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Jackie's spirit shares wisdom that will help channel positive energy.
Evy's strong spirit will live on in another child.
Nicole's spiritual family says someone will light up her life to give her direction.
S7 E18 "Too darn hard"

S7 E18 "Too darn hard"


Brenda's spirit claims it's okay not to show up sometimes because it's too darn hard.
Tendai's spirit reveals that she's not housebound and can live life accordingly.
S7 E16 "Let it be"

S7 E16 "Let it be"


Pam receives a timely spirit message to let it be in regards to her marriage.
S7 E15 "No love lost"

S7 E15 "No love lost"


Sithembiso discovers from spirit that no love is lost in his life.
Al's spirit inspires him to be a rebel with a cause for his kith and kin.
Debbie's parent's in heaven exclaim that it's about time she made a call to connect.
S7 E12 "In the heart"

S7 E12 "In the heart"


Teri's visited by a special loved one who shares a connection in the heart.
Michelle's spirit says she overlooks their signs.
Kiersten learns she's got a fighting spirit that inspires her to carry onward.
I interview Author Eliana Gilad about how we can emerge triumphant through times of uncertainty and crisis.
Tammy's loved one shared that she's holding herself back from life.
Laurie receives confirmation that she's ready to take a road less traveled in life.
Marissa's message from higher realms comes as a shock.
S7 E5 "In the blood"

S7 E5 "In the blood"


Marianna receives insight into what runs in the family bloodline.
Laura interviews Dr. Pam Girali about how to awaken our divine diva (or essence).
Carmen's guardian angels remind her that prayers are always answered.
Olivia's spirit guide gives love advice despite his lack of luck.
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