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Author: Paul David Thompson: Investor, Speaker and Coach

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Teaching busy professionals how to build streams of income using real estate so they can build wealth and retire sooner while leading a life of their design.
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You have got to shoot, otherwise, you can't score. Can you imagine watching a soccer match with no shots on goal or a basketball game where the teams never took any shots? Of course, it would defeat the purpose of playing the game. This is how so many investors play the game of real estate. They're afraid to take any shots.     
I share feedback from your questions and make a birthday announcement about what I'm working on to help answer those questions.
Now is the best time to evaluate whether you are maximizing one of the greatest gifts from congress. It has the benefits of both a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Episode 145 is the 3rd installment on Creative Financing where I cover Lease Options and the myriad ways you can structure deals using these two agreements. I cover both how to buy and sell using Lease Options and dive into the 8 steps to buy when using Lease Options. Lease - Right to Use Option - Right to Buy Text the word 'investor' to the number 33777 to get more details and paperwork on this strategy
In America and much of westernized cultures, all of our training, from day one, drills into us to buy things to make us happy, to consume food-like substances that make us feel good, and to buy trinkets to act the part of looking affluent. When buying a car, house, or boat we’re shepherded down this path of making a decision based on "how much are my monthly payments." This is a consumer mindset.
This episode provides a quick update on how Paul scored his latest deal using last week's tip and then Paul breaks down owner financing into 8 simple steps so you can start making offers today!
I share my 10 steps to buying a property "subject to" the existing mortgage. This is a very useful technique if you aren't classically bankable or have limited access to funds.  I reference several documents and resources you can find by subscribing to my Freedom Foundry monthly membership. 
I'm joined today with CEO of CapStack Partners to discuss raising money, explain what the capital stack in real estate investing is, and discuss opportunities in 2020.  
In Episode 138 couples money coach Dan Hinz returns and he shares his advice on Money and Marriage.  I especially enjoyed his 3 Key habits any couple should develop in order to master their money. Check out Dan's blog at or his YouTube Channel of the same name.
I'm joined by Dan Hinz of who helps couples unite not fight about money and he is a savvy money coach but is new to real estate. So he peppers me with questions about real estate investing. Any busy professional who is curious about money is sure to find these questions relevant to their situation. 
What does the new CDC order for an eviction moratorium mean for landlords in 2020? Thankfully it's not as bad as it sounds but you do need to know who it applies to and what your options are. The entire order can be found here And here's a sample letter you can use that includes the CDC certification guideline with language include the potential 5-year prison penalty for falsification. 
What sets you apart from everyone else? Napoleon Hill is famous for his quote "Action is The Real Measure of Intelligence". Is he right? And why should we be listening to Napoleon Hill in the first place?
I've distilled advice from other successful investors and my own experience into a list of key behaviors that will empower you to achieve the resources necessary to lead your ideal life. Focus Take Risks Rely on Yourself Maniacally Measure Actively Work to Invest
I'm joined by the co-founder of, Laurence Jankelow. He and his co-founder quit their day jobs 7 years ago and learned to code from scratch to build an intuitive property management app designed for investors with 10 units or less. We discuss the real estate market, being a founder and entrepreneur of a startup, and lessons learned as a real estate investor all chocked full of actionable nuggets for any investor.
This episode gives some thought on whether or not you are a ditch digger (digital or not). Are your skills commoditized? Your compensation will be in proportion to the difficulty and demand for the problems you solve.
Money Honey Rachel Richards discusses how she achieved aggressive retirement with passive income by the age of 27, how she defines retirement, and how she acquired over 35 rental units. And if that wasn't enough she has 2 best selling books.  
I'm joined by an SEO expert who shares step-by-step what you can do to maximize your website visibility, attract more sellers, and convert more deals. Contact info for Mark
We dig into a listener's situation where he has a rental property he wants to sell. Should he kick the tenants out and sell, should he sell on a lease option, or is owner financing the right solution for this scenario. We roll up our sleeves and discuss the pros, cons, and how to's.
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great value in this episode regarding financing options.

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