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Radio Project Front Page Podcast Fri, 20 Jul 2018 23:00:36 PDT
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Building Bridges: 	Trump Attacks 1.2 Million Federal Workers Represented by Unions , Segment 1
Post Janus: Trump Attacks 1.2 Million Federal Workers Represented by Unions withJoe Davidson who writes the Federal Insider, a Washington Post column on the federal government. He is a founding board member of the National Association of Black Journalists and is in its Hall of Fame.Step two in Trumps attack on the public sector unions has begun with the implementation of his 3 Executive Orders seriously curtailing Federal workers union rights. These union are already prohibited from requiring workers to pay any dues or fees, cannot bargain over pay and are prohibited from striking. Now Trump's is declaring a federal workers wage freeze for the new fiscal year. Yet Trumps EOs go further by restricting union representatives access to paid time to represent workers, proposals making it easier and faster to fire workers under civil service regulations and revising the ground rules for negotiations for union contracts . Even before the executive orders were issued, the Education Dept unilaterally imposed a contract on workers who had rejected it. Nineteen federal workers unions have sued the administration to thwart the executive orders. They have also gained support from a bipartisan group of current and former members of Congress who filed a brief denouncing the presidents executive orders.And these are but the first steps . Trump is promising more "reforms" beforethe Nov.elections. Many of these efforts have been overseen by James Sherk, a former Heritage Foundation labor economist who joined Trumps transition team to tackle labor challenges. He now sits on the low-profile Domestic Policy Council. At Heritage, Sherk wrote policy papers on the need to roll back public employee labor rights. He helped Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker (R) engineer a plan to bust the states employee unions in 2011.
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