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Editorial Podcast is a weekly radio show hosted by Stereobeaver and KorneJ on Radio Plato. We invite musicians, artists, travelers, restaurant owners and many others to talk about their ways of life, musical tastes and various nonsense topics. We are on air every Wednesday at 15:00 on
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In the 73rd Editorial Podcast we have a musician, DJ, radio host and good man Myownchoir. We talked about his growing up in Minsk neighborhood Zialony Łuh (Green Meadow), his music production approach and his dao feeling about the music flooding in the world. He also brought some golden examples of old-school hip hop and lo-fi house to the podcast. Check this out!
A great talk with a great man! Alexander Karalevich visited our studio.As usual we talked about bunch of serious topics, like education, childhood, larp, cinema and of course some nonsense. Alexander got real gourmet taste in music, we got it covered.Tune in!
In the 71 Editorial Podcast we have our good friend and professional videomaker Alex Skidan. We talk about his recent collaboration with the cult Russian nu-metal band Psychea, discuss what drives Alex to film and where is the line between the client's desire and the artist's vision. Have a joyful listen!
In the 70th Editorial Podcast we have our friend Pavel Zygmantovich aka FB. Pasha is actively promoting bass music in Belarus, regularly boils up Radio Plato with his radio show "Low Start", and recently his mixtape has been featured on the air of the legendary British station Rinse FM. We talk with him about all this, as well as about the scientific background of dubstep, the culture of dubplates, and why furniture restoration is related to the collecting of vinyl.
With support of JagerVibes in the 69 Editorial Podcast we have a very unusual guest on the show. Kastian is an alias of Belarusian musician Kostia Rozhkov who now lives in Saint-Petersburg. This year he has won the independent Jager Music Awards 2020 in the Young Blood People’s Choice Belarus nomination. How to record online a track featuring more than thirty artists and why did it only become possible in 2020? How did he manage to become the winner of the award this year and what will Kostia spend the prize on? And the eternal question: which is cooler: Stratocaster or Telecaster? Have a listen to our in-depth conversation with the artist and his dense tracks as well.
In the 68th Editorial Podcast we have a genius and modest Belarusian illustrator Hanna Kruk. We talk about her visual style which can be described as tender grunge. We recall all fuckup stories about going to concerts: when you oversleep or miss them. And of course, we ask Hanna about modern art education and why it should be wasted. All this is framed with the best music brought by Hanna. Have a listen!
Editorial crew meets Ludmila Pogodina. Luda is a journalist, dj and real cultural energizer. We discussed lots of things and I don't want to spoil it. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that now we know Luda a little better.Tune in for 2 hours of awesome music and talks!
Editorial crew meets Violetta Savchits - Belarusian photographer and journalist. We talked about documenting protests in Minsk, sense and essence of contemporary photography and what is more important good tech or great hands.Tune in for a great music and talk!
In 65th Editorial Podcast we reunite with our editorial member KorneJ, who was arrested at a political meeting in Minsk and spent 15 days in jail. We talk with KorneJ about how he was detained, how the trial happened and what new things he discovered during his arrest. Of course, our talks mixed with good music brought by the guest. Check it!
Editorial Podcast crew meets Skalodrom Plato founders Igor and Yura.Well, that's a nice one. We talked all about climbing as a sport and lifestyle, climbing community and found out how did both radio and skalodrom got their name.Tune in! - get on the wall!
Diamos Roll meets Radio Plato Editorial crew.We've talked about labels Dima is running, new (and old) albums of CherryVata band and the state of todays independent musicanship and distribution.Tune in!
Lera Dele aka Koob Dele meets Radio Plato Editorial crew.We talked about upcoming releases, childhood and influences, music market up and downs, and so much more.Tune in the ride.Cheers!
Denis Eye-Q visited Editorial Podcast crew.Denis has many talents: turntablism, photography, shooting sports. But he most know for his PA rental activity as IQ rental, providing top notch sound for concerts and parties.We talked about lots of stuff and it was fun.Tune in and enjoy.
In the 60th Editorial Podcast we decide to organize the public talks around thorny questions of the entertainment industry in Belarus. Is it necessary to close bars, clubs and cultural spaces when quarantine is not declared in the country? How to negotiate with lessors and authorities during the pandemic? And how not to go crazy in this situation? We talk about these questions with Alexander Bogdanov (cultural center 'Korpus'), Gleb Gurami (Modul art platform) and Gleb Kovalev (Karma Bar, Post Bar). Have a listen!
In the 59th Editorial Podcast we have one of our favorite Belarusian band Dlina Volny. Recently they have signed to the independent LA record label Italians Do It Better where they already released two singles 'Do It' and 'I'm Not Allowed'. This summer Dlina Volny is going to release their sophomore album on this label. We talk about the details of the new album, support of the label and why Belarusian post-punk is a new black for Westerners. As well as we listen to favorite tunes of the band. Check it!Dlina Volny:
We met at Burnin' Roof Rec. studio to talk with Pavel Porosiatsiev aka Panic, Pavel is the member of the VibeClub and several other soul/funk related bands. Of course we talked about how COVID-19 affects music industry and musicians in instance, studio engineering and local soul/funk improvisers community. Tune in! Video sneak peak: VibeClub on Facebook:
In the 57th edition of Editorial Podcast we have a famous Belarusian artist (muralist by education) and an author of the cult Belarusian characters Sasha & Sirozha Alexey Khatskevich aka Khatson. How the satiric show of SaSi was allowed to be on TV? Is Alexey planning to make a stand-up from SaSi? What mural Alexey would draw and where? And why Alexey moved to the village? We talked about these questions and listened to his and his family favorite music. Check it!
In the 56th issue of Editorial podcast we have three wonderful guests from Minsk local brewery Bierbank. It was established in 2007 when there is no craft beer in Minsk at all. Now they have one of the most interesting product lines of beer in Belarus: from IPA Strawberry and smoked pumpkin ale till the only in Belarus Russian Imperial Stout. We talked with them about how they create new beer styles, how to become a beermaker assistant and what 'Plato' means in the beer industry? Have a taste!
In the 55th Editorial podcast we have our old friend and natural-born adventurer Boris Nikolaichik. He with his friend Roma Svechnikov is known for the trip on motorized bicycles around Belarus. During this trip Boris shot what was happened and later developed in honest doc movie 'Around Belarus on bicycles with motors' about life in the very deep of Belarus. This doc took best documentary award of the International Film Festival Listapad in 2017 (full version with English subtitles see here: In 2017 Risky Guys (as they call themselves) went to no less mad Mongol rally on old Lada 9, visited the abandoned Monument House of the Bulgarian Communist Party and an operating hangar of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Crazy guys! We discussed with Boris a danger line between normality and wilderness, music as a perfect container of life experience and Belarus identity which unfold itself not immediately. Have a listen!
In the 55th Editorial Podcast we have musician, teacher and psychologist Vova Potapenko. He founded Ableton school 5 years ago and is responsible for "new chapters" in music paths of many famous Belarusian musicians such as Rusia from Shuma, Mustelide, Palina, etc. In the podcast we talked about the difference between to be a teacher and to teach, discovered how psychosomatic medicine connects with music (we even have a short magic therapy in the air) and why Vova was disappointed in DJing. Tune in!
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