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Welcome Xzottic!At the age of 16, Aleksei got acquainted with underground music and since then he has been completely fascinated by the search for a bold and non-standard sound. This set is in the style of Dark Disco, it hides both aggressive and driving notes and relaxing compositions.
Radio Plato Guest List welcomes Beat L – co-creator of Аб’ект community, DJ and producer.He is a well-known bass music influencer in Belarus. He started to promote UK sound in his hometown in 2010. He has a huge record collection of classic dub-step and 2-step records. In 2016 Beat L became a part of the Аб’ект community and added his view of electro music."In this mix, I tried to maintain the atmosphere of the British classic two-step garage. Weaving the old school, as well as rapidly gaining momentum artists of their genre. Synthesizers, brass, characteristic bass are waiting for the listener in one cocktail. Happy listening!? - says Beat LFollow
A guest mix by Salat, the founder of the Mastak Records community, which is currently having parties in Gdańsk, Poland. For Guest List, he prepared a set of light breakbeat and two-step selections.Download:
A guest mix from the young Minsk-based DJ Ramari, who prepared a set of bombastic house and electro.Download:
Welcome to an eclectic music trip with Garus. We drive from art-rock to jungle, bass, and techno in well packed 1-hour mixtape.Recorded and broadcasted live @ Accidental Point.Enjoy!
Quiet special episode of Guest List with dub master Dziva. He brought a great selection of tunes that survived the recent fire on Onionvillagestudio. Take a listen to those fire dub vibes!
We welcome Deep Fish in Radio Plato studio with a full blast of EBM. From tape to digital, from old to new, from dusk till dawn.Enjoy!
Here is a new guest mix by Mirage. His career as a DJ began in 2015 in Uzbekistan, in the city of Samarkand. In 2019 he moved to Moscow and attended many parties in the capital and St. Petersburg. He discovered many styles and the Romanian minimal, which is now his main concern.Download:
A next guest mix on Radio Plato is by Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-based electronic band SayanaSayana is an instrumental-electronic trio that plays light, lounge, sometimes dancing indie chill. Behind the shoulders of the guys are about ten releases, some of which can be heard on Radio Plato. Today we listen to their set, which will consist exclusively of their own tracks. Let's get to know!Download:
Moscow-based Fazarchive plays techno and house with ethnic motifs. Each of his sets is a roller coaster in terms of memories and emotions. He likes to put people in a trance on the dance floor, ethnic motives are combined with electronics - consciousness goes to flight.This mix is dedicated to a unique person - artist Jazep Drazdovič. “The first Belarusian astronaut traveled in dreams to other planets. In our case, we fly to Saturn: to admire the sunsets, walk on the rings and of course fall in love with a Saturnian girl".Download:
Belarusian band Stazhery released a new Summer 21 EP, these are the audio photos of last summer. You can listen to the EP here ( Also the musicians recorded a guest mix especially for Radio Plato. It consists of tracks that are now in the players of the band members. Therefore, it will be interesting to listen to what inspired Stazhery before the Summer 21 EP.
We welcome Vylinski aboard Radio Plato Guest List series.This vinyl mix is a full blast of synth wave, post-punk, minimal wave and some italo gems.Recorded and broadcasted with care @ Radio Plato studio.
Eclectic guest mix by Moscow-based DJ Safronel. Worth digging it!Download:
My name is Pafnutiy, I am a French horn player, this mix shows my life, in which this magical instrument takes a huge part.There is a composition in the mix which gives birth to a bright ball in my mind and actually gives me an impulse to continue to make music. There is a record that introduced me and fell in love with the Scandinavian French horn player, and the cover of this record gave birth to incredible stories of his life, which I made up for myself. There are three completely different records with a French horn player, which has left perhaps the largest mark in the history of French horn as an instrument, not related to classical music. There is a legendary American jazz horn player who participated in almost all the recordings of American jazz bands in the 70s and 90s. There is a piece, playing which, every time my heart breaks again and again. There is a legendary person whose life story has inspired people for a long time. People playing the French horn. 13 plays, 13 different records, each has its own history, its own past and I hope its future. This mix is  like a continuation of a beautiful story. The story of the instrument, my favorite instrument!Recorded and broadcasted with care @ Radio Plato studio.
Super sweet bodymoving mixtape by Kazei, recorded and broadcasted live from a secret location. Full flavored dnb and jungle goodness inside.Enjoy!
Moving techy minimal by our boy Arts who is one of the curators and producers of Deep Arts show on Radio Plato. The mix itself is a great mood setter, please dive and enjoy!
Chill, vinyl-only mix by Belarusian, Germany-based DJ Asone. Check the vibe!Download:
Anton is a magician. No we are not kidding, he does an absolutely incredible mood swing just to hit you up with the full spectrum of mood. From nostalgia to the dreamland.Follow the crew:!
Welcome Embind on Guest list with an eclectic electronic music trip: from midtempo up to breakbeat acid gems.Follow Ellen here: in!
Huzaev, one of the curators of Deep Arts on Radio Plato, shared the guest mix with us today. Listen to the groove house music from our homie.Download:
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