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Raising Arrows - Large Family Homeschooling

Author: Amy Roberts

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Learn how to manage your home and homeschool with practical, simple, guilt-free ideas from a mom of 10!
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If your homeschool schedule feels chaotic and messy, you probably need to put some anchors in place to keep your homeschool day on track!  Learn how in this episode! Get your 30 day FREE TRIAL of Reading Eggs here! In this episode: What are anchors? How do they help you build a consistent homeschool schedule? Why school needs to start (and end) the same way every day. What happened when I didn't anchor my day! Resources mentioned: Morning Time Basket w/ Multiple Ages Podcast #50 - Autopilot Homeschooling
Are you stressed out by homeschooling this year?  This podcast will give you the practical tools you need to become a relaxed homeschool mom! Get my FREE Daily Homemaking Checklist HERE!  Autopilot Homeschooling (podcast #50) How to Put Your Homeschool on Autopilot (post) The Easiest Homeschool Routine Ever! (video) How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Family (podcast #37) Helpful timestamps: 1:17 - How recognizing your unique family dynamic will help you relax. 6:08 - How to choose stress-free curriculum. 10:17 - How to "Delete & Delegate" things in your homeschool day. 14:53 - The #1 thing that causes stress in a homeschool mom's life!  
Got a lot of kids and not a lot of space? This podcast is all about managing and organizing your kids' bedrooms to make the most of the space you have! Looking for help with managing your home and homeschool? I wrote the book! >> Home Management for the Homeschool Mom Posts you may want to read: Small House, Large Family (2016) Large Family Bedrooms (2014) Living in a Garage (2017) How I Organize Baby's Things in my Bedroom (2017) Large Family Closet Organization (2019) Helpful Podcast Timestamps: 1:01 - Why we only use 3 bedrooms no mater the size of our house. 3:27 - Using the Master Bedroom for children. 5:06 - Putting babies in with siblings. 6:34 - Our current boys bedroom setup. 7:02 - Clothing storage options 8:12 - Triple bunks & platform beds (READ MORE HERE) 9:19 - Spaces for babies (READ MORE HERE) 11:08 - Bunk Beds for older kids (THESE are the bunks I mentioned) 11:57 - Hanging vs. Folding clothes 15:17 - Toys in the bedrooms 16:23 - Family closet ideas (READ MORE HERE)
Laundry is a part of our everyday existence, especially in a large family!  Learn the secrets of our daily laundry chores and how this routine has evolved over the years! Resources: Large Family Daily Laundry Routine (blog post) Huge List of Large Family Laundry Systems (blog post) Teach Your Kids to Do Their Own Laundry (blog post) XL Hamper with Mesh Bag (aff)
Every family has medical needs, but this podcast deals with ongoing medical issues that require organization and planning to manage effectively.  From pregnancy to surgery, chronic illness and ongoing medical treatment, learn how to manage it all without confusion and added stress. Flexible Homeschool Planning book Home Management for the Homeschool Mom book How to Make an Emergency Folder (blog post) Mercy's Story (blog post) Podcast #21 - Morning Sickness & Managing Your Home
A Delight Directed Homeschool isn't a method - it's an approach.  One that works with ANY curriculum!  Learn how to make your curriculum delight directed and spark passion in your children's lives! Resources: Delight Directed Homeschooling series Lifestyle of Learning series Educating the Wholehearted Child by Sally Clarkson Introduction to Delight Directed Homeschooling Podcast Stop Seeing Homeschooling Extras as Extras (post) Apologia Elementary Science texts
Learn how to incorporate your child's natural aptitudes and interests into their homeschooling using Delight Directed Learning!  Also includes a crash course in making homeschooling a lifestyle of learning! Resources: The Christian Home School by Gregg Harris - History Books by Genevieve Foster - Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson - Subscribe to the Raising Arrows Newsletter for more great content for the Large Family Home!
Girls & Their Attitudes

Girls & Their Attitudes


As your girls grow into their teenage years, you may begin to see attitudes that are so different from what you are used to seeing. Learn 3 secrets to help your daughter navigate her teen years and avoid attitude problems. Resources: Boys & Their Attitudes (podcast) Secrets to Handling Attitudes in Girls (post) Subscribe to the Raising Arrows Newsletter for more great content!
Homeschooling through the holidays can be so much fun!  Learn about great resources for homeschooling during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how to make memories along the way!   Get the Holiday Homeschool Planner Pack! $7.99 each or $10 for the set Thanksgiving Holiday Homeschool Planner Christmas Holiday Homeschool Planner 12 week Holiday Planner (we have used this planner for years starting October 1 every year)   Blessing Tree - something we do every year as a family! Advent Nature Study (we love this one!) HUGE list of Advent ideas!   Family Traditions podcast Autopilot Homeschool podcast   When you subscribe to the blog, get a FREE Fall Movie Themed Party Guide to enjoy with your family!  
Busy moms tend to forget to cultivate art and beauty in their own lives.  They are so busy pouring out, they don't realize how important it is to show their children what an abundant adult life looks like.  Learn how to inspire your children with your own creative life by building what the Charlotte Mason method calls "Mother Culture."   Resources mentioned: The Me Time Myth (post) #bookstagram on Instagram You Are an Artist! Clubhouse & Chalk Pastel classes Watercolor Nature Journal Class on Craftsy
Have you ever wondered what a typical morning homeschool schedule looks like in our house?  Today, I share all the subjects we tackle, our Morning Basket or Table Time routine, how we manage lunch on homeschool days, and so much more!   Get FREE homeschooling & homemaking resources HERE!   Resources mentioned: The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Review ~The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Membership~   The Precious People Curriculum Review ~The Precious People Curriculum~   DITL - Typical Friday House Cleaning (VIDEO) How to Put Your Homeschool on Autopilot (PODCAST) Weekly House Cleaning (PODCAST)   Homeschooling Year Round information Making Homeschool Lunches Easy Apologia Science with Multiple Ages Phonetic Zoo Review Reading Eggs (helped my struggling reader!) CLE Science Readers
Control the chaos and have a blessed Thanksgiving with this guide to a fantastic holiday from a large family mom's perspective!  Learn how to manage the kids, the crowds, the food, and the festivities in this idea-packed podcast!   Resources mentioned: FREE Family Thanksgiving Worship Service Holiday Homeschool Planner Pack 12 Week Holiday Planner (aff)   RECIPES Sweet Potato Casserole Cranberry Salad Pumpkin Crumble Cake   CLOTHING (aff) Nursing Tank Top (aff)   POSTS Blessing Tree - Fun family craft! The Large Family Mom's Guide to Thanksgiving Kids & Thanksgiving - 7 Ways to Stop the Stress What to Pack for a Family Day Trip Van Seating Chart      
Boys & Their Attitudes

Boys & Their Attitudes


Are you seeing attitudes in your boys that seem disrespectful and rude?  Are you worried you won't know how to handle them as they get older?  This podcast shares the secret to dealing with boys and their attitudes!  You won't want to miss this!   Read the post How to Parent & Discipline Boys & Their Attitudes   Resources: 27 Bible Heroes to Encourage Our Boys on Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson Wild at Heart by James Eldredge  
Homeschooling is a big job! Learn how to put some of your subjects on autopilot will give you more margin in your day and less stress in your life! Resources mentioned: Why Teaching Textbooks is great for a large family - BLOG POST Does My Child Have to Do All of the Problems in the Book? - BLOG POST How we do Apologia with multiple ages - BLOG POST & VIDEO Compass Classroom - This is a fantastic video-based curriculum! Making Morning Time Easy - BLOG POST To learn more about planning a simple homeschool day that utilizes autopilot subjects and looping extras, get my book Flexible Homeschool Planning.  It will revolutionize your homeschool!
Now that I have a mix of big helpers, medium helpers, and little not-so-helpers, we can do a supercharged Weekly Home Blessing with decluttering and deep cleaning!  Learn how we do it in this podcast!
Weekly Chore Rotation

Weekly Chore Rotation


During busy seasons of life, a weekly chore rotation is super helpful!  This method works best when you have children who are beginning to be able to help out with cleaning chores, even though their standards may not be on par with your own.  I used this method when I had a mix of older and younger children. Resources mentioned:  My book - Home Management for the Homeschool Mom Large Family Logistics
When you have a lot of little ones, survival cleaning is often the best way to go.  Putting together a simple chore board can be a sanity saver because it doesn't require a lot of forethought and can be done anytime, anywhere! Post & Video can be found here -
When I had 2 small children, I did the majority of the house cleaning every Monday morning, mostly by myself.  Learn how I organized the chores, how long it took me, and how I kept it clean the rest of the week. In this episode: How I got control of my messy house. My Monday morning chores. How I kept the house clean throughout the week. Resources: FLYlady app
Are you a mom who is easily overwhelmed by noise, lights, touch or smells?  You might have sensory issues like I do.  Listen to learn how I deal with being a large family mom and having sensory issues.  Learn my tips and tactics for managing all the sensory input a mom comes in contact with during the day! Life as a Mom with Sensory Issues (blog post) Resources mentioned: Educating Your Gifted Child The Out of Sync Child The Out of Sync Child Has Fun
The tools your children need for college are the same tools they need for life - so give them that college-prep homeschool education even if they don't go to college! Here's what we did! Read the post here - Mentioned in the podcast: Fish dissection - Helpful link for Graduation Requirements - Transcript help from The HomeScholar - James 1:2-4  Proverbs 22:6
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the practical tips for the home, chores, decluttering and making systems like zones is unbelievably helpful for our family and exactly what we are looking for. Many organizing or home podcasts don't factor in families. Thank you so much for these tips. We do not have a super large family but have four children of various ages and have two with disabilities. We are not homeschooling yet but it is a possibility in the future. However a lot of home therapies, learning activities, one-on-one work that uses a homeschooling type area in our home. all of the tips are super helpful as we accumulate a lot of learning supplies. I can't wait to hear more as I sort of felt like I had a bit of an action plan to put into place but making a little home notebook and going through the house room by room as suggested. I really appreciate it thank you.

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Hutchinson, KS shout out! My hometown! Another amazing museum in that area is the Museum of World History in downtown Wichita, KS!

Nov 10th
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