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Author: Paul David Thompson: Investor, Speaker and Coach

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Teaching busy professionals how to build streams of income using real estate so they can build wealth and retire sooner while leading a life of their design.
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You have got to shoot, otherwise, you can't score. Can you imagine watching a soccer match with no shots on goal or a basketball game where the teams never took any shots? Of course, it would defeat the purpose of playing the game. This is how so many investors play the game of real estate. They're afraid to take any shots.     
I share feedback from your questions and make a birthday announcement about what I'm working on to help answer those questions.
A quick primer on what services a professional Financial Advisor provides, why you might use one, and what the distinction of Self Directed Investing really is. 
I'm joined by Craig Curelop, the author of The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Independence. He's a really impressive real estate investor who quit his job by age 26, became a millionaire by age 27, wrote a book in partnership with and is crushing it as an agent and investor in CO.  Craig briefly shares his story then we dive right into what's happening in the real estate market and talk about what it's like to scale a business. There's something for everyone in this episode to find inspiration. You can find Craig @thefiguy on Instagram and
Here's a typical day in the life of a full-time real estate investor. Both the good and the bad. 
This episode details a real deal I did inside of my community. We take a member's Solo 401k and another member's Self Directed IRA to fund a deal. It's a win win for everyone involved. To find out more about the community go to
Have you ever heard of single tenant sale lease back? I hadn't either. This episode explains what this is and why it makes sense for industrial real estate plus explains how the average investor can get involved in deals inside this niche. You can learn more about our guest, Neil Wahlgren, and his company Mag Capital Partners at  
A quick update on my experience from the hard freeze and heavy snow storm (for the south) and why lifestyle design can be so empowering. 
I'm joined by Chay Lapin the Senior VP at Kay Properties and Investments (, which is a national Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment firm. Their platform provides access to the marketplace of DSTs from over 25 different sponsor companies. Topics covered are what a DST investment is, how you can use 1031 exchanges, and considerations to think about when starting your own syndication.
This is the 3rd part in a 5 part series on life planning. Today we cover how to DRAFT your quarterly and annual goals using a simple method based on years of goal and productivity research: D - Desired Outcome R - Reasons A - Action Plan F - Feedback T - Treat Yourself!
Bryce Steward is the author of the new book House Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy. Bryce retired from his teaching career at 35 and is now a multimillionaire by the age of 41. All of this starting from $55K in debt after he graduated from college and earning a teacher's salary.
This episode is the 2nd installment in the life plan. These are a set of planning exercises I went through in late 2020/early 2021. Some of these exercises I've done before and some of these exercises are completely new to me. I've found them so incredibly helpful that I had to share them. I'm starting to incorporate the life plan exercises into my personal/business life and to my mastermind/my freedom foundry community.
How to use the public data available from property radar to find the hidden gems and niches available in almost every market. I'm joined by Aaron Norris is the VP of Market insights for Property Radar. He shares where he sees opportunity in 2021 and how to use the data available to maximize deal flow. 
152. 5 Year Vision

152. 5 Year Vision


What year is it? How old are you? How are the parts of your life outlined in the future? I invite you to paint a portrait of what your life will look like in 5 years. I share my personal 5 year vision as an inspiration for you to do the same.
I've been experimenting with new morning routines to keep my anxiety at bay and make more progress toward my big lofty and audacious goals.    The scales have been removed from my eyes and now I see. I've discovered a "secret" routine unlike anything I've ever tried before.    And it works like magic... 
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that 2020 has been a crazy year! While we've all faced unexpected challenges, we've also kept going — doing things we never imagined, and learning what we're made of. 
I want to take episode 149 as an opportunity to reflect on 2020 and plan for 2021. Changes that happen in life are really scary. But if you deal with it and do what you fear, it will disappear. The change won't disappear, but your fear of it will. In fact, I've come to expect change and often look forward to it, because I know whoever adapts the quickest will be at an advantage.
148. BRRO Method

148. BRRO Method


How to combine 2 creative investing strategies to reduce management headaches and increase your cash flow
If there was ever a year that laughed at our plans it was 2020. I think very few people made it through 2020 without having to entirely rethink their plans, goals, job, business, or travel plans. Yet I still maintain that creating goals is incredibly important because it sets intention and focus. And there are undoubtedly going to be times when you’re going to have to recalibrate or just completely rethink all of your plans. Life happens and you adjust. That could be the motto for 2020. Episode 147 explores what I'm doing currently and for 2021. 
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