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Real Estate Tonight With Bryce Kaminsky

Author: Bryce Kaminsky

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Welcome to real estate tonight. Mindset to win the game of real estate.
20 Episodes
Being first EP 20

Being first EP 20


This episode is about being first in business in two ways that pioneers take the arrows and secondly the belief that just because you figured something out doesn't mean someone else has and maybe you are first.
This episode we're going to talk about real estate systems consistency the expansion of our time as well as time leverage either you build a system or you build a job.
this episode goes into the mindset around having a plan and what it takes to keep the paths straight and get the job done properly
Pushing Back ep17

Pushing Back ep17


Don't let your environment push on you and your business. What does it take to push back and win more?
The dip and how we can get out!
How to get more offers accepted by speaking with paper
How I got into real estate at age 30. Don't wait that long!
How to form alliances and buy all year!
Understanding who answers them and how to speak to them effectively
How do you go full time in real estate. My interview tonight with Ryan Zeman about how he went from part-time to full-time in real estate.
Deal or no deal?? If you own the paper we can make money!!
Basic flip numbers ep9

Basic flip numbers ep9


Basic numbers for buy fix and sell.
Wholesale mindset ep8

Wholesale mindset ep8


How to present your deal to the buyers.
Inventory hunting ep7

Inventory hunting ep7


My day hunting inventory and the mindset to hunt deals.
In life you either learn to sell or lose. Become the salesperson you were born to be!
Buying at 40 to 60 cent and the mindset to do it!
Tonight we're taking about time management and why you need to start now to get your real estate going!
Brand equity ep 2

Brand equity ep 2


Get the equity out of your projects
The last 10 ft ep 1

The last 10 ft ep 1


Winning:The last 10 feet
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