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Tune into spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee for closure, insight, guidance, and answers. She offers advice to callers from the other side. Laura Lee's readings dispel fear, reveal the truth and inspire hope to live life fully. Sign up to call into the ​show;
348 Episodes
Laura shares John's story about how he felt tapped on the shoulder by an angel.
Krystal's message from spirit is to trust the process concerning having a family to call her own in the future.
Brandi receives messages from spirit guides that offer career direction.
S3 Ep41 "Say sorry"

S3 Ep41 "Say sorry"


John learns from his late father to say sorry for mending broken bonds.
Spirit message about how to stabilize unbalanced areas in your life.
Laura answers first responder, Hannah's question about how to help her patience when she feels stuck.
Liz's family suggests she forgive herself for betraying a past relationship.
Spirit message about accessing inner wisdom for the best course of action.
Laura shares Ana's story about how her restless spirit found peace with divine intervention on Spotify.
S3 Ep37 "Respect"

S3 Ep37 "Respect"


Jay's late mother talks about teaching her son respect as head of the household.
Shelli receives a spirit message about how her past experience of independence is shaping her future.
S3 Ep35 "Be at peace"

S3 Ep35 "Be at peace"


Alicia receives a message from her grandparents to be at peace about business transition during COVID.
Spirit message about giving tenderness to self, and others, to transition out of difficulties.
S3 Ep34 "Right path"

S3 Ep34 "Right path"


Laura answers Lily's question about how do you know when you're on the right path.
Ana's sister comes through to say she's a light in the world for children and adults alike.
S3 Ep32 "Plan on it"

S3 Ep32 "Plan on it"


Nass's mom's spirit shares that she can plan on a future move.
S3 Ep31"Every Step"

S3 Ep31"Every Step"


Pat learns that loved ones on the other side are with her every step.
Spirit message about tapping into your supernatural power.
Laura shares Lynn's story about how her mother holds conversations with spirit.
Tara learns from her late grandfather that letting it go will help heal her body.
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