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Welcome to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff, where we invite you to join us on an unfiltered journey into our real lives. We explore the facets of parenting, relationships and the unique challenges that have made us who we are today—diving far deeper than you’ve ever seen.

Join us every week on our newest adventure for some laughs, love, and stories never before shared.
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Pregnancy and postpartum experiences are a blessing… but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Women get to experience this amazing miracle of creating life, but they’re also faced with a ton of challenges along the way. Welcome back to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. In this episode, Tori shares a glimpse into her own postpartum journey, from the discomfort of being in her own body to coming to terms with the fact that her high school jeans would never fit again — and that’s alright. In a world where it seems like women are constantly comparing themselves to others, Tori and Zach shed some light on their experiences. Listen in as we discuss: ➡️ Struggling with the balance between appreciating the beautiful gift of pregnancy and struggling with body image➡️ The importance of understanding and respecting that everyone’s experiences (and bodies) are different➡️ Surgery, doing the work, and finding the right option for you ➡️ Coming to terms with your new body, and learning to love the imperfections — even in the age of Instagram
Living as someone who is ‘different’ can be difficult. But it’s important to understand that no two stories are the same. Differences can come with immense challenges, but it’s up to you to make a difference in the world and let your light shine. Welcome back to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. This week, we are blessed to be talking with our friends, Kevin and Danielle Cekanor, who host their own podcast A Little More Light. We talk about life, love and so much more. From breaking the ego and mindsets that might be holding you back in your relationships and life planning to the power of embracing who you are, how you’re different, and the difference you can make in the world, we share personal stories and words of wisdom.Listen to hear more about:❤️ Relationships and life planning with dwarfism ❤️ Recognizing you can make a difference with what you have❤️ The power of opportunities to talk to people outside your typical realm
This week we’re back to answer more questions. Tori steps up to give you a peek behind the curtains into her perspective on the topics you care most about.Welcome back to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. In this episode, Tori shares the struggles and joys of motherhood, whether or not she would ever return to teaching in public school and the high school celebrity crush that used to get het made fun of. We love connecting with you — be sure to join us on Instagram for the chance to have your question answered in future episodes.Tori talks about: Her love for kids and teaching, but hesitancy to return to public school The high school celebrity heartthrob and what she liked most about him Stories of Zach’s terrifying night terrors The power of love and logic in parenting
What happens when you send us questions? Well, we answer them.Welcome back to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. This week Tori will be asking Zach questions asked by you! We tap into everything from parenting to personal relationships and favorite memories. We love connecting with you — be sure to join us next week where Tori will be answering questions and follow us on Instagram to participate in future episodes like this one.Today, Zach will be unpacking:- Future plans, our forever home and the best (and hardest) parts of being a dad- What you should do when you have a conversation with someone with dwarfism- Family relationships, dealing with strained connections and prioritizing mental health
We’re back with an exciting new season. This is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. As spring comes to a close and summer is just around the corner, we’ve been busy with home renovations and making plans for the coming season. From new tile to a more accessible bathroom setup for the kids, we’ve been battling sickness and burst pipes while also celebrating birthdays and Tori having a great time on the dancefloor after the Bronco’s graduation. On this episode we dive into what’s happening in our lives, what’s coming in the new season and even have a surprise guest!Listen in to hear:📣 Why Zach’s emotion and empathy weren’t why Tori married him📣 Remodels, restorations and the scary reality of kids and medical treatments📣 Birthdays, travel plans, experiences and what’s to come
For our season finale, we decided to do something crazy — we let the kids take over the show! This is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff, and for this episode, Jackson, Lilah and Josiah join in on the fun. We’re embracing the chaos and love with this one, as Jackson interviews his parents, Zach interviews Jackson and Tori interviews Lilah. We talk about our favorite colors, animals, bible verses and so much more, giving you a peak into our fun family dynamic. Tune in for: 🎉 Jackson’s debut as an interview star🎉 Our favorite things to do together🎉 The fun side of embracing the chaos and empowering your kids
Kids are genuinely curious about everything — but they’re also brutally honest. This can sometimes be uncomfortable in public, especially when they choose to stare or ask questions about someone different than themselves. A lot of parents react to these tough with shame, shushing their kids or pushing them away. But this doesn’t teach them anything. Ever wondered what people who are different than you really want you to say to your kids in public when these kinds of questions come up? This is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff, and this is exactly what we’re breaking down today. Listen in as we chat about:➡️ How people really want you to respond to your kids when tough questions come up➡️ Educating the behavior at the moment vs the impact of reflection ➡️ Why all behaviors and lessons have to start at home➡️ The power of being kind in making a difference and changing lives
Every kid's sports event seems to have at least one of those parents in the stands. While it can be super easy to get passionate about your kid's sports, being the raging parent in the stands does way more harm than good. Today on Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff we discuss the huge role sports played in bringing us together as a couple, the importance of sports for kids and the real purpose of kids' sports activities. Coaches and parents have a huge role to play in helping our kids find themselves, hone their skills and become more confident, driven individuals — we share our take on how to empower kids with love, support and play. ⚽ How soccer brought us together and why it means so much to our family⚽ Zach and Tori’s experience in sports (and why Tori stopped playing)⚽ Why coaches (and parents) need to support both teams and just let kids play⚽ The true value of kids' sports
