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Author: Lamont Gates

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Real Spiritual Talk Radio hosted by Lamont Gates explores near-death experience (NDE) phenomena. NDEs are experiences which occur typically during clinical death, extreme trauma or life threatening events. During such state, experiencers may encounter lucid hyper-real consciousness which survives the physical death event to which many then describe phenomena that move outside of the boundaries of physical and material nature. Experiencers describe viewing their physical bodies from outside of the body, moving through a tunnel, seeing deceased relatives, entering an all encompassing light, meeting an omniscient all powerful light being that many refer to as God and many other encounters. Through interviews with guests spanning from their earliest recollections of spiritual and/or religious beliefs, to their NDEs, to the present; this show provides a nexus between spirituality and developmental psychology.
38 Episodes
On this episode, Jem Jordan describes all of the life hardships that led to her NDE. During this experience, she was reunited with deceased relatives and experienced a life review that covered her entire life and interactions with others. She also describes some of the aftereffects she returned with.
On this episode, Kerrie Williams describes what led to her self abuse and ultimate disbelief in God and religion. The self abuse had a life changing impact when Kerrie had a NDE. There, she says she was able to know with certainty that life continues, and was able to receive a warm message from a source she believes was God.
On this episode, Dr. Laurence Brock describes the car accident that triggered his NDE. He also talks about his aftereffects, life transformation and his belief that the entity he saw during his NDE defied his prior religious upbringing.
On this episode, Randy Sheifer describes his battle with severe Covid-19 which caused him to be placed into an induced coma. While in this state, Randy has three NDEs to which he was able to see deceased relatives. He was also tasked with delivering a message from a deceased grandparent to a granddaughter, of which he had no relation to; which provided verification of his experience.
On this episode, Kristina Marie describes going in and out of consciousness and near death after a blood infection. She describes having a life review and other spiritual experiences during her NDE that ultimately changed the way she views life as she knows it.
On this episode, Alice Adamek describes leaving her body after a heart attack left her clinically dead for 4-5 minutes. There, she learns about the nature of spirituality including reincarnation, karma, the spirit/soul, when earthly life begins and more.
After the passing of a very close friend, Jessica Sawyer became an atheist. Later, after an internal bleeding ailment, she had a NDE which included being reunited with her deceased friend, a life review and an encounter with The Light; whom she referred to as God.
On this episode, Allen Thomas talks about dying during a surgery to save his leg. In the course of such he experiences an otherworldly place and communicates with light beings. Upon his return, he describes his powerful after effects, specifically with animals.
On this episode, Dr. Lynda Cramer describes her NDE after being clinically dead for several minutes. She reports being out of her body, being in a beautiful landscape, having an extremely personal life review and being taught the secrets of life by a deceased relative.
On this episode, pathologist and researcher Dr. Kassauei describes how her NDE not only defied her scientific philosophy, but it also led her into a practice designed particularly for matters of spirituality.
On this episode, Elizabeth Maxim talks about her brush with death and the afterlife at age 10. She also describes the strong after effects that returned with her which guided both her artistic and personal life.
On this episode, Paulo Santos describes the feeling of dying after his bout with Covid-19. He also describes what is was like during what he felt was a hellish experience, followed by an encounter in heaven.
On this episode, near-death experiencer Karl Kovacs describes his NDE which shifts from scene to scene. Distraught over the loss of his grandparents, he attempts to take his own life in search of their spiritual existence. However, what he finds on the other side are answers he wasn’t expecting, and questions that still remain a mystery.
On this episode, Carmel Bell talks about what she encountered in her four near-death experiences. She also describes her conversations with Jesus, an overseeing angel known as Metatron and a guide named Peter. Carmel also talks about her after effects and how they have helped in her healing practice as a medical intuitive.
On this episode, Britney Hartman talks about the three levels of heaven she encountered in her NDE. She also mentions seeing deceased relatives as well as being given a future glimpse of her mom and pet dog being there who had not yet even crossed over.
On this episode, near-death experiencer and author Russ Horman talks about his otherworldly experience after being robbed and shot. He describes what he saw, how karma works and his reason for returning to earth.
On this episode, Steve Weber describes his NDE after a motorcycle accident. He shares how his life review taught him purpose and how he knew he was being prayed for by a close friend during his encounter.
On this episode, Graham Berstler details how a brain tumor led to his extraordinary NDE. He describes his will to fight death, his past life review, his calling out to God and the Devil and more.
On this episode, Alicia O’Dell talks about being stabbed and having a slim chance to live. During her NDE, she describes being in darkness and encountering demonic entities. Her NDE then brings her through different journeys which later presented her with after-effects and a new outlook on her life.
On this episode, Sara McClellan describes how feelings of victimization throughout her life was challenged after her NDE after she learned there that her spiritual nature was completely separated from her earthly problems.
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