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Weekly Anime Podcast featuring prominent Anime YouTubers and Memers. Business inquiries:
67 Episodes
In this episode we talk about the most anticipated new Anime of Spring 2020, all 2 or 3 of them.Featuring Evanit0, Kor, AnimeUproar, Nux Taku, All Day Anime.
In this tough time of social distancing, we discuss our favorite reasons for staying home and watching Anime.Ft. Lost Pause, Evanit0, Nux Taku, All Day Anime, AnimeUproar
In this episode we discuss our favorite apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic Anime, including Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, High School of the Dead, Akira, and many more!Featuring Lost Pause, AnimeUproar, All Day Anime, Nux Taku
In this episode we debate some of the WORST Anime of all time!Featuring Heavenly Controller, Lost Pause, Evanit0, Nux Taku, All Day Anime
In this episode we debate the top 16 biggest betrayals in Anime in tournament bracket format.Featuring Rustage, Hiding in Public, Nux Taku, All Day Anime, AnimeUproar.
In this episode we debate the results of the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards!Featuring Gibi ASMR, Nux Taku, Cartoon Cypher, Rustage, AnimeUproar.
In this episode we debate the best Isekai of all time using Tier Maker, AND we reveal Chapter 1 of the Rant Cafe Isekai with an epic read-through. Featuring Kor, Eden, Nux Taku, All Day Anime, AnimeUproar
Check out the One Piece Virgin Podcast!Spotify: .Apple Podcasts: . In this episode we discuss the brand new Death Note one shot manga, which continues the story of the original Death Note and features some of the same characters, including Ryuk and Near, among others.Featuring Evanit0, DakotaBroskie, AllDayAnime, AnimeUproar
One Piece Virgin on Spotify:*In this episode we debate the best squads in Anime, including the Black Bulls, Seven Deadly Sins, the Akatsuki, and many more!Featuring Hiding in Public, Lost Pause, AllDayAnime, AnimeUproar.
In this video we talk about one of the greatest Anime bromances of all time... the one between Nux Taku and Animak.Ft. AnimeUproar, Nux Taku
Debating the Best Anime Waifu of the DECADE! (Rant Cafe 2.04)In this episode we debate the best Anime waifu of the past decade in a tournament bracket format!Ft. Nux Taku, Lost Pause, AnimeUproar, AllDayAnime, Anim3Recon
In this episode we take a look at The Top 50 Anime Characters of all time according to Briggs from All Dayh Anime, with Nux Taku and Animak from AnimeUproar ROASTING his choices in real time.
In this video we look at the new Anime coming out in the Winter 2020 season, and we discuss which ones we will be watching and which ones we will be avoiding.Featuring Nux Taku, AllDayAnime, Anim3Recon
In this episode we reveal the results of the World Anime Awards 2020, including Best Anime, Best Protagonist, Best Supporting Character, and much more!Ft. Nux Taku, All Day Anime, AnimeUproarFollow us on twitch to watch live:
Happy New Year Everyone!! In this special episode we discuss the most anticipated Anime coming in 2020.Featuring Lost Pause, Evanit0, AnimeUproar, AllDayAnime
In this episode we go through Nux Taku's Top 100 favorite Anime characters of all time and roast him for his tastes in protagonists, antagonists, and waifus.Featuring Kor, AnimeUproar, AllDayAnime, Nux Taku
In this episode we ROAST (i.e. discuss and debate) WatchMojo's list for the Top 20 Best Anime series of the past decade.Ft. Rustage, Evanit0, AnimeUproar, AllDayAnime
In this episode we introduce the World Anime Awards, a brand new Rant Cafe initiative. At the end of each year we will debate the best of Anime in various categories in order to arrive at a WINNER in each category.Featuring Tekking101, Lost Pause Nux Taku, All DAy Anime, AnimeUproar.
In this episode, we list our favorite hilarious Anime characters and criticize each other's choices (as usual).Ft. Hiding in Public, Evanit0, AnimeUproar, All Day Anime
In this episode, we list our favorite hilarious Anime characters and criticize each other's choices (as usual).Ft. YaroShien, AnimeUproar, Nux Taku, All Day Anime
Comments (38)

Daniel Bragar

Hello everyone 👋! I don't know if this is the best place to write a review for the podcast. But I wanted to say a few things. First I absolutely love this podcasts and all of the hosts and guests! I give this podcast a 10/10 easy! This podcast makes you feel so included with all the different tastes and perspectives (even if most of it is about one piece and JoJos XD). I listen whenever an episode comes out at work and home and it's always a blast to hear the ranting and debating and jabs at each other. Great podcast for all anime fans. But on the topic of ideas for an episode. while this podcast makes you feel included, When I was going to school I was always made fun of for being into anime.(even at home my parents were disappointed in my interest in it) Being a 6'3" football player it was always like my guilty pleasure that I had to hide out of shame due to the stigma. I wanted to know if any of the hosts/guests went through something like this?( Briggs point of view especially would be appreciated as I also played hockey/boxing and hope he has a similar story (or not). And the ending of how they found a community or friends to enjoy there hobby without feeling shame or guilt. lastly if I can make a suggestion for quality? I don't know if it does this for everyone but on Spotify when the ads turn on from the recording it's at a much higher level and blasts my ears. can the audio be adjusted, or even just remove the ads? Anyway I apologise for the long post but I love you guys and I hope to see these podcasts for many years to come 😁!

Mar 28th
Reply (1)

Kir4 GeN

Evanit-0 fish-1

Mar 20th

alric adams

you guys ever thought about having a fan on an episode?

Feb 22nd

Jerson Cirilo

Make Tekking101 a permanent member, not a guest

Feb 9th

Justin Dwarika

The guest you guys had on this episode is such an asshole. Why did he have to spoil anime for me that I'm currently watching? Get a better guest next time. You've actually ruined a series for me that I was having so much fun watching.

Jan 17th

Chance Fey

Did he reallyyy just ruin overly cautious hero? That’s so not cool

Jan 7th

Mario Guzman

you guys missing the 2 biggest madlads In za warudo lambo and sinbad love your podcast

Dec 6th

Gray Spiegel

You guys are amazing!!!! My list of shows to watch has triples after the first of your podcasts I've listened too!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Nov 9th


Can you guys make sure your guests have decent mic quality? The King guy sounded like he was on McDonalds wifi.

Oct 16th
Reply (1)

Ashhad Muhammad

You guys are amazing!! Keep up the good work!!

Oct 8th

mindblower humanSR

It is pronounced "Thicc mom", not "Big mom", you plebeians. I will not stand such disrespect to the mightiest pirate booty. Also *totally real spoiler alert* one piece really is young Thicc mom's one piece swimsuit. But what else you can expect from villain in glasses, tank top GOD/ZA WARUDO and reverse Kamina/milf hunter, who usually kidnap somebody to force them talk about anime. Bakas, it is not like anybody could enjoy that you build on each other/one idea making it each time deeper/more ridiculous similarly to "Gurren Lagann", "where each next fight is 10 times bigger" (Glass reflection). (Totally serious - I would like to hear MORE OFTEN not only fun utilization of "yes and" improvisation technique such as about Hawk's mom or Lambo, but also about serious topics such as how Isekai popularity is connected with too much work, because paraphrasing Caster from Fate 0 "The true meaning of FUNNY doesn't lie in a static condition, but in a change.")

Oct 5th

Duarte Fernandes

Love the podcast, it's my favorite, although it's also the only one I listen to. NUX FAIRY TAIL IS GOOD, I just watched the fight where Wendy uses the dragon force against tartaros guy. Dio is best Boi and one piece is (read with Franky voice) SUPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Oct 5th

Ashhad Muhammad


Oct 3rd

Danish Zeshan

Rant Cafee is The Best In Za Ward

Sep 6th
Reply (1)

Sumiran Thapa

we need bracket back and fast

Sep 2nd


garbage jk five stars 👌👌👌

Aug 26th

Tee GeeZ

This podcast always leaves me with such a warm feeling......oh wait no it was Gintoki's speech and the piss that's now in my bed Epic Speech Gintoki now I need new sheets

Aug 20th
Reply (2)

Butcher O’ Waifus

I play basketball for my university and get sooooooo bored on the bus when we travel. I’m not that close with my team so I don’t really talk to anyone and often felt quite lonely. BUT THEN I FOUND YOU GUYS AND FELL IN LOVE!!! While listening to this podcast I often find myself laughing my ass off (and get strange looks from the other girls😂) and if you don’t like it then you just don’t understand the DEEP PHILOSOPHY of this podcast and their wonderful guests! I love it when Briggs &Tekking go on and on about One Piece because it’s my all time favorite! Along with Lord Nuxanor with his JoJo references and the CORRECT pronunciation of “Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood” Kinda feels like Lord Nuxanor vs ZA WAULDO (Scott Pilgrim style) when it comes to him getting everyone else on his side! Finally the best anime rivalry that is Briggs & Nux against Animac (Kamina spelled backwards) THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST IN ZA WAULDO CHANGE MY MIND

Aug 17th


I watch the uploads on youtube the podcast is very entertaining. Love the memes like animak on the megumin is a viable option (but still I aqua is waifu for me XD), Nux with his funny and sadistic hosting with the Lord Twigo memes. Also my man Briggs being the kenichi fan boy and dumbell anime they don't know what they are missing. Finally to the guests like Noble, Hiding, Tekking and others adds others opinions on topics which makes it more entertaining. More power to you guys keep it up. All Hail Lord Twigo

Aug 12th

Sad Nil

This animak podcast is like a bad shounen, the longer it gets the more unoriginal its components get. The components im talking about is obviously animaks taste in anime. Even recon knows megumin is not a viable option. Why would you say clannad is a 7/10. The other dudes are cool tho

Aug 10th
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