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Join me for another raw, frank discussion on the state of the crypto market as we enter May 2019
Ever wanted to have your portfolio automatically balanced but weren't sure how? In this episode, we talk to Calvin Leyon of HODLBot on the services that they provide, with free access for accounts under $500. 
Episode Twenty-One is a fascinating interview with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group; Lior talks about the state of the crypto market as we start 2019, and what needs to occur for growth in the crypto markets in 2019. Lior also shares his beliefs for value investing and asset protection as we see global economies transition. 
In this episode of the ReadySetCrypto podcast, Doc interviews Craig "Trader" Cobb of Sydney for his take on the state of Crypto, what's hot, and the trends that he sees forthcoming. 
Why can't the pursuit of Trading be more straight-forward? Why can't you expect success if you invest in yourself? In this version of the ReadySetCrypto podcast, Doc shares a recent email exchange with a potential student, who was wondering why the aggregate performance of retail trading students was so well as Doc's response as to why this business can be a challenge for all, but only conquered by some. 
Everyone says that the "Next Crash will be the Mother of All Bubbles." In Graham Summers' book, "The Everything Bubble," Summers addresses why asset bubbles occur and why they "pop," as well as how our central bank normally responds to them - by inflating a different asset. That's all well and good, but what can we as investors do to not only anticipate, but also respond to the next bubble? Summers does a good job of laying out what will likely occur from the Fed's point of view, which might help us respond when the time comes. And crypto might play a hand in part of that solution. 
This episode is an interview with trader and educator Craig "Trader" Cobb on how crypto investors need to apply discipline, patience, and simple charting/trading techniques for consistent results....and avoid the "Turkeys flying in a hurricane" method! 
In podcast 16, Mav goes into the reasoning why Security Token Offerings, or STOs, will be the new force to change the investing landscape in 2019. The promise of the ICO with the structure of regulation and protection of the old finance model - a hybrid offering that balances both and will change the way in which investors interact with opportunity. 
Trading derivatives like Options and Futures are just starting to scratch the surface of the crypto market, yet they are already driving the majority of price discovery for some coins. In Episode Fifteen of the ReadySetCrypto Podcast, Doc Severson opens the curtain on what he expects will be a major trend within the Crypto markets - derivatives trading through Options and Futures. 
In this episode of the ReadySetCrypto Podcast, Doc introduces a resource on Habits that you all need to know (James Clear and Atomic Habits) as well as the Four Maxims of Trading that you probably didn't know!
In ReadySetCrypto podcast 13, Doc talks to CEO Fran Villalba Segerra about his company's XCore and XCloud service offerings, as well as planned distributed service offerings from his company, based on the INXT token. Sign up for the beta lists at or
Are the cryptocurrency markets manipulated by Whales? How can the Little Guy make money in a manipulated market? In this episode, Doc Severson shares his thoughts on how and why crypto markets are manipulated, and how a Retail Investor can get on the right side of this manipulation.
Digitex and CEO Adam Todd are proposing to disrupt the entire Crypto trading industry with commission-free futures trading on the Digitex exchange. Today's episode is an interview with Adam Todd and a discussion on the future of commission-free crypto trading, and how you can either invest in this idea & technology, use it to trade with, or do both. #digitex
Everyone talks about "buying the dip" as a universal strategy when it comes to crypto. But most investors are doing it wrong! In this short episode, learn when to use "buy the dip" to your advantage, and also when to stand aside from this well-known strategy.
Do you understand how your own Cognitive Biases affect your investing decisions? In this episode, Doc talks about the five most-common cognitive biases that everyone fights on their journey to become a consistent, profitable investor.
Episode Eight of the ReadySetCrypto podcast features an interview with Author and Economist Andrei Polgar about his new book, "Age of Anomaly: Spotting Financial Storms in a Sea of Uncertainty." How can we use our knowledge of past events to spot warning signals for an asset or an economy before the bubble pops? This book can be purchased for $.99 via Kindle in the first week at, plus Andrei is running a contest at his page
Got off on the wrong foot in crypto with this market? You're not alone. In this episode of the ReadySetCrypto podcast, Doc talks about how we can use "grief counseling" techniques to understand our reactions, as well as providing a recipe for how to reboot your trading activities and "do it right" this time around.
Everyone wants to know WHAT to buy; that alone is a challenging problem. But the second part of that challenge is that once you do figure out what you want to add to your portfolio, you need to determine WHEN to buy it and that decision can make or break your portfolio. Join Doc as he sheds light on how to come to an answer for this crucial decision point.
Doc Severson reveals the five steps that you need to take before you can make consistent profits in financial markets
A new free tool available for anyone using Binance and Bittrex is Shrimpy, an automated portfolio rebalancing tool that claims to improve returns vs. HODL. For more information on Shrimpy, see or their active Telegram group at
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