DiscoverRachael Talks: Relationships, Love and Life
Rachael Talks: Relationships, Love and Life
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Rachael Talks: Relationships, Love and Life

Author: Rachael O’Connor, Psychologist

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Musings on psychology, love and life by Rachael O’Connor, Psychologist.

I have been working as a Psychologist for 25 years which, just quietly, blows my mind. ....

So lately I've been thinking that it's time for me to give back. I've started this podcast which will be about love and relationships which is my passion. I will also be talking about what works in therapy, techniques, interesting presentations, research in the area and turtles.

Great to meet you.
8 Episodes
Reflecting on the past week, I’ve had lots of discussions on why people do what they do - and it often comes down to choice - listen to find out a little more
In the past week, I have been seeing lots of women who are presenting for help in their relationships.  Listen for my thoughts on the topic and some information on what that looks like,
Today, I'm giving you a look inside my therapy room and sharing  one of the consistent issues that keep coming up with the couples that come to me for relationship therapy.  Well....  they don't  talk to each other very well!  And ... they are feeling that their partner doesn't like them very much, which impacts how they respond to one another and connect with one another.  Today's talk offers a solution ....  a way to increase the fondness  and admiration  back into your relationship.with loveRachael
Practising the Pause

Practising the Pause


Today Rachael is sharing some tips on how to cope with the frantic pace of life!
No New Years Resolutions!

No New Years Resolutions!


Rachael is talking to why New Years resolutions don’t work and instead gives you other options to guide your year ahead
How to give good No!

How to give good No!


Join Rachael to learn how to say no and take time for yourself 🐢
Sometimes we think we have everything going swimmingly when suddenly life has other plans for you. In the vlog today I'm sharing my own experience. And also what happens when I stop being a turtle and become a little more hare like...



Hello and welcome to the launch episode of Sea Turtle Philosophy! Today I'm diving in and talking about what sea turtle philosophy is, who I am and what to expect. Curious? Listen in.
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