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Tune into spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee for closure, insight, guidance, and answers. She offers advice to callers from the other side. Laura Lee's readings dispel fear, reveal the truth and inspire hope to live life fully. Sign up to call into the ​show;
297 Episodes
Laura answers Lou's question about his brother's threats to harm the family.
S3 Ep3 "Love for all"

S3 Ep3 "Love for all"


Michele's parents send their love for all as she and siblings attempt to retain their family home.
Patti's receives a message from the other side that her boy(s) will help her overcome the hurdles.
Nora’s late mother suggests her children's sleeping patterns are designed to nurture her too.
Acceptance is a step for healing and recovery.
Laura shares listener, Leila, story about her dream about their puppy that somehow connects with the loss of their dog, Roscoe.
Christy's parents come through to say that she honors herself by remaining home from work during COVID.
Stephanie's late mother reminds her to take stock of life's simple pleasures.
Best of S2 "A miracle"

Best of S2 "A miracle"


John learns that his stillborn daughter's re-entry into the world is a miracle to be embraced. **Listen carefully for spirit voices on the recording!
Marlena receives a message from her partner about how she helped him survive life.
Laura answers Paul's very important question about his soul being cursed.
Linda receives a comforting message from a late brother about the conflict in her heart.
Quecia's family, on the other side, say to put squabbling aside and better get along with family.
Kinsey's late grandfather says hello, not a goodbye, and gives thanks for family's support.
Sabria's late partner expresses that he brings comfort with arms wrapped around her.
Laura answers Sandy's question about what still bothers her about mom passing.
Allie's visit with her late aunt always lifted her up.
Kathy's grandmother guides her financial future with pennies from heaven.
Lance learns that his dad, on the other side, walks with him in the woods.
Vera’s grandmothers stand behind her as a mother pursuing school.
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