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A podcast all about boardgames, hosted by Richard "Rahdo" Ham
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This month I'm joined by Dan & Ashton of Shelfside to count down all our fave Kickstarter games! If you'd rather watch the video of it, check, and you can find more of Shelfside at •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
•••[00:01:15] Games Q&A►►► 6 year milestone? Solo affects ranking? La Granja: No Siesta? Top 10 2p+ games? Youtube engagement impact? Variants best practices? Top 10 business simulators? Rahdo talk show? One hit wonders? Heavy scuba euro? 2p scaling in pirate games? Kittens expansion for Isle of Cats? Too much info about games? Inclusivity in games? Home made versions of games? Dice values in Troyes? Marvel Champions evolving? Best Crossfire mechanisms? Code of conduct too negative? Too many VP games? Tactics vs strategy? Dog themed games? Avoiding sig. other game burnout?  •••[01:51:50] Personal Q&A►►► Key of Geebz? Queen's Gambit? World too slow? Games desensitization? State vs Federal? Wales? Our pups? More best things about PNW? Fitness? RV plans? Violent crime on the rise? Inflation on the rise? Social media discrimination? Studen housing? My new Syphon Filter design? Chicken food? Friendly chicken breeds? Economy effect on RRT? Jen's Words of Wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
24 new games & expansions discussed for the month of May! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
It's time to finalize my best games of 2020, which I filmed live simultaneously on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook on may 28th. And after the top10 countdown, I stuck around for some questions and answer time! :) If you'd rather watch this top10 than listen, link: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:44] Games Q&A►►►  Three Sisters? Lowlands? Capitalism theme in euros? Soloing while filming? Gaming burnout? Gaming post RRT? Different show post RRT? Viticulture? Video for gone games? Plunderous status? Glory to Rome? Gamer vs non-gamer? True gateway? 6 year of RTT? Soloing more these days? La Granja: No Siesta? Top10 2p+? Shea covering oldies? Looking at camera? Tshirt effect on channel? Work placement not a fave mechanism? Century combo = Waterdeep? Carebear practices? Misdirection during multiplayer? Social deduction? Still analyze games post RRT? Fresco Megabox rule change?  Component quality effect? •••[01:40:01] Personal Q&A►►►  Fave modern cartoons? Testing for videogame enthusiasm? Social media bans? Lego animation! ( April fools bgg gags? ( & Sports appreciation? Natural dog care? Jen's wisdom of the month?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Hey everybody, this month I'm joined by Liz Taber of Long Distance Gamers to countdown our favourite Pandemic mechanisms and expansions/spinoffs. For more of LIz, you can find her channel (Long Distance Gamers) here: If you'd rather watch this top10 than listen, link: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
17 new games discussed for the month of April! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) (1:17) [Shea] Hidden Leaders Expansions (2:57) 4. Marvel Champions: Galaxy’s Most Wanted   (6:46) 3. Kingdom Builder Big Box  (8:36) 2. Aquatica: Cold Waters (9:30) 1. Concordia: Solitaria  New Games (12:47) 12. Transmissions  (14:48) 11. Dead Man’s Cabal (18:04) 10. Glow (23:41) 9. Solomon Kane (29:33) 8. Pletrix  (31:30) 7. It’s a Wonderful Kingdom  (35:28) 6. Fairy Tale Inn (38:10) 5. Dice Theme Park (41:57) 4. World’s Fair 1893 (44:24) 3. Vivid Memories  (47:21) 2. Rival Networks (50:38) 1. Anno 1800 •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Hey everybody, for this month's top 10 I'm joined by Sarah Shah of Boardgames in a Minute (an excellent channel!) to talk about our 10 games we'd take on the road with us if we found ourselves living in a recreational vehicle! :) p.s. Apologies for the last upload where I grabbed the wrong audio file to upload. Here's the proper top10 with Sarah! :) All the ways to find Sarah: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
19 new games discussed for the month of March! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Contributors 4:00 [Shea #3] Rise of the Gnomes 6:34 [Shea #2] Scythe 10:22 [Shea #1] Mage Noir 16:38 [Ryan] Genotype & Long Shot the Dice Game 18:27 [Tim] Fort Rahdo Expansion Countdown 20:07 #5. Merlin: Morgana 22:44 #4. Valeria Card Kingdoms: Darksworn  24:25 #3. Marvel Champions: Quicksilver 26:20 #2. Auztralia: Tazmania & Revenge of the Old Ones  28:59 #1. Marvel Champions: Scarlet Witch Rahdo Games Countdown 30:39 #11. Coatl 33:00 #10. Alhambra Roll & Write 35:58 #9. Genotype  38:25 #8. Escape Roll & Write 40:30 #7. Space Plague  43:27 #6. After The Empire 47:10 #5. Cryo 50:00 #4. Scrumpy: Card Cider  53:10 #3. Hadrian’s Wall 56:48 #2. Meadow 58:52 #1. Hippocrates •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Top 10 2p Games (revisited)

