopular message of Chanuka? That's right, it has something to do with burning oil. Why the Fossil Fuel vision seems to drag along a vision of shortage, limits, and ultimately poverty. Predictions of running out of coal and oil go back to the 19th century and they've all been wrong. Why do they keep making them? It's almost as if they WANT to run out of energy. What's going on? Is it time for you to start making only wise decisions in the important areas of your life? If so, read this Do you want your spiritual schematic to be about abundance or shortage? There are real life consequences to how you answer that question.
Many mistakenly believe that the proliferation of regulations and laws are evidence of a society's sophistication and advance. In reality, that is like saying that all the medications in an old man's medicine chest are evidence of his good health. Preserving a functioning family or a successful society is hard and mostly depends on a rare array of tools. In this show, your rabbi provides a guide to those tools. Are you thinking about making next year different from last year? Here is a very useful resource to look into: Useful insights into clothing. Lessons for your life from McDonalds and General Motors. The hidden impact of vasectomies. Failures of feminism and artificial intelligence.
Do you want a good life? Do you know what a good life means? What do you have to do in order to achieve a good life? How Germany defeated France in only six weeks in early 1940. Why Mercedes and BMW are more reliable cars than Peugeot and Citroën. What this teaches us about making our lives good. Especially the connection between money and marriage. What is the purpose of physical intimacy: pleasure or procreation? Both? Why must the life-enhancing energy we call family derive from this elemental male-female connection? His wife concealed her half-million-dollar trust fund from him. Can he trust her? Can she trust him? Should she? Read about The Holistic You, the ultimate guide to the Good Life: What happens to a marriage when one spouse wins the lottery? Does money impact the quality of intimacy?
Your rabbi confesses that there are aspects of the Islamic struggle for world domination that he admires; not likes, not values, not commends and not approves, but admires. You will learn why considering this a struggle between Islam and Democracy is childish. Why Moslems fight among themselves.  Why the Palestinian issue will never be solved by a bureaucrat with a map and a pencil. Why the hideous savagery of October 7th? Why they die in Gaza? What happened to the Red Cross and the kidnapped Jews in the dark Gazan tunnels? Political power today is achieved by appeals to the heart, not the head. How democracy leads to tyranny. But in all of this, live a good life by focusing on your 5Fs and study the roadmap to a good life, The Holistic You. Because regardless of the storms that swirl around the borders of your life, you can rise and prosper by retaining a laser-like focus on your 5 Fs. 
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Donald Gilmore

I enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the interview with Cornerstone. I agree too many people think and behave as though poverty is next to Holiness. It always bothers me when I see light bulbs out at church. Also, I found the first question G_d is going to ask interesting. It reminded me of Marley's response to Scrooge when Scrooge tells him he was a good man of business. Marley responded, rather violently, "Mankind was my business!"

Jan 26th
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