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Tune into spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee for closure, insight, guidance, and answers. She offers advice to callers from the other side. Laura Lee's readings dispel fear, reveal the truth and inspire hope to live life fully. Sign up to call into the ​show;
297 Episodes
Laura shares Allen's story about how he loved his aunt that told him she had died in a dream.
Best of S2 "Rest easy"

Best of S2 "Rest easy"


Kinsey's grandmother and nephew share that the family can rest easy about a difficult pregnancy.
Craig receives a message from his family of friend's son/brother.
Shawna's late father is who she expected to hear from to make a pronouncement about her new year.
Spirit message for Radio Medium listeners about practicing patience.
Laura answers listener, Lou's question about his brother's mental illness.
S2-Ep90 "Love for all"

S2-Ep90 "Love for all"


Michele's parents send a message of love for all the family while trying to manage affairs during this difficult time.
Christy's parents come through to say that she honors herself by remaining home from work during COVID.
S2-Ep88 "Take care"

S2-Ep88 "Take care"


Chris's family on the other side, pass on a message to his father, a first responder, to take care of himself during this time.
Spirit message for Radio Medium listeners about our rebirth, spiritual transformation, during COVID.
Laura shares Tim's story about his spirit visitation.
Ray receives validation from his spiritual guides to keep forging ahead with projects.
S2-Ep85 "Heaven"

S2-Ep85 "Heaven"


Special guest Melissa reconnects with her late son who relays that he's in heaven. *Rerun
S2-Ep84 "Sweetheart"

S2-Ep84 "Sweetheart"


Sharon reconnects with her life long sweetheart from the other side. *Rerun
Laura answers listener, Sophia's question about a tormenting spirit in her presence.
S2-Ep82 "Call her"

S2-Ep82 "Call her"


Lisa's late friend encourages her to call an old BFF to make amends from the past.
Hannah's late daughter confirms she's an angel watching over her.
Laura receives her 'papa's' message from the other side, that he'll be there in spirit for graduation.
Spirit message for Radio Medium listeners to remain calm by carrying on.
Laura shares Annie's story about how she has no worry about losing her dog when all she has to do is ask for her guardian angels' help.
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