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John's father's spirit recommends he builds the bridge to reconnect with his child.
S7 E48 "Will be boys"

S7 E48 "Will be boys"


Kimberly's late grandmother advises parenting her boys, who will be boys.
Cindy's spirit guide advises she walk away confidently from her relationship.
S7 E46 "Deep do-do"

S7 E46 "Deep do-do"


Ricardo's mother, Mary, suggests he take another path to get himself out of deep do-do.
I talk with Dr. Whitney, Author of "Consciousness in Jung and Patanjali," about the underlying issue of today's mental health crisis.
Katie's spirit advises her not to worry about what they think but to go on to live her life.
Heather's late father says she doesn't have to carry the burden of a badly behaved adult child.
Bonnie's spirit guide says that she's a leader for women.
Anne's late father is grateful that she honors his wishes, delving into his family's history.
Sandy's parents, in spirit, keep her busy with family.
Allison's spirit guide encourages her to fundraise for herself.
Sue's spirit guide gave her everything and continues to this very day.
Kelli's spirit delivers the sweetest thing for her heart.
S7 E36 "No guidance"

S7 E36 "No guidance"


Yolanda's lost brother's spirit said life's hard with no guidance.
S7 E35 "Just have fun"

S7 E35 "Just have fun"


Stephanie's spirit reminds her there's more to appearances; just have fun.
If you're an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one anytime soon, join my conversation with Susie Carder, author, and podcaster of "Power your profits," about how she pivoted from being a cash-strapped single mom into a superpower businesswoman that built several multi-million dollar businesses.
Krystal's departed father advises she save her pennies.
S7 E32 "Pain in rear"

S7 E32 "Pain in rear"


Diana's late brother, and his son, reveal that an upcoming move will alleviate the pain in her rear!
Michelle's spirit guide reconnects with birds and butterflies to embrace the family news.
Join my interview with Dr. Joan Rosenberg, who describes how we can develop self-confidence to live the life we love in 90 seconds!
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