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We speak about Rep. Seth Moulton about dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary, corruption and competence in State agencies, and academics cutting ties with the MIT Media Lab because of its connection to Jeffrey Epstein.
With coral reefs in peril because of climate change, New England scientists hope that Northern Star coral could hold answers to help mitigate the impacts of climate change on coral reefs around the world.
Host Tiziana Dearing speaks with our Week In Review panelists, The Boston Globe's Renee Graham and Boston Herald's Joe Battenfeld, on Rep. Seth Moutlon pulling out of the presidential primary and whether Rep. Joe Kennedy has a shot against Sen. Ed Markey. Plus, we talk competence and corruption in our state institutions: The RMV and the DNC. Also, New England coral and it might help teach us how tropical coral can survive climate change.
What does a neighborhood bar mean? To many they're community, connection and belonging.
What will it mean for immigration services in Boston?
Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford discusses President Trump canceling his state visit to Denmark.
Host Tiziana Dearing speaks with WBUR's Shannon Dooling about why Boston immigration officials are being sent to the Mexican border and what that means for services in Boston. Plus, a former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark on President Trump decision to cancel a state visit to Denmark. Also, is Boston seeing the death of the neighborhood bar? We talk about what's lost when local establishments close and and how should bars evolve for 2019. 
The U.S. attorney is charging them with conspiracy and obstruction of justice -- accusing the two of running a scheme that gathered thousands of dollars in illegal kickbacks.
Two academics will cut ties to the MIT's Media Lab after the Lab's director apologized for the Lab's ties to Jeffrey Epstein. We dig into the larger context.
Host Tiziana Dearing speaks with Congresswoman Katherine Clark about the Green New Deal and gun control legislation. Plus, the former president of the Mass. state police union and the union's Beacon Hill lobbyist are charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice for running a scheme that gathered thousands of dollars in illegal kickbacks. Also, two academics are cutting ties to MIT's Media Lab because of the Lab's ties to financier Jeffrey Epstein.
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