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We want to challenge and inspire people by sharing the stories and ideas of real people.
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In this episode, Jason Koleba moves into the interviewee chair to reflect back on 21 years of ministry within Cochrane Alliance Church. Jason Dimnik (Youth Pastor at Cochrane Alliance) guest hosts.
Its become painfully obvious that Canadians have work to do if we want to restore healthy relationships between First Nations people and European newcomers to our country. A step on that path could simply be to hear one anothers stories. In this episode, Jason (a white guy whose Slavic ancestors only arrived in Canada a couple generations ago) explores the histories, experiences and insights of his two new Stoney friends, Olivia and Clarence Wesley.
Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom


Jesus calls everyone everywhere to follow him. Since that journey involves leading an authentic and examined life, emotional and relational healing are "normal" steps every Christian should expect to take. In this weeks episode, Yolanda Bosma and Ken Friesen talk about how Jesus has used Freedom Session to shape into healthier, more authentic people.
Most Christians know that Jesus told his followers to Go into all the world and make disciples. That Great Commission has inspired people in every subsequent generation to leave their home cultures to bring Jesus good news to those who have not heard it. So what does the mission look like in the 21stcentury? How does being a missionary today look different than it did in the 20thcentury? In this episode we explore the insights and experiences of mission veterans John Sharon Wicker, Regional Director for the Americas with SEND International.
Tales from the Inside

Tales from the Inside


AllCanadians, regardless of their age or background, have made significant adjustments to their lifestyles in 2020. It could be argued that our seniors have adapted the mostespecially those who live in care facilities. In this episode we talk life, change and community with Audrey DeMaere, a thriving senior in a supportive living environment right here in Cochrane.
Back to School, COVID-style

Back to School, COVID-style


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in school closures around the globe. Of course, students saw their worlds turned upside-down when the doors shut mid-March. But they werent the only ones coping with disorientation; teachers also had to navigate overnight change. What has that experience been like? How do teachers feel about the relaunch of school this fall? Find out as Jason sits down with local teachers Rob Wollin Stephanie Litschke.
Minority Life in Cochrane

