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Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.
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If boys and girls are so interchangeable that boys can run, bike, and wrestle against girls, why does alcohol cause so much more havoc on girls’ brains than on boys’ brains? Why do far more girls deliberately cut their flesh than boys? Why does anyone cut themselves? Why do people pierce their tongues and bellybuttons? The connection between the bloody observance of the Muslim cutting festival of Ashura and high school girls cutting their skins. Does the Bible prohibit suicide? Where? Old Latin-speaking monks referred to high alcohol content distilled liquors as ‘spirits’ because we use alcohol mostly to dull spiritual pain. The time when your rabbi felt attracted to another man’s wife. People are hurting children by depriving them of the words for describing spiritual pain. Learn why primitive tribes cut and pierce their skin and why children of intact traditional families of faith engage in less alcohol and drug abuse and far less cutting than other children. The difference between being a teenager in 1950 and being one today. Why can animals be content in good cages while people never can? Why do some of us prefer connecting to others on the internet over relating to real live people in our lives? Learn to control your screen time by understanding the addictive appeal of digital devices. Why do some people love working for commission only?
The government itself, no friend of the traditional family, admits that the most dangerous place for an American child, statistically speaking, is in a home with a single mother and her boyfriend. Notwithstanding the heroic achievements of certain rare and dedicated single moms who live heroic and self-sacrificing lives. Here’s a shocker: it’s just about as dangerous for a child to live with his mom and his dad, who are not married to one another. This is not a priest, pastor, or rabbi telling you this astounding news. It’s the United States government’s office of Health and Human Services that produced this scary and incontrovertible report. Why have so many replaced love of family and country with love of huge abstractions like the planet, the environment, the United Nations, etc? For a change of pace, please enjoy the little thought experiment I gift to you today. In the circumstances in which I place you, what exactly would you do? Discuss this with friends and family; it will entertain and educate. If a functional nuclear family of mom, dad, and their biological children is best for children, why do politicians who claim to care about children do so much to harm and so little to help? What happened to the germ of Nazism when it departed Germany in 1945? Where did it go? Shakespeare misses it this time but the Bible captures it beautifully. Don’t miss King Solomon. Enjoy this week’s show.
It's the Great Greta Thunberg hoax. Inability to function in a modern economy is a far bigger threat to happy and successful living for today’s 16 year-olds than is the hoax of global warming. When today’s 16 year-olds are 21, 27, and 35, their problems will be finding and keeping a job, paying exorbitant taxes, and affording decent housing, not being swept away by rising ocean levels. Yet, government obsesses over climate change—Why? Let me explain why promoting climate change hysteria helps elected representatives, appointees and bureaucrats advance their own life and career goals. Let me explain why foolish farm animals (people formerly known as enlightened citizens) eagerly adopt global warming hysteria as their paramount cause. Oak trees, rhododendrons, tarantulas, in fact all organisms, seek to stay alive, thrive, and grow. This is also true for organizations like businesses and, yes, government. Understand why government, its offices, agencies, and institutions all oppose marriage, Judeo-Christian religion, and your financial independence. Why does America need nearly one million social workers? Who are mostly their clients? The “rich” shouldn’t have better health care than the “poor”, right? Sounds basically good and decent, doesn’t it? Well, is it really? And let’s go ahead and define “rich” & “poor,” anyway. And how about better transport and housing for the rich? Undemocratic? But wait! They already have that. Also, why is Baltimore suing BP?
My guest, the brave and beautiful young Helga Lunenburg from Denmark came to America to warn us about politicians who tax us more and more in order to spend ever greater slices of our money on their wasteful, utopian & self-serving schemes. This bold, young 16 year-old Scandinavian schoolgirl wisely warns us that our economic future is imperiled unless we lower the national deficit. She courageously proclaims how her generation’s future is at risk because California’s liberal government created shortages of water and electricity. How our relationships with our customers, clients and employers can be improved for better productivity and remuneration. How to serve those who provide your revenue more effectively. The full story about perpetrators of mass shootings-Who ARE these men? Why does Book of Genesis mention fathers about five times more frequently than it mentions mothers? What is the one group that comprises only 30% of America’s population but accounts for over 70% of opioid deaths, suicide, and crime? Why do more men than women, die alone?
