DiscoverRaising 'Rents (as in Parents) Podcast
Raising 'Rents (as in Parents) Podcast

Raising 'Rents (as in Parents) Podcast

Author: zack demopolous

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Raising ‘Rents (parents) Podcast is a short bi-weekly show for the sandwich generation – which is someone, who suddenly, in addition to current responsibilities like raising kids, pets or having a full-time job, are now faced with the realization they must help raise their parents or an aging adult. Raising ‘Rents’ primary purpose is to inspire, educate and support those who currently, or in the near future, will be caregivers for someone a lot older than themselves. The host, Zack Demopoulos, along with his wife Phyllis, have owned and operated a home healthcare agency in New Jersey for many years and have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge about caring for aging adults along the way. Raising ‘Rents will deliver, through an entertaining and informative format, stories about care-giving from those who have experienced it on both sides…caregivers, industry experts, and aging parents themselves.
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