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Real Estate Investing For Women

Author: Moneeka Sawyer

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Learn the real estate investing strategies from experts around the country on how to get started in real estate investing or grow your existing portfolio. Moneeka Sawyer has built a multi-million dollar business using real estate as her vehicle to build what she calls, Blissful Wealth, only working 5 hours per month. She loves empowering women to do the same. In this podcast you will not only learn great investing strategies, but also how to get the mindset and heartset so you can profit from real estate and enjoy the journey. Learn to retire rich and live your bliss.
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Linda McKissack is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, business coach, trainer and highly regarded speaker. Her greatest passion is helping the successful but overworked entrepreneur understand the power of leverage and passive income in their lives. Linda is the Operating Principle for the Ohio Valley Region for Keller Williams International and owns multiple Keller Williams franchises. Her career in real estate began in the early ‘80s with a rocky start. Through her experiences, Linda has developed an understanding of business that she shares with other entrepreneurs and business owners around the country. Her results-driven personality continually helps push successful people to the next level in both their lives and careers. In this episode, we talk about: Why you should step up What are you choices while investing Why its investing not speculating To get your free gift, text  freedomnumber to 33444 Also, visit Linda at
Rock Thomas is the World’s #1 Whole-Life-Success Expert From Farm Boy to Financially Free As seen in the Goalcast video Rock Thomas touched over 54 million lives, created the #IAMMovement and is known as the one who will help you redefine your life. From humble beginnings on a small Canadian farm near Montréal, Rock Thomas became a self-made millionaire, running several successful businesses and six award-winning RE/MAX franchises. After achieving epic financial success, showered with accolades and awards, Rock embarked on a quest for personal growth, traveling the world and studying with acclaimed teachers like Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Deepak Chopra, John Gray, David Deida, David Wolfe, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey. He absorbed success systems, life and business strategies, and countless life-changing experiences. After assimilating all he’d learned and talking with people from all walks of life who were seeking more too, he founded Rock Thomas International to bring the best-of-the-best to the world. His programs blend his extensive knowledge about personal development with cutting-edge success formulas designed to produce whole-life wealth. Striving to be an inspiration for others by living an authentic and healthy life, Rock is always seeking new ways to learn and to teach, impacting people wherever he goes with supercharged tools, motivation, and zest for life. Founder of the #IAMMovement, he is known as “the man who redefines lives”. Through targeted keynote speeches and seminars, best-selling books, and life-changing programs Rock helps people turn ideas into action and action into success. His personal and executive coaching sessions help individuals break down barriers and make massive, focused changes in their lives.  Dedicated to helping businesses and individuals maximize their full potential, Rock is always on the move, seeking new ways to impact lives. He currently calls the world his home, traveling the globe, teaching, training, and studying.   In this episode we talk about: Say “yes” and figure it out later The words that follow “I AM” follow you The power of your identity Top 10 rules for success   Get free report "The Power of Your Identity" at
Dr. Joe Vitale is a prolific author of many bestselling books including “The Attractor Factor,” “Zero Limits,” and his latest, “The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment,” and “Anything Is Possible: 7 Stops to Doing the Impossible.” One of the world's top motivational speakers, he is a popular star of the movie “The Secret,” and an internationally famous expert on the law of attraction and clearing beliefs. Dr. Joe created the Miracles Coaching® program to help people achieve their dreams. Once homeless, he is today a model of prosperity, who believes in miracles and has spent the last four decades learning to master the skills of channeling the pure creative energy of life without resistance. In this episode, we discuss: How your mindset is the biggest tool for success Where "The Secret" came from How he was able to attract success through visualization Why he believes in miracles and you should too Head over to for a FREE copy of Dr. Joe Vitale's new book! 
Julie Broad is an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, an International Book Award Winner, and recipient of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Sales book. As an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor she was also awarded the Top 20 under 40 Award. Her latest venture, Book Launchers, helps entrepreneurs and professionals build their brand and boost their business by writing, publishing, and selling a top quality book. In this episode, we talk about: Why should someone write another real estate book How you get started with writing a book What mistakes should someone avoid Why is there so much value in having a book? Get your free gift 7 Steps to getting your book started guide at