No one is a perfect parent — us included. But we’re on this journey together, learning, growing and helping our kids find themselves (and their paths) in life. Welcome back to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. This week we’ll dive into some of our most important parenting philosophies, why they matter and how you can use what we’ve learned to help you on your own journey. We talk about our strengths as parents and where we could improve and share a whole new perspective on our family, parenting and filling our home with guiding love and support. On this episode, we talk about:🍼 Helping your kids build a new mindset with “You don’t have to. You get to.”🍼 Why you should ask yourself “Will it be cute in 10 years?”🍼 Becoming a better parent by being reflective with your spouse🍼 The responsibility of coaching selfishness out of your children
Instead of giving seven people with dwarfism the chance to play in the new Disney feature film Snow White, they settled with one — replacing six of the classic characters with CGI and animation. While opinions are all over the place on this one, we have some big thoughts — this is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori, and in this episode, we dive into everything Hollywood has wrong, how the film industry could bring light to dwarfism to empower people in the community and how other movies and shows are normalizing dwarfism the right way. We chat about:🎬 Why the new Snow White movie shouldn’t happen (we’re boycotting)🎬 The importance of normalizing dwarfism in film🎬 Shows that do a great job bringing a realistic light to dwarfism🎬 The full power of giving people with dwarfism on-screen roles
No matter your situation, parenting is HARD. But it’s something we love and find incredibly fulfilling. On this episode of Raising Heights with Zach and Tori, we scratch the surface of our experiences and thoughts around parenting. In the unique situation of being a mixed-height couple with kids who all have dwarfism, we’re learning along the way. Often left out of milestone conversations and celebrated with extra enthusiasm, we talk about the best things you can do for yourself and your kids to help them find their purpose, learn and grow — all while feeling loved along the way.On this episode we dive into:✅ Not letting your diagnosis define you (or your kids)✅ The reality of raising kids with dwarfism ✅ The biggest disservice that’s the easiest to fall into✅ The importance of helping your kids find their purpose
We asked, and you answered! Now it’s our turn. This is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. Today we’re diving into assumptions and questions you submitted on Instagram to set things straight — from Zach’s interests and habits to our Disney trips, our stance on parenting and lifestyle decisions and the shame stay-at-home parents get today, we’re here to unpack it all. We share answers to the questions everyone’s been asking: 👉 Do you work? (and what does that look like?) 👉 What kind of family are you? Are you messy?👉 Is Zach lazy? Do you have help with the kids?👉 What does the Rolloff family dynamic look like today?
Little People, Big World was a huge part of our lives — but it was time to walk away. The show brought us so many amazing opportunities, great memories and so much fun. But it also challenged us to set better boundaries with filming and our kids, cope with not-so-accurate depictions of our lives and face family difficulties. It was a great run, but we needed an adult in the room. And we made that move. This is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. We’re here today to celebrate the next big move in our lives and careers, and address the elephant in the room: why we chose to leave the show.Join us as we unpack: 🎥 How we each got involved with Little People Big World🎥 Our lives through the lens of reality TV — the good, bad and frustrating truths🎥 The privilege (and responsibility) of being known 🎥 Best and worst parts of watching your life back
One year ago, we went through one of the scariest moments of our lives. ER visits, what seemed like a never-ending search for answers and missed moments with our newborn… this is Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff. This week we’re talking about an experience we all hope never happens again. Listen in to hear about: 🚑 How Zach almost died last year🚑 Coping with hospital stays, hard questions from the kids and exploratory brain surgery🚑 The importance of being an advocate for those you love
You may think you witnessed our love story, but there's a lot you didn't see. It's time to give you the truth behind how we met; the good, the bad, and the embarrassing Tune in to our first-ever episode and hear us chat about: 👉 The real story behind how we met👉 How Zach forgot our first Valentine's Day👉 What to expect in the coming weeks (we’re talking parenting, relationships and so much more)
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Welcome to Raising Heights with Zach and Tori Roloff, where we invite you to join us on an unfiltered journey into our real lives. We explore the facets of parenting, relationships and the unique challenges that have made us who we are today—diving far deeper than you’ve ever seen. Join us every week on our newest adventure for some laughs, love, and stories never before shared.
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Love you guys, from Canada 🇨🇦👌👍🔥

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Alina Pruner

Start your own reality tv show, I definitely want to see your kids grow up.

May 28th


While I love you guys on the show I believe you're lying to yourself when you say you're not holding a grudge. Your kids don't ask to go to the farm to see their grandfather because you don't ask them if they want to go there. They're too young to realize they're missing them. You've isolated yourself from your mother as well and she's done nothing to you. It's a sad state of affairs and one you'll regret when you're in my situation with both parents gone!

Apr 25th
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l love you guys. The world needs more people like you guys in it.

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I would love it if you had Jill and Derrick Dillard on your show.

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love listening to you! Do your best, forget the rest ❤️ wish I had heard this years ago

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Love you guys

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im loving your podcast. shows your realness. keep it up. you guys are amazing parents and individuals.

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you guys are so down to earth and like you are just in the room chatting with the listener. love it! good job with your podcast!

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