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Is it rad, or is it sad? That’s what we're here to tell you! Each week, Zach and Lexi espouse hard and ridiculous opinions on everything from life to pop culture, and all the chaos in between. Listen every Monday for a beautiful mess of oddly specific things you never thought you'd relate to, but somehow do.
55 Episodes
Zach and Lexi bring on a longtime Raddie and Zach's cousin, Renzo, to talk about all the most wild, disgusting, and/or accidentally violent antics from our school days.
Zach and Lexi commemorate the 50th episode of the 'cast by still being in a relationship!! They revisit the LTR rads and sads from the first episode, and build on those with what they've learned since then.
Ep. 49 - Pets

Ep. 49 - Pets


Zach and Lexi remember all the furry little friends they've had in their lives and talk about the rads, sads, chaos, and cutness of pet ownership.
Ep. 48 - Game Night

Ep. 48 - Game Night


Zach and Lexi take it easy in the midst of these hell times with an evening of board games, trivia, and straight chillin'.
Zach and Lexi dive into the most specific childhood television watching memories: the raddest and saddest of As Seen on TV Products.
Zach and Lexi celebrate the season with the old standards, some modern classics, and a few proposals for new additions to the Halloween canon. Stay spooky, kids.
Zach and Lexi finally do what we've all been waiting to be done: they rank the sauces. Strap in.
Ep. 44 - Ask Us Anything!

Ep. 44 - Ask Us Anything!


Zach and Lexi answer all the hard-hitting, hilarious, and otherwise ridiculous questions that you lovely Raddies and Saddies sent to the 'cast.
Zach and Lexi return to a classic game of wits, rathers, and devilishness.
Ep. 42 - Summer Camp

Ep. 42 - Summer Camp


As this summer comes to a close, Zach and Lexi look back on their summers— from about a little over a decade ago.
Zach and Lexi bring on a good friend and a heated kart competitor— Greg Houser— to get into the nitty-gritty of everybody's favorite Italian plumber racing game.
Zach and Lexi subject themselves— and you— to another food episode, woooo!! They have sought out all the best, worst, and strangest foods that taste like other foods.
Zach and Lexi bring on a friend and host of GleeCap Podcast, Conor Burke, to discuss the television that turned them into the people they are today.
Zach and Lexi bring on a good friend— and someone who knows much more than them, though that bar is low— to take a peek into the future of their living situations.
Ep. 37 - Maine

Ep. 37 - Maine


Zach and Lexi took a (socially-distanced and masked) trip to Maine, and they brought back all that hot Maine goss.
Zach and Lexi relive all the death-defying rides, artery-clogging foods, and bizarre regionalisms of the carnivals, festivals, and fairs they grew up with.
Zach and Lexi spend the night in a Residence Inn while being displaced by Tropical Storm Isaiah, and they chat it up about all things hotels.
Zach and Lexi bring on two more guests, one new and one returning, to fall down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.
Zach and Lexi are joined this episode by Gerit Wagner, friend and knower of foods. They dig into their best and most horrifying childhood eating habits.
Zach and Lexi discuss what makes or breaks a great talk show host, and who they think should dethrone Jimmy Fallon.
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