Top 10 2p Games (revisited)


Hey everybody, this month's top10 is a revisit of my top 10 2p-only games, and I'm joined by Ella Loves Boardgames and Stella of Meeple University! Stella's Channel:  Ella's Channel:  My original top10 from 5 years ago: For this top10 list in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
SHOW NOTES: •••[00:10:20] Games Q&A►►►  Best RTT platform? Changing game ratings? Filming continuity? R&R with old games? FAQ update? Big boxes? Legacy vs campaign definition? Gloomhaven vs Primal? Depth in dungeon crawls? Spirit Island: Jagged Earth? Vindication rating? Designing within constraints? Golden age of gaming? Tinner's Trail? Top10 GOTY updates unfair? Elder Sign vs X-men? Tricon 2021? Is repetitive bad? Changing camera angles? Game enjoyment post RRT retirement? Rulebooks pronouns? Engine building category on BGG? Campaign vs legacy coverage? Handshakes vs copyright? Grain of salt? KS campaign runners managing audience? 18xx? Shortening Faiyum? Fave designer working on different? Narrative in boardgames?  •••[01:57:33] Personal Q&A►►►  Sacrifices for UBI? Social media bans? New Mulan film? Watching 3x speed video? X-Men comics? Did we imagine RRT would get this big? Other bg review channels when we started? Reading suggestion! Effective persuasion? Changing perspective story. Cryptocurrency? Violence in the MCU? Upcoming MCU lineup? Wandavision? Reckoners novels? Not all republicans! Intensions vs outcomes? How's my mom? Covid effect on her if we hadn't come back? Let's see Jen's knitting! Carebear kids gaming? Foodi tips? Sleeping tips? Income post RRT retirement? Jen's words of wisdom?  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Top 10 Combat Systems