Minority Life in Cochrane


Our struggles with prejudice and systemic racism have (again) come to the forefront of common conversation in the Spring of 2020. Are these big-city problems only? In this episode, Jason sits down with three Cochranites to hear their perspectives and experiences as minorities living in a quiet Alberta town. Resources Holy Post - Race in America
In February 2020, a team of 23 high school students and leaders from Cochrane Alliance Church travelled to San Raymundo, Guatemala to connect with families, teach at a local school, and invest in community projects. Three of those studentsNatalya, Brooke and Selinadish on their experience and reflect on its impact on them and their team. Resources Selinas Jewelry Business Natalyas shoe collection
COVID 19 has affected all of us, and government officials carry the responsibility ofleading us through a challenging time. In this episode, Jason interviews Cochrane's Mayor Jeff Genung. Learn how the pandemic is personally affecting Jeff and other mayors in Alberta, as well as the townspeople and business owners of Cochrane. To connect with Mayor Genung, visit
Bob and his team have been getting to know Rohingya refugees in one SE Asian country for almost a decade. Now that the COVID-19 crisis has put 90% of these families out of work, the door has opened to start a food hamper program that feeds over 1200 people per week. Hear whats happening today as we follow-up our 2019 conversation.
The outbreak of the Coronavirus has given many of us new appreciation for medical professionals. In this episode we interview practitioners serving Western Canadians in two different provinces.Tamar Koleba, Director at Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services in Vancouver, BC and Dr. Julie Torrie, Family Practitioner in Cochrane, AB give us an inside look at work, family and faith as they lead through uncharted waters. (And Tamar just happens to be Jasons sister too.) Resources CochraneDocs
Although the Rwandan Genocide is a distant memory for many Canadians, the tragic events of the mid 1990s continue to have lasting implications on the 12 million people who call Rwanda home. This winter, Cochranes own Jordan Bell took her third trip to Africa to offer Rwandans counselling and spiritual direction. In this episode, Jordan shares her experiences and tells the story of returning to Canada in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources: Lighthouse Counselling Centre Hands and Feet International
Christians have a strange habit: they gather together regularly to sing the praises of an unseen God. Why do they do this? What does it accomplish? Whats the best way to do it? Listen-in as two lead worshippersRandall Heier from Cochrane Alliance Church and Joe Sinanan from Burn 24-7 Calgary give their take and share their experiences. Resources Burn 24/7 - Calgary Feb 28th - 4 Hour Burn - Cochrane Alliance Church Fire and Fragrance Conference Randall Heier - Original Song "His Name"
When Mike was 6 years old, a seemingly random schoolyard accident resulted in permanent vision-loss in his right eye. In this episode, Mike, Pastor of Missional Discipleship at Cochrane Alliance Church, reflects on how his disability affected his relationships with God, his parents and friends and how it continues to shape him today.
Although "The Trinity" is a challenging theological concept, most Christians seem to be able to wrap their minds around God the Father and his son Jesus. Understanding the Holy Spirit however, proves to be a more daunting challenge. Who is he? What does he do? And perhaps most importantly, how do we get to know and experience him? Randall Heier, Worship Pastor at Cochrane Alliance Church, and Doug Balzer, Director of Innovation, Leader and Thought Development with the Christian and Missionary Alliance lend their experiences and insights to these important questions. Resources Here are some of the resources referred to in this episode. On Tongues: Private Prayer, Public Power by Ron Smith Doug's Rekindle Renewal Podcast - Luc Niebergal
Whether you are old or young, human life is about change. But perhaps no other season of life comes with as much change as our early teenage years. How can parents get a grip on what is going on in the minds, hearts and bodies of our 11, 12, and 13 year old's and guide their kids to know God better?Sam Seifert, Senior Leader and Pastor of Family Ministries at Southview Church in Calgary gives his perspective. Resources Here are some of the resources Sam refers to in this episode. ReThink Group (Think Orange) Sticky Faith God's Big Picture Parenting Beyond Your Capacity The Teenage Brain Jesus Storybook Bible Grandparenting Christian Network
Social media is here to stay. In 2020, one-in-three human beings use platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to stay connected and interact with the broader world. How do we seize the goodness offered by these relatively new technologies? How do we avoid the pitfalls that could rob us of our time and do damage to our hearts? And what do we need to know as we guide new generations growing-up in a digital world? In this episode, Bryce brings us his thoughtful and informed take. Resources How to Become a Tech-Wise Family article How to Become a Tech-Wise Family book Parenting in a Social Media World Practical Tips and Tools (PDF)
So I Married a Holy Man

So I Married a Holy Man


Ever wanted to get the skinny on what pastors are like when they arent waxing eloquent behind a pulpit or leading a Bible study? What would it be like to be married to one? Three pastors wives give their take on stereotypes, the church, and their husbands.
For many students, there is no authority figure so mysterious, powerful and intimidating as the School Principal. Nonetheless, recent research has proven conclusively that principals are real people too. In this episode, Dave and Tim tell us what it's really like to work in "the office" and to invest one's life in the development of students and staff.
Many of us have glamorous ideas of what it would be like to live overseas. As the globe becomes increasingly accessible (the World Tourism Organization reported record levels of international travel in 2018)more and more of us are actually visiting places we once considered out-of-reach. But what's it really like to grow-up in a foreign culture? What's it like to be there because your parents are missionaries? And how does it feel to "return" to Canada--a country that's supposed to feel like home? Jessica and Heather Ann share their experience and perspectives as MK's. Resources Michle PhoenixMichle is a writer and advocate for all things MK. MORE NetworkThe MORE Network provides group support, education and resources for foreign workers.
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