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Tune into spirit with Radio Medium Laura Lee for closure, insight, guidance, and answers. She offers advice to callers from the other side. Laura Lee's readings dispel fear, reveal the truth and inspire hope to live life fully. Sign up to call into the ​show;
258 Episodes
Laura shares Kelsey's story about how a photo dropped into her lap at a convenient moment.
Cindy reconnects with her son and mother who says that her namesake is like karma coming back around.
Special guest Laura Lee's late father reminds her she has enough money set aside to carry her through this period.
Kerry's father comes through to remind her, and her family, to get fresh air to release stress.
Special message to Radio Medium listening audience!
Laura answers Annette's email question about the changes she's going to make in 2020 as a healer.
S2-Ep57 "Walking away"

S2-Ep57 "Walking away"


Diana's mother shares that she's walking away from past grievances as should she.
Kim's late father-in-law says that distant children are alright.
Kelly's mother-in-law discloses that she's holding her hand, especially a sister, during the crisis.
S2-Ep54 "You know"

S2-Ep54 "You know"


Jamie is reminded by family on the other side that she knows what to do for the children.
Special message for Radio Medium listeners!
S2-Ep53 "Soldier on"

S2-Ep53 "Soldier on"


Jennifer's late grandfather, a vet, advises her to soldier on for the good of her family's welfare.
Special guest Earlyn learns from family on the other side that all is forgiven about not spending more time together.
Special guest Angela's late father is giving her strength to carry on after his passing.
Special guest Linda receives a comforting message from a late brother about the conflict in her heart.
Laura shares Rose's story about a prophetic dream with departed loved ones turns into reality.
Special guest Sara's late grandmother says that she's stronger than she knows to forge ahead.
Special guest Jen is reminded to hope for the future concerning a broken relationship.
Special guest Quecia's family, on the other side, say to put squabbling aside and better get along with family here.
S2-Ep45 "Its all love"

S2-Ep45 "Its all love"


Special guest Jessica reconnects with an older brother from the other side who reveals it's all love.
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