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Read Me Somewhere

Author: Todd Lyons

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Stressed? Anxious? Can't sleep? Unwind with gentle readings that provide a break of calm, some quiet distraction, or a short story before bedtime to help you think and feel differently.
4 Episodes
The Tyranny of Things

The Tyranny of Things


The thirst to acquire new necessities that promise to improve our lives is nothing new, but do material comforts create simplicity? --- Send in a voice message:
Immerse your senses in the soothing calm of the forest at night. --- Send in a voice message:
To escape the noise and bustle of the school, a man seeks refuge in the library—where he experiences an unexpected encounter. --- Send in a voice message:
The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch


Helen Keller reflects on the richness of her world and the comparative disability of five senses. --- Send in a voice message:
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