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Tune into your spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee for insight, guidance, and answers. She offers advice to callers from the other side. Laura Lee's readings dispel fear, reveal the truth and inspire hope to live life fully. Call the ​show for a FREE reading at
425 Episodes
Erin's ex comes through to acknowledge his remorse for leaving her and their girls behind.
Nicole reconnects with her brother, who claims there's no fire or hell after suicide. *If you or someone you know is suicidal; call the prevention hotline at 800-273-TALK (8255)
Kimberly's family on the other side encourages her carefree spirit.
Laura shares a spirit message about remaining loyal to your heart.
S4 Ep38 "A little TLC"

S4 Ep38 "A little TLC"


Laura answers Erica's question about how to strengthen her connection to spirit.
S4 Ep37 "Kicked back"

S4 Ep37 "Kicked back"


Lisa's dad, from the other side, says his idea of heaven is kicked back watching sports games.
Robin learns from her cousin, on the other side, that he'd contemplated death a long time. If you or anyone in your family is threatening their life, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255
Hannah's late grandfather encourages her passion with higher education.
S4 Ep34 "Past life"

S4 Ep34 "Past life"


Laura answers Tia's question about her most recent past life.
S4 Ep33 "Back-burner"

S4 Ep33 "Back-burner"


Mariah's late grandmother says to leave her message about kids and familyly on the back-burner.
S4 Ep32 "Standing by"

S4 Ep32 "Standing by"


Nancy's late husband assures her that he is standing by her side day and night.
Laura's father, on the other side, says not to worry about her daughter(s) depression and that it will work itself out.
S4 Ep30 "Reconnect"

S4 Ep30 "Reconnect"


Laura shares spirit's message about reconnecting with distant relationships.
S4 Ep29 "Early riser"

S4 Ep29 "Early riser"


Laura shares Julia's spirit story about she's taken on her late husband's habit as an early riser.
Tia's mom, on the other side, brags about her accomplishments.
Amy's late father says he's remains king of the house in the company of his family.
Sondra learns that her teenager will come out on the good side.
Laura's spirit message addresses the differences and similarities between soulmates and twin flames.
Laura gives answers for guest caller, Kate's, question about her child's health.
Emily discovers that her loved ones are nearby when she draws birds around her.
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