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We’re Zach and Lexi, two twenty something college grads staring into the void. We play games, talk pop culture, and/or flash back to weird moments in our childhoods in a desperate attempt to be slightly less sad all the time. Hang out with us each week for a beautiful mess of oddly specific things you never thought you'd relate to, but somehow do.
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Zach and Lexi are back and ready to reeeeaaaad, baby. They crack open some childhood favorites, confess to AR Point sins, and rediscover their childlike wonder, if only for a moment.Episode thread: us on Twitch:
Zach and... Conor ?? That's right, no Lexi this episode. Instead Zach, Conor, and their guest, Ella Dawson, talk all about the toys of their childhoods. From huge Lego sets to weird squish toys, to things that weren't even toys at all, get ready for a nostalgic spiral into Toyland.Episode thread:
Ep. 65 - Reddit AITAs

Ep. 65 - Reddit AITAs


Zach and Lexi— the ultimate deliberators of morality— scour r/AmItheAsshole for conflict and strife, deciding once and for all who is or is not The Asshole.Episode thread:
Ep. 64 - Conferences

Ep. 64 - Conferences


Zach and Lexi take us back to the temporarily divided rooms of attending conferences. Poorly styled dress clothes? Oh yeah. Boxed lunches? Of course. Fleeting, teenage love? Wouldn't be a real conference without it.Episode thread: thread: Nitty Gritty of Rad or Sad Bucks: Do We Like EpisodeSpotify: First Gleecap EpisodeSpotify:
Ep. 63 - Radio Games

Ep. 63 - Radio Games


Zach and Lexi pull some games out of the vault and decide whether these radio classics are rad or sad. Also in this episode Zach is drunk.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi bring on a friend to try something a little different... It's a battle of the wits and the letters as the Rad or Sad crew see if they've retained anything from the spelling tests of days past.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi get some international radness and sadness from two new friends! Robyn and Eric Kanius, two Canadian podcasters and the hosts of Do We Like?, bring us some of the impactful PSAs that graced their childhood televisions.Check out Beaned Media and all their podcasts: beanedmedia.comEpisode thread:
Zach and Lexi celebrate Valentine's Day with the internet's date ideas and a game designed to destroy their love.Episode thread:
Ep. 59 - Malls

Ep. 59 - Malls


Zach and Lexi revisit the hallowed halls of the malls of their youth. They bounce from store to store, stop by the food court, and maybe snag a graphic tee or two.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi bring us the latest installment in this thrilling trilogy of card games, hard decisions, and weird, weird energy.Episode thread:
Have you ever stopped to wonder about the immense cultural influence you are connected to but mostly missed out on by being a baby the year you were born? Well, Zach and Lexi did, and now they're duking it out to see whose birth year is the raddest. We'll sell you your whole seat, but you'll only need the edge etc. etc.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi make a mellow episode this week talking about cool people, good reads, and a whole lots of recs.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi have shamelessly mined social media for topics and recast their favorite movies as Muppets! Honestly, are we even a little surprised?Episode thread:
We'll Be Right Back!

We'll Be Right Back!


Zach and Lexi are taking the holidays off! Rad or Sad will return on Monday, January 11th, 2021.
Zach and Lexi lay out all the raddest and saddest parts of their family Christmas traditions both past and present.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi had no idea just how many fictional bears there are, and so today they're digging in like never before! It's the wonderful bears you know and love with fun twists and deeeep rabbit holes along the way.Episode thread:
A bonus episode ?? Is it Christmas already ??? Zach and Lexi tracked down the glorious meat sticks that Lexi used to sell for fundraisers, and so— naturally—​ the Rad or Sad team tries them all.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi dissect their indoctrination into capitalism a.k.a. the fundraisers they had to sell stuff for as wee children. In the process, they drag all of their parents into the mix.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi bring on a longtime Raddie and Zach's cousin, Renzo, to talk about all the most wild, disgusting, and/or accidentally violent antics from our school days.Episode thread:
Zach and Lexi commemorate the 50th episode of the 'cast by still being in a relationship!! They revisit the LTR rads and sads from the first episode, and build on those with what they've learned since then.Episode thread:
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