Scott Royal Smith is a real estate investor and asset protection attorney in Austin, TX. Scott became an entrepreneur while still in law school, purchasing and running an auto mechanic shop, to pay his way through school. After graduating, Scott began his law career as a high-stakes corporate litigator. He spent the last 8 years of his career analyzing real estate investment and asset protection. Today, Scott is the Founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. A firm he built to offer tax, business and legal strategies to clients all over the U.S and Canada. He continues to educate the public on asset protecting strategies to help circumvent debilitating lawsuits for his clients. In this episode, we talk about: The truth behind facing lawsuits How are you able to protect yourself from lawsuits quickly Top techniques to protect your assets What does your insurance cover and not cover? Connect with Scott: Twitter: Website: Facebook: LInkedIn:
Francois Braine-Bonnaire is a true Parisian who fell in love with he United States after interning in LA and New York during his business school years in France. Real Estate in France always intrigued him but it was very pricey and difficult to break through due to their laws. Since then Francois has made the leap to the United States and founded USA-IMMO in 2011, they provide tested & experienced set of American professionals turnkey, successful residential real estate investments in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  Francois has now helped over 150 investors purchase more than 500 rental properties in the United States. Francois personally owns more than 30 rental properties in 4 different states and has been enjoying the passive income it has created for him year after year. In this episode, we talk about: How you're able to capitalize on the market even if you aren't from the USA How passive income can be created through turnkey rentals Why you should focus on turnkey, long term rentals instead of flipping Connect with Francois here: or Schedule your free 20 Minute call here: 
Damion is a black belt not only in martial arts but in real estate as well. He bought his first rental property with a VISA which opened the door (no pun intended) to him becoming the owner of 150 rental homes in less than five years. In 2008, he lost the entire $20 million that he made investing in rentals, but over the past four years, Damion has reinvented his wealth and leveraged his experience into an 8-figure real estate investment business. Today, he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do the same. In this episode, we talk about: What should you invest in first What you should ask a potential mentor before hiring them Why it's a big mistake to harvest your equity Why hard money is easier than dealing with the bank You contact Damion and get your free gift at
Who is Cheryl Leitschuh? Mentor, guide and influencer. Many of Cheryl’s clients describe her as the “yoda” for woman owned small businesses and solopreneurs. Cheryl has had the pleasure of owning a successful, sustainable small business for over twenty five years. She has stumbled, regrouped, learned, succeeded and failed BUT remained committed to being an entrepreneur. Cheryl has also coached other women owned small businesses to enjoy the opportunities of being an entrepreneur. Her mission is to help woman owned small business to start, build and grow their own successful enterprise. In this episode, we talk about: Why do more women struggle to create 7 figure businesses than men What should you consider before starting your own businesses What are common pitfalls women see in business What do women excel at in business Get your free gift which is an instant download offer of a 7 Step 2019 Strategy Planning Workbook. Also, for the first 20 people to contact Cheryl following this interview you can receive a free book. (US only). They could email me and mention your podcast in the email. ------------------------------------------------------ Learn how to create a consistent income stream by only working 5 hours a month the Blissful Investor Way. Grab my FREE guide at
Dennis Kay - Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and overall Connoisseur of Life. In life, he wants it all. He's not here to settle for "average". He wants the best marriage, the best family relationships, the best friends. He wants the FREEDOM to live wherever he wants, to travel, to explore. To do what he wants, whenever he wants. When his clients come to work with him they aren't looking just for Belize Real Estate. They are looking for what investing in real estate will do for them. They are looking for the ROI (return on investment). They want a return on happiness. A return on building memories. A return on building relationships. A return on feelings of security. A return on living the life that many dream of, but only a few achieve. His clients want it all. Don't you? Investing in Belize Real Estate might be able to help you live the life of your dreams. It did that for Dennis. Maybe it will work for you. Choose wisely and you can have it all...Dennis will show you how. In this episode, we talk about: Why you should invest in Belize over other countries Why you should invest in lifestyle vs financial returns How doing so affects your strategy How to invest securely without getting scammed You can contact Dennis Kay at -------------------- Learn how to create a consistent income stream by only working 5 hours a month the Blissful Investor Way. Grab my FREE guide at
Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 17 years of financial experience Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building and is the author of two books on credit named Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded and has been featured by Entrepreneur, Inc, and Forbes. Ty currently serves as the CEO at Credit Suite where he has helped create and grow one of the biggest and most credible business coaching operations in the United States. In this episode, we discuss: What is business credit? How can business credit help you in the real estate market Can you get credit without personal accountability? What are the steps to build business credit and score Get a FREE guide to map our 4 steps to build business credit. Other resources mentioned on the show:
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Real estate for white men. Yes, that’s what you sound like. It’s either good advice for all or it isn’t. The fact that you have a vagina or a penis is irrelevant.

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