Meet the luckiest husband in all of Oregon. Food tastes better to a man when it is served by an apron-wearing woman they desire. A rabbinic request for more romance in the workplace. Women suffer depression at twice the rate of men. Really? Perhaps men just don’t share their pain. Is male depression under-reported? Didn’t you know that depressed men tend to be prone to violence? To be happy is to embrace your gender. My own encounter with racism and what going bald really means. In what way are mice stronger than elephants? The true message of the Cinderella fairytale. Many aging women freeze their eggs; would men if they could? A good, masculine man makes a woman very happy just as a feminine women can make a man very happy. The difference is that too many women don’t admit it. Women have been indoctrinated to denigrate masculinity and make themselves miserable. The two paramount keys to happiness—marriage and money—are utterly ignored and never taught during the twelve years that most young Americans spend captive in Government Indoctrination Camps. Why be surprised at the outcome?
We all change our behavior on the basis of our beliefs, not the facts we learn. Beliefs lead to feelings which are emotional—facts are intellectual.  We do things because we feel like it much more often than because we know we should.  Recycling is the sacred sacrament of the religion of urban atheists, Secular Fundamentalism. It is based entirely on false beliefs and not on facts.  The real reason why America’s temples of Secular Fundamentalism, the universities, hate Christianity but love Islam?  How the Quran’s story of creation differs from Genesis.  Why sophisticated and experienced adults turned into buffoons as they prostrated themselves at the feet of a precocious 15 year-old girl, Saint Greta Thunberg, the 21st century version of the 15th century Joan of Arc.  Why does New York pay $300/ton more to process garbage than necessary and why does Seattle employ inspectors to root through citizens garbage receptacles?  Why do people put up with this nonsense?
Help your children find a job or start a business and thereby make your home a nicer place. I might not have been as entertaining as President Trump or as brilliant as Bill Gates, but here’s why I was a better choice as a speaker for this event. Profit is not just important, it’s crucial. Learn why finding your anchor liberates you, and how you are bribed by your emotions and how they try to subvert your best judgment. Embrace change—don’t fear it. Remember the Leica camera? The magic of movement and the dynamism of dance. Both marriage and business depend on being the right person, not finding the right person.
Why you should never take notes while listening to a lecture. Why Jewish last names usually advertised their owners’ occupations. Yes, a man may be somewhat more than his work, but surprisingly, not as much more as you’d have thought. The activity of work and money-making influences women’s personalities and identities far less than these things shape men. The real reason that unemployable people are not working: (Hint) It’s not because they don’t know how to fix computers or write software. Why their children are utterly un-educable regardless of how much money we spend on teachers and schools. Islam’s plan to wipe Christianity off the face of the Earth and what really happened on 9-11. No, not 2001, but 1683. Explaining Middle East politics without using words like God or Religion. Why Holland has a stronger economy than Belgium. How to use optimism as a revenue tool.  Why the swimsuit industry rejected your rabbi’s job application. The mysterious fifty-year economic cycle in international finance. Why the verb “write” occurs 248 times in the Hebrew Scripture and how you can use that permanent principle to increase your income.
Most women want to give themselves to men they consider worthy of their surrender. What if the man of your dreams turns out to lack ambition, masculine mastery, and money sense? Let's revisit the time I took a strange woman dress-shopping. Is the man you’re married to now the product of your behavior over the past few years? Most women would like to be married to a man taller, smarter, and richer than they are. Think about boys who grow up with weak fathers and the spiritual power of divorce. Learn how and why a big city prosecutor found happiness as a small town kindergarten teacher. Avoiding the dangers of fantasies and daydreams is imperative. A woman’s physical affection increases her husband’s masculinity. The perils of 19 year-old bikini babes. Why are there no divorced couples in the Bible?
1) We broke up weeks ago, so she'll be okay with me dating her roommate now.2) My GF/BF is having dinner with her/his ex but it's nothing, they're just friends.3) Everyone has one true soulmate somewhere and my purpose in dating is to find him/her.4) You'll always recognize true love.5) No, he doesn't have a job, but he can get one anytime he wants.6) I know he says he's not interested in marriage, but he'll change his mind.7) Hooking up is no big deal these days, right?8) My income is irrelevant to her; she really loves me for me.9) It's healthy to date many people before settling down for marriage.10) She says she wants to build her career so we'll be a two-income couple.
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Diane Standish

great show

Apr 4th

michael Rettig

hello your podcast..i am having a problem and would like your a ordained minister but lately I feel like God has turned his back to also a truck driver so I listen to the bible on audio but lately I get angry and have to shut it off..

Jan 15th
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