Top 10 Combat Systems


Hey everybody, this is February's top10, a bit late, but to make up for that, I'm joined by the newest contributor to the channel, Tim Chuon! Tim's Channel: Tim's First Rundown for RRT: To see this top10 on Youtube: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
15 new games discussed for the month of February! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea's Coverage: (0:38) Chamber of Wonders  (1:37) Dwellings of Eldervale  (3:02) Skyline Express  (5:00) Tiny Epic Dungeons  My Coverage: (6:29) 11. Maglev Metro (9:52) 10. So, You’ve Been Eaten  (12:55) 9. X-Men: Mutant Insurrection (17:02) 8. Sleeping Gods (22:40) 7. Red Rising (26:21) 6. Eternal Palace  (28:52) 5. Sagani (31:49) 4. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition  (34:47) 3. Stroganov  (37:41) 2. Red Cathedral (39:57) 1. Faiyum •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Oops, apologies, i just noticed this has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder since i uploaded it on feb 1! So I'm making it live now, the 16 new games discussed for the month of January! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea's Coverage  (1:04) [Shea] Carnegie  (2:21) [Shea] Under Falling Skies Expansions  Expansions: (3:43) 6. Morels: Foray  (5:19) #5 Wingspan: Oceania  (8:31) #4 Posthuman Saga: Journey Home  (10:39) #3 Smartphone Inc: Update 1.1  (12:21) #2 Marvel Champions: Wasp  (14:25) #1 Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold New Games  New games: (16:25) #8 Primal: The Awakening (17:53) #7 The Coldest Night  (20:33) #6 Seven Bridges  (21:49) #5 Meeples & Monsters  (23:39) #4 Funfair  (26:23) #3 Hallertau  (29:25) #2 CloudAge  (32:44) #1 Project Elite (2020)  •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
This podcast is a follow on to the topics discussed in the last hour of episode 69, which can be found here: Note: there won't be Q&A, Jen won't be appearing, it's just me talking through what has happened since then and what I want to do going forward.  If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out  Here's the excellent video I mentions from Jason Perez: Here's the interview I did on Meepleville meets: Here's the hateful tweet I mentioned (warning: deeply offensive language and hate speech): Jen's "words of wisdom" I mentioned:
IMPORTANT NOTICE! The contents of the final portion of this podcast have been edited from what originally aired, because I made a terrible mistake that led to abusive and potentially violent acts against innocent and marginalized people. As such, all names have been removed, though I've left the other content stand so as not to hide my other mistakes. If further edits are to be made (I am consulting with people smarter than me from the affected communities), they will be noted here!   Also, to those who are "defending" me by being demeaning, insulting or harassing to those who are rightfully angry/disappointed by my recent mistakes: STOP! I made real transgressions, I'm working to rectify them. If you disagree, you're NOT on my side! Please extend grace! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:40] Games Q&A►►► Insert reviews? Seasonal games? One game do-over? Tips for written reviews? My City? 1 game/30 plays? 1st vs 3rd person question reading? Rulebook sins? Boardgame zelda? More 1st vs 3rd person reading? Future of C2C? Stats app? Games with no ratings? Digital discrepancy? How much time on each game? ISS Vanguard if Shea hadn't stepped in? TTS if you own the game? Top 5 legacy games? Ideal Star Trek boardgame? Circadians series? Ranking T&L games? Co-op vs competitive?  •••[01:09:22] Personal Q&A►►► Legion? Thoughts on Jan 6th? Golden vs Platinum rule? Hobbies? Recovering from Trump? Expanse vs Star Trek? Returning to EU? New books or podcasts for Jen? Censorship on BGG? Moving mom to EU? Ranking MCU movies? Value of sports? Other hobbies? Great reset clarification! Shelter vs private seller for getting dogs? How do we decide which dog? Needs of the many vs needs of the few? EU healthcare vs US? Where do i get my t-shirts? Tascini? Funagain? Eklund? Boardgame reviewers & masks? Jen's words of wisdom? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize this was in the "draft" folder, and I only just now noticed! Better late than never for 19 new games discussed for the month of December! If you'd prefer to watch this in video form, head to :) Shea & Ryan (1:40) Shea: ISS Vanguard (4:05) Shea: Masters of Mutanite (5:26) Shea: Pingyao (7:22) Ryan: Era of Tribes (9:24) Ryan: Winter Queen Expansions (11:08) 03. West Kingdom Tomesaga (14:37) 02. The Magnificent: SNØ (16:48) 01. Aeon’s End: Southern Village New Games (18:36) 11. Forgotten Waters  (22:39) 10. Kodama Forest (24:41) 09. The Fox in the Forest (27:43) 08. Florenza 10th Anniversary  (30:33) 07. Century Golem: Endless World (33:48) 06. Marvel United (37:15) 05. Dungeon Academy (39:26) 04. Flourish (41:28) 03. Four Gardens (44:55) 02. Darwin’s Journey (PAID) (48:52) 01. Bonfire •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
New year, same podcast SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:58] Games Q&A►►► Fave “T” game? Solo runthroughs? Klingon sub notification timing? Game room? How much play before filming? Official boardgame release year? Atlantis Rising? Spiel des Jahres recognizing official boardgame release year? Reviewer perspective different than gamers? Apply narrative device from Maracaibo to Trajan? Roll to resolve in Star Trek Expeditions? Event deck in Shadowrun Crossfire? TTS vs ETSY? 2020 a good or bad year for gaming? Nidavellir? Sports themed boardgames? London too random? Formidable opponents? RRT voting double? Castles of Tuscany rules goof? Castles of Tuscany official rules change? Rulebook structure? Darwin & Vanguard not on to anticipated list? Pandemic 0 vs regular Pandemic? Smile & a Gun a top 2p game? What does Jen remember about games? Fave AE Nemesis? Changing Rahdo audience? Has RRT changed our gaming preferences? Jen interested in role playing games? •••[02:29:22] Personal Q&A►►► Dark? Coping with loss of dogs? More than 2 dogs? Social justice on RRT? Terry Pratchett? How did Gamer Glass do in 2020? World Economic Forum’s global economic reset proposals? Using covid for societal reset? Why so many haters? Why no sports? New Star Wars lineup? Ted Lasso? Character growth in Back to the Future? My work on Sims? Discovery season 3? Mandalorian? •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
Hey everybody, it's my yearly top25 countdown of the most anticipated games of the upcoming 365, which was filmed live on youtube on Jan 1st. To see this episode in video form: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
C2C Episode 28

C2C Episode 28


Hey everybody! Here's the final bi-weekly episode of Corner to Corner, and here's the YouTube link if you'd like to watch instead of listen: Episode 28: •••Help Rahdo run @ •••Send your questions to
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Connor Macennis

This is the first Rahdo podcast that I have listened to, and it was a lot to take in. But the information is greatly appreciated.

Oct 24th


Rahdo keeps track of new games like a machine, keeping an eye on potential great games coming out. The podcast also offers discussion of top 10 lists of his YouTube channel and other board game related topics. Game and personal Q&A at the end, with the latter being skippable for a while now if desired.

Apr 5th
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