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In the last 4th episode of Vedenga Rojava we had a close look on internationalism and its history. We shared some of the actions which were carried after the appeal coming from Rojava. Small interview with Barbara a long term international revolutionary about actions, strategy and future and with queeranarchists Rêvan and Anna who participated in Women for Afrîn in Stockholm, Sweden with prior experiences from YPJ about inter-sectionalism, real practical solidarity and revolutionary long term perspective. In Dîroka Şehîd - Memories of Fallen comrades, Serhildan presented a story of YPJ kurdish fighter Ş. Barîn Kobane and talked about systematical implication of patriarchy in the most disgrace way by Turkish state and its jihadist alies and the courage of women facing these brutal attacks. We summarized some of the criticisms we received and included even more music than usually (sometimes sang along) and in the end we prepared a little surprise for you. As always we welcome your feedback on vedengarojava (A) riseup (dot) net
This epizode was dedicated to all women and non male revolutionaries. In the third episode we had a closer look on Turkish anti-propaganda and a discussion about how media work in times of fascist occupation. In the main interview we spoke with Şilan - YPJ women internationalist revolutionary. Şilan talked about her experience from Kurdish autonomous Women's defense unit, her time with Ş. Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell), decision to join Afrîn resistance and her experience facing the second biggest army of NATO, how to deal with lost of close friends, keeping sane and continuing fighting, lessons from Kurdish revolution for our struggle, practical solidarity, Hevaltî, music in heavy times and more. In Dîroka Şehîd - Memories of fallen comrades we gave space to close people of Ş. Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell). Helîn was an internationalist women fighter, anarchist and queer revolutionary who under YPJ felt martyr in Afrîn. We once again failed in the release date which we wanted on Helîn's B-day (June 12th). Also the length of the episode is actually even longer then the last one. But is it filled with a good content. Due to the lengths of episodes we decided to make a 4th one - the last one (the original plan was 3 episodes). The 4th one will be about international solidarity, solidarity actions, experience exchange, reflection on criticism we received and of course a lot of good music and it will come up on Wednesday 27th. Koma Radio ya Vedenga Rojava
In the 2nd episode you can expect an in deep interview with Argeş and Serhat - two internationalist revolutionaries from YPG, later International Freedom Battalion and Antifascist Forces of Afrîn. In this interview we talked about their experiences from Afrîn and whole Rojava, difference between fighting with Daesh and Turkish state, light and dark moments of resistance, dealing with fallen comrades and last but not least about an importance of culture, music and joy in life and struggle. In Dîroka Şehîd - history of fallen comrades - we spoke about Ş. Şevger Ara Makno. An Anarchist originally from Turkey, brave and warm heart and a friend of many who fell in the countryside of Afrîn. This program includes his story, explanation of his name and excerpts of emails andrecordings from his closest ones and two poems. We decided to record live as it gives the radio authenticity we strive for but this method brought a bunch of complications. In the place where the electricity is unstable or none, we had several black outs and that made its influence on the quality. We kindly ask you to share our radio project anywhere you can. We also would very much appreciate any feedback or opinions of yours, please write us to vedengarojava (A) riseup (dot) net You can check the brochure of the campaign for boycott turism in Turkey we shared in this program here: And If you liked the song of Serhado 'Ez kurdistan im', you can found it here:
The first episode covers a basic overview of the events in Afrîn: Occupation of the canton by the Turkish state and its jihadist proxies, political and geopolitical games behind the scene and the beauty of peoples' resistance and self defense. In an interview you can listen to heval Nergis who had been organizing in Afrîn and was forced to flee together with peoples to Shebba refugee camp where they still organizing according the revolutionary principles and practice every day solidarity while facing attacks of the second biggest army of NATO. In our program about fallen comrades Dîrok a Şehid, heval Serhildan will introduce the culture of Şehids (~Martyrdom) in context of the revolutionary struggle and after present a story of Avesta Xabûr - a brave YPJ fighter who committed her life to the defense of the peoples' revolution and blew herself to stop a Turkish tank. After this we will have a closer look into the concept of Fedayî (~selfsacrifice actions) and lay down some critiques. Together with a bunch of good Kurdish tunes and warm voices of Kawa, Serhildan and Tikoşîn we would like to present 105 minutes of our first episode. Whether you like us or do not - please contact us on vedengarojava (A) riseup (dot) net. We would love to hear your feedback. Here you can find the links we mention in the program: [Article] What has happened in Afrin? [Videos] Resistance diaries in Afrin [Article] When our homes became frontline:
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