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Raising Fame: Sports Edition

Author: Tracy Chutorian Semler and Eric Semler

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Hosted by beloved NBA parents Sonya and Dell Curry, Raising Fame: Sports Edition reveals the amazing childhood backstories of your favorite sports icons. The Currys interview the people who raised these sports legends into the idols they are today. Parents. Stepparents. Grandparents. Adoptive parents. We take you back to when Tom Brady the GOAT was just “Tommy” and not getting a single snap at QB; when Shaquille O’Neal was the unexpected newborn of a strong but scared teen mother; when Steph Curry was still hoisting his shot from his waist; when Megan Rapinoe was wearing angel wings on Halloween; and when Michael Phelps was getting kicked out of the pool for misbehaving. Hear the unforgettable stories of these iconic athletes’ childhoods. How they were raised. The highs and lows of their paths to glory. Incredible tales shared by the people who helped shape them into the superstars you know and love. 

6 Episodes
Lucille O’Neal, mother of the great Shaquille O’Neal, is today a wise and respected oracle whose every sentence contains a pearl of wisdom. But she was once a scared 16-year-old who found out she was pregnant by a man who had no interest in being a father, and had to face her stern religious grandmother with the news. Here is her amazing story of growing up alongside her amazing son, embarking on the journey of life together, and reaching for her own goals while helping him reach for his.
Episode Description: At just 24, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs became the youngest quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP in NFL history. No wonder his mom is still reeling from the whirlwind of it all: he’s barely done being a kid! In a very open and heartfelt interview, Randi Mahomes talks about the challenges of sharing her famous child with the world; about raising an intensely focused and gifted kid; about her own and Patrick’s predictions for his future; about the great challenges of single motherhood; and so much more.
Faith built the foundation of the Wilson household. Talent, discipline and passion were the bricks laid on top of it. Tammy Wilson, in a very rare interview, tells all about raising the gifted two-sport athlete whose life would have tremendous ups and downs -- losing his beloved father; winning one Super Bowl; throwing away another one; becoming the highest paid player in the NFL; getting divorced; marrying a superstar. Through the massive highs and lows, nothing has shaken this family’s deep faith and enduring optimism.
Recruiting. Raising teenagers. Choosing mentors. Facing mental health challenges. Becoming in-laws. Grandparenting. The Currys share their powerful inside stories of managing a house full of teenagers destined for greatness — and the imperative of continuing to parent even your famous adult children. As Sonya likes to say, “dare to parent.” These two sure did.
We know how it turned out. Stephen Curry has three championship rings, two MVP awards, a world famous shimmy, strong marriage and three adorable kids. Seth is recently married with a beautiful baby and a contract with the Mavericks. Sydel, also a recent newlywed, is forging her own social media brand. And Dell and Sonya, often called NBA royalty, have a rock-solid marriage and a close knit family. How did they build something this enduring? Were there bumps along the road? Does it “just happen?” Or what kind of work did it take to get there? Before launching as hosts of Raising Fame: Sports Edition, the Currys pull back the curtain on their own journey to raising superstars.
Introducing Raising Fame

Introducing Raising Fame


Raising Fame, hosted by Dell and Sonya Curry, launches February 6, 2020.
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