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Journey with Past. Roelof as he explains in-depth the book of Hebrews and the meaning behind everything
What is really normal?
People often discarded Jesus because He was from a place called Nazareth, how many times have you discarded yourself and stopped God from using you?
Do you know what the sound of God sounds like?
What does it really mean to be authentic? Don't you think it's time to let down the mask in order to gain a real authentic relationship with our Heavenly Father?
The power of praise and why it should not be overlooked!
Journey with Pastor Roelof into the three dimensions of the Anointing!
What is self-love and how do we cultivate it in our lives?
What is keeping you back in life?
Part two of this amazing series!
You are Alive in Christ Jesus!
Believe in the perfect work of our Saviour Jesus
What battles do you need to win, to win the war?
How do you want to re-enter the new year?
When people look at us who and what do they see?
Past Roelof speaks about freeing the authentic you.
You are more than enough in the eyes of our Savior
Past Roelof speaks about the mark of the beast and the seal of God.
Land, Seed and Heir
The truth about the law. We are no longer under the law
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