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MG The Mortgage Guy and Quiana Watson are huge profiles in the Real Estate Industry. MG The Mortgage Guy is the Number 1 Mortgage Broker in the Country and Quiana owns one of the Top Real Estate Firms in the country. The two powerhouses have come together to form the Rants & Gems Show, where they will discuss everything in the Real Estate game. Whether its Investing, News, Strategies, Education, and RINSE nothing is off limits. In addition the duo will bring on some of the most respected and knowledgeable Real Estate professionals & investors in the industry.

3 Episodes
In this episode Quiana & Matt break down what you need you know going into this competitive sellers market. We discuss the steps on getting pre approved, hiring the right lender & realtor, how to put in strategic offers to get your offer accepted and more. There is a big difference and we're here to set the record straight. Let's talk about it! #RantsAndGems 💎 Matthew Garland: @MG The Mortgage Guy Quiana Watson: Get The Homebuyers Blueprint Vol.1 Get The Homebuyers Blueprint Vol.2 Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
In this episode we're taking a deeper dive into the difference between a retail buyer and a real estate investor. When you purchase your home you are essentially investing in real estate. But a true investor is not looking for retail opportunities. There is a big difference and we're here to set the record straight. Let's talk about it! #RantsAndGems 💎 Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
When is the Market going to crash is one of the most searched topics on google and YouTube. In the debut episode of Rants & Gems Quiana Watson & MG The Mortgage share their thoughts on the current market and where they see things going. They break down what homebuyers and owners should be looking for in these unprecedented times. #realestate #mgthemortgageguy #homebuying Homebuyers Blueprint Vol 2